IE8 refuses to accept Yahoo cookies

I downloaded IE8 a couple weeks ago and every thing has been smooth and fine, untill this morning. I went to to my Yahoo page and recieved a log on screen. It accepted my user name and password, but in little red letters it said "The browser you are using refuses to sign in.(cookies rejected)" I then went to internet options, and allowed all cookies..still same error message..whats up with this? Any solutions? Thanks in advance for any help.

by Anonymous on 24. August 2010 - 21:21  (56655)

I was using IE7 and just went to IE8 in hopes of correcting a problem with my e-mail and with possible online purchases, etc. But the message continues to show: "The browser you're using refuses to sign in (cookies rejected). What's up with that? And Yahoo should clearly list their contact number. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. It gets very frustrating when you try to contact a legitimate site, but they have you go all over the place with others suggestions, etc. But don't list their own number/address, etc. Not sure if I'll continue to use IE after this if Yahoo doesn't come through and allow e-mail sign in and stop rejecting cookies. I did all I can do from my end. It's up to Yahoo to do their part. I looked at one suggestion, but that looks skeptical. Any suggestions that really work, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

by Anonymous on 27. April 2010 - 16:11  (48573)

Hi there,

This issue may occur because of some "add ons" are any application which are running in background. However good news is that we can still resolve this issue.

Please try doing the following steps which may help you

1. Cloose all applications
2. Close / disable startup applications (such as skype, messenger, or any background application)
3. Start/Settings/Control Panel/Internet Options/Delete Browsing History/Delete All (in passwords)
4. Also delete files and settings stored by add-ons (check) and click ok
5. Close all windows, and files, (just in case) nothing has to be open
6. Go to Start/run
7. Type in the open: %temp%
8. Press enter
9. Start deleting the temp files
10. You might not be able to delete some of the files, because ther are in use. Leave them alone.
11. When you get the error: Error Deleting file or folder click ok and continue deleting some of the files by type
12. When you are done. Reboot the computer
13. Now try opening your yahoo account.

I wish it would except now.

Kindly get back the result at your convinience to troubleshoot your issue the fullest.

Than you :-)

Isha Krishna KP

by Anonymous on 16. April 2009 - 12:02  (19968)

I ran into the same problem - IE8 froze up one evening, then the next morning would not accept yahoo cookie. Other web sites were fine using cookies. I don't have the solution, but am looking ....

by Anonymous on 12. February 2009 - 14:26  (15888)

No solutions offered but for your info I use IE8 and have no problems with Yahoo pages.

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