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Hosted App Keeps Track Of Your Programming Progress

If you enjoy programming, either for fun or as a profession, you probably use a scrappy old notebook to keep track of how the project is progressing.  Which parts have been written, which are still needing to be done, details of bugs that need fixing or have been fixed, ideas for new features, lists of important dates such as when you intend to get the first version finished, etc etc.

If the time has come to throw away that notebook and get organized, a great online application called Bootstrap Today can help.  It's aimed primarily at professional software development teams, with features and prices to match.  But there's also a free account which allows for one project and 2 users (so you can collaborate on the project with a friend or colleague).

Check out the system at  Click on the Signup Now button and look for the details of the personal plan, if you want a free account.





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by quicktest (not verified) on 24. February 2012 - 3:42  (89332)

excellent, thanks!