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How to Insert an Image into a Gmail Message

Did you ever want to insert a picture into a Gmail message? The facility to upload a picture from your PC and place it into the body of a message is available in Gmail but it is well hidden. Here is the procedure.

1. Go to your Gmail page
2. In the top right side of the Gmail page, click on "Settings"
3. In the Settings box that opens, click on “Labs.”
4. Scroll down the list of options until you come to “Inserting images.” (It was a long way down on my system.)
5. Click “Enable.”
6. At the bottom of the page, click the button “Save changes.”

Now you are set up to insert images into an email message.

1. Open Gmail to compose a message.
2. The blank message will now have an icon added to the standard row of editing icons. If you look hard, it looks like some hills. Or place your mouse pointer over the new icon and a little message box will read “Insert image.”
3. Click on this icon and you will get a box that gives you the option to either browse on your computer to get an image file to upload or to enter the URL of an image file located on the Internet.
4. Once the image file is found, click "Add Image."

Thanks to Gizmo for pointing out this tip.

Added in response to comments: After you insert the picture, you will find some size controls underneath it. The controls are Small, Medium, Large, Original size.

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by bobwoolsey on 6. November 2013 - 20:26  (112076)

Does the enable images button still exist?

by v.laurie on 6. November 2013 - 20:59  (112079)

Google has completely revamped the email interface since I wrote this tip. All I do now is drag an image file and drop it on an email I am composing,

by bobwoolsey on 6. November 2013 - 23:13  (112081)

I kinda messed around with it and figured it out but thanks for your quick response.

by Foreveryoung on 5. July 2013 - 2:25  (108984)

I used to use this feature all the time but since gmail changed to the new look this icon is never displayed. I followed your guidelines & still found it enabled. I even disabled it & later enabled it again but no no avail. Any suggestions please?

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