A Great Auto-Shutdown Tool That's Simple To Use

If you don't like leaving your PC running 24/7, but you sometimes forget to turn it off, here's a great utility that can help.  As you can see from the screen shot below, it offers a great range of timed shutdown features for Windows.  You can opt to turn off the PC, or log off Windows, or have the machine sleep or hibernate.  You can choose to have this happen at a specific time every day, or just on a particular date, or at a specified number of hours and minutes from now.

The program is called Winmend Auto-Shutdown.  It's free, you get it from http://www.winmend.com/auto-shutdown/, it's a 2 MB download, and should run on Windows Vista and above.  It's also free of malware, according to VirusTotal.




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by Louie G on 24. November 2013 - 5:23  (112499)

If you don't like messing with batch files, then another great little program is called Switch Off that I've been using for years. I commented about it under the article here at Gizmo's called How to Schedule Programs to Run Automatically.

Frank Tracy

by SyDias (not verified) on 9. July 2012 - 13:55  (95947)

Writing your own batch files and using task scheduler can achieve this to a much further degree, and they're just as simple.

For example, type one of the commands below into the run command or paste them directly into notepad and rename the .txt file to .bat.

shutdown -s -t 00
- Will shutdown your computer instantly.

shutdown -r -t 00
- Will restart your computer instantly

With task scheduler you can run your .bat file at anytime you want for the same results and you don't need a clunky program! :)

by George.J on 9. July 2012 - 7:39  (95930)

Wise AutoShutdown is another tool for the same purpose

by Maurice Smith (not verified) on 8. July 2012 - 5:29  (95893)

Will not work with my Windows 7

by MidnightCowboy on 8. July 2012 - 6:18  (95895)

The program is compatible with these versions of Windows:

Windows 2K / XP / Vista / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64

Maybe your system settings, or those of a Firewall (with HIPS), or other security software are causing this issue.

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