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Juice Things Up with this Note-Taking App

Springpad IconSpringpad

Bookmarking the articles you like to read from the Web is made easier when you use a tool like Pocket as featured here. But at times you may want to add some notes to the bookmarks, that tool doesn't seem to serve the purpose.

The good news is we often have more choices than one. A free offer you might want to take a closer look is Springpad.

Not only is Springpad a cloud-based bookmarking service, but a note-taking app with great features. When reading an article you love on the Web, click the Spring It! bookmarklet or clipper, select a notebook, add some tags, and your bookmarks are neatly organized in your Springpad account.

Go straight to that bookmark in your Springpad, you can add notes, links or reminders, and attach photos, videos and even files to it.

To juice things up, you can save your bookmark in such expressive category as either book, movie, product, recipe, wine, restaurant, business or any others than a general bookmark. Better still, get an extension now available for Chrome to clip and automatically classify a bookmark for you. In either way, this helps you organize and find your stuff besides using tags.

You can use Springpad as a Web app in any browser, or a mobile app on your device, to manage bookmarks, keep notes and share them with others wherever you are.

When on the move, this mobile app is certainly more handy, intuitive and responsive to use than the Web version.


Springpad — Free Android / iOS App of the Week

For Android
Size: 3.2 MB

For iPad and iPhone
Size: 11.8 MB


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by nehmmy on 8. June 2012 - 13:42  (94567)

I've been using Evernote for a while now, and I really like it. Along with Dropbox, they have become a must in every PC/Device I use. What I really would like to find is a honest, unbiased features comparison between Springpad and Evernote. Not necessarily to say which is better, but just to know, for example, if I've been using Evernote like I have, is it worth a change? Or, are they so different that I could have them side by side and complement each other? Any takers?