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Have Hours of Online Fun With These Jigsaw Puzzles

If you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, take a look at  It's an online collection of Flash-based puzzles, ready to solve simply by dragging with your PC's mouse.

Unlike tradtional box-based puzzles, these online versions have a number of advantages.  Having chosen your picture from the thousands on offer, you can then choose how many pieces you want.  In the image below I've opted for 20, but you can choose 2000 if you're feeling brave!  You can save part-completed puzzles to return to later, and there's never any chance of there being a piece missing!

All in all, it's a great online puzzle experience with nothing to download and install.  It'll run in any browser that supports Flash (so apologies to iPad users).





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by kurly2970 on 19. January 2013 - 14:56  (104640)

Thanks for the amazing links!

by GeneralGeorge (not verified) on 11. September 2012 - 17:10  (99117)

When my wife went to this site the Web Of Trust WOT listed it as a bad site. Anyone else get this?

by classicggma65 on 27. December 2013 - 17:23  (113224)

Been using this site for at least four years after stumbling onto it. Even have it on my Favorites and have never had a problem. You can do any puzzle up to 300 pieces without signing in/up. Just got my 87-yr-old mom into it; even with bad eyesight she loves it because she can choose full screen.
Checked the link above and it took me right to the site. It's possible that WOT has never come across it before.
Hope this helps.

Just checked out WOT and got a good rating for thejigsawpuzzles.

by Anupam on 11. September 2012 - 17:22  (99119)

It's all green here. Was the URL correct, and matched the URL of the site in the article?

by MidnightCowboy on 11. September 2012 - 17:38  (99120)
by Snert (not verified) on 9. September 2012 - 17:44  (99006)

I've been doing jigsaw puzzles since I was but a wee lad and had to use a chair to reach the puzzle on the table. My uncle once tried to glue one of my 'master pieces' to some cardboard so he could hang it on the wall. I raised hell. How could anybody else enjoy working it?

by lorna (not verified) on 3. April 2012 - 12:39  (91611)

Why does this site (the ask for a cc# to confirm address?

by classicggma65 on 27. December 2013 - 17:20  (113225)

Still a novice, don't know what cc# is (carbon copy??). All I had to do is confirm my email address. Sites like these get their share of Spam and garbage. I think most sites I've registered on lately, last several years maybe, majority have asked for confirmation of email.

by mr6n8 on 27. December 2013 - 21:05  (113226)

I believe "cc#" is credit card number.

Tho I did not see a request for that during registration.
I could not go further as I kept getting an error during registration (maybe too many hits from here?)

by classicggma65 on 27. December 2013 - 22:16  (113227)

Thanks for the info. As for credit card, I've never had to give one in the yrs I've been doing puzzles. Didn't know they were selling anything since all their puzzles are Free. I'll have to check that out, using my Fav link.

Went back to check info out. FAQs are in Help. You don't have to register for an acct unless you want to do puzzles out of your own pictures and they aren't accepting outside photos/pics at this time. According to them everything is Free.
You may be right that too many at one time trying to access site and/or register could cause problems. Could do a Search and get on from there.

by mr6n8 on 28. December 2013 - 0:34  (113230)

I did finish the registration and there is no where the credit card (or address) is entered, so I do not know what Lorna is talking about.

BTW, I did upload a picture and have it made in to a puzzle.

Anyhow, enjoy.

by Phylis Sophical on 6. July 2011 - 6:45  (74842)

Very Nice. Love that they can be saved. Also, full screen mode. If there are pieces behind when you snap some together, the pieces come to the front.

My fav is still Lenagames, BigJig. You download the program, so it's not in the online category, but you get one free puzzle every week. No ads of any kind.

by Linda J (not verified) on 5. July 2011 - 21:42  (74822)

Don't forget to register so you can upload your own photos to create custom puzzles for family and friends. Great for your blogs and family sites.

by katall (not verified) on 5. July 2011 - 16:53  (74807)

I had no idea. I use to do regular puzzles all the time. The cats can't mess up this up! This is great! I can't wait to check it out and do one. Thanks so much.

by Su Hall (not verified) on 5. July 2011 - 13:15  (74789)

Wahoo! LOL I've always loved these! Thank you for the heads up!

by rhiannon on 5. July 2011 - 3:04  (74766)

I love jigzone ( Jigsaw Puzzle Games), lots of options and doesn't need Flash. Puzzle of the day, amount and shape of puzzle pieces is customizable, loads of images.

by classicggma65 on 27. December 2013 - 22:21  (113229)

Just checked out JigZone and liked some of the pictures there. However, you can't save any puzzles there, but you can at thejigsawpuzzles. Just one difference I noted.

by pvilan (not verified) on 5. July 2011 - 2:53  (74764)


A hot find, no doubt!