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How To Identify ATM Skimmers

ATM Skimmers are methods used to record data from the magnetic strip on the back of your ATM card.

Skimmers are usually used by criminals to grab your data and your PIN from an ATM machine.
This brief article has a link to a 24 page downloadable .pdf file on how to spot skimmers.

The .pdf file has information about how skimming works and photos of actual skimmers to help you identify them.
Since they are cleverly made and hard to spot, this is a good read on how to keep your financial data safe while using an ATM.

How To ID An ATM Skimmer

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by Anonymous on 23. May 2009 - 14:23  (22204)

Just make sure you cover your hand when entering your pin to stop it being recorded. Not much more you can reasonably do. But use the ATM inside the bank if possible.

by fconolly on 14. May 2009 - 8:24  (21543)

Seems to me spotting the actual skimming device is almost impossible! :( The article suggests 'getting to know your ATM' With so many banks operating so many types it seems the convenience of just going to any ATM is now in question. I'll just be going to my local from now on...