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How to Make YouTube Run Faster

The trouble with modern web pages is that they are often very information-heavy behind the scenes.  Even a relatively simple news story page might involve a download of half a megabyte by your web browser, in order to retrieve all the text, images, Javascript code, adverts, comments, navigation areas, and so on.

When you're trying to watch video clips, speed is crucial.  If your internet connection isn't fast enough, the video simply stops until your computer catches up.  

If you suffer from such "buffering" problems when you're watching YouTube, check out a beta feature on the site called Feather. It replaces the standard web page with a cut-down one that includes the video, a reduced navigation option, only a handful of comments, and not much else.  Except the adverts, of course.  Those who use Feather have reported online that the amount of buffering and catching up required has diminished considerably.

You can try out YouTube Feather at  As the screen shot below shows, once you've signed up, the system is active until you disable it.  Turning off Feather is also just a single click.




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by machv5 on 11. June 2012 - 20:18  (94697)

I have a few tips for increasing your Youtube video experiences. There are a number of things that you can do, following are all the ones I could think of & have used. Some of them can be used for speeding up other web uses too not just for Youtube.

If you are experiencing those frustrating swirly circle pauses (that's the technical term for it I hear) otherwise known as buffering (the layman's term)there's a few things you can do to avoid problems from either a slow connection or an unoptimized one.

A third party application like Auslogic's Boostspeed or similar can automatically review & tweak your connection settings for you or you can tweak them manually, but I don't suggest that unless you know what you are doing. This alone can solve your woes & likely having to buy a new keyboard after using yours to hammer dents into the desk.

You can also change the settings for the flash oplayer itself. Right click on the viewing area then from the context menu (aka right-click menu) click settings then from the settings menu click the folder icon. This is where you can select the amount of space that can be used for local storage. This does not mean that Youtube will now start using your computer as a webserver for free (I was skeptical though, dang paranoia, mumble mumble, I need me pills). By increasing the amount it will increase the buffer size which during spikes will let you have more of the video & duroing lulls won't cause a swirly pause unless the lull lasts longer than your buffered amount.

If you are still having trouble then I suggest you get a Youtube downloader addon for your browser. I use Flash Video Downloader for Firefox (you can get it at ). Downloading the video either in whole or in part before watching it via your movie player. If, in part then you will have to restart the player once you have seen up to the point you had gotten to when you er hit play. If you didn't understand all of that last bit don't worry neither did I. For playing the partial download you need to select the videoname.flv.part one if there are two choices. When you get the message that windows doesn't have a clue select choose a program manually & choose your movie player to open the *.part file. It should work.

Another trick I use when I am waiting for a long video to download (Movie, TV show, etc...) & I have nothing better to do is to take advantage of the initial speedboost that you get when either starting or restarting a download & that is to manually pause & unpause the download everytime the boost is over (watch the already downloaded amount, when the boost stops so will the erm counter, funny how that works. lol). This way a video that normally would take 20mins to download can be gotten in less than 5mins. Unless you are running multiple downloads at the same time or have a connection that is or resembles dial-up, which negates the pause/unpause speedboost. It may be tedious but it works.

Erm... I think that about covers it I will add to this if I find any others. Hope this helps & let me know if you run into any more or need any help. have a great day

Oh byt the way, I haven't tried Feather yet but if I do I will review it.

by gshock on 11. June 2012 - 9:34  (94669)

I agree the you tube web site opens a lot faster and the feed works well . I haven't tested when I am using more bandwidth on other things but definitely opens a lot faster so in theory should have better video playback . thanks for the tip

by rennmaxbeta (not verified) on 11. June 2012 - 7:24  (94662)

That this exists says there is something wrong with modern web design. Many, many pages are simply overloaded with scripts and other junk that slows them to a crawl when they should fly with the connection speeds we have now.

by LarryLedbetter (not verified) on 11. June 2012 - 21:27  (94702)

Yes ... including this site ...

by AnonymousXPVistaW7 (not verified) on 12. June 2012 - 2:27  (94718)

What do you mean?

Gizmos site always loads fast for me.

by AntDude (not verified) on 10. June 2012 - 16:39  (94640)

The only noticeable thing different is web site. I can't tell with video playbacks.

by gshock on 11. June 2012 - 9:40  (94670)

Hi if you want to test your web page loading go and watch a bbci player stream or other video on a different tab or web page or even open up two instances of different videos then open a picked you tube page using first the conventional you tube page then the try the other youtube page and see if there is any lag or buffering. I apologise if you have already tried this method.

by terrawarra on 10. June 2012 - 6:35  (94626)

Magnificent tip rob... my ageing PC is now running like a ferrari
with youtube.

Thanks mate !