How To Detect Drivers for Unknown Devices in Windows

Banish the 'Unknown Device' message in Windows using this handy tip.

If I knew this tip years ago, it would have saved me uncounted hours of trying to track drivers.
I wouldn't have had my head inside many a computer case with a flashlight trying to find some obscure number printed on a piece of hardware.
Thanks to this article, I won't be doing that anymore.

If you've ever had the 'Unknown Device' message pop up and weren't sure what to do with it, you need to read this article.
If you've never seen that message, you might want to bookmark the site for future reference. :)

How To Find Drivers for Unknown Devices in Windows


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by rhiannon on 3. January 2015 - 23:03  (120378)

You're more than welcome!

by RabitEars on 2. January 2015 - 0:55  (120352)

Excellent! I have never known how to find the info; and so easy! Thanks Rhiannon.

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