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Get World Class Mamutu Malware Blocker for Free! (Expired)

Emsisoft, the makers of the highly regarded a-Squared anti-malware scanner are offering a free 12 month license for their “Mamutu” behavior blocker exclusively to Gizmo Freeware readers.

Behavior blockers detect malware not from their signature but by their actions. That is, they look at what programs on your PC are actually doing and will raise an alarm if that behavior is typical of malware activity.

Because behavior blockers don’t use signatures they can detect new threats not yet in your anti-virus program’s signature database. These new, so called zero-day threats are becoming increasingly common. That’s why a behavior blocker is the perfect companion to a signature based anti-virus program.

Mamutu provides class leading behavioral blocking technology and it’s yours for free.

Here’s how the offer works:

The offer is in the form of a $27 discount off selected Emsisoft products including all Mamutu subscriptions and a-squared Anti-Malware from 1 year to 3 years, 3- and 5-packs . When this discount is applied to a Mamutu one year subscription that normally costs $27, the net cost to you is zero.

The $27 is not a cash back offer or refund: it is an immediate discount and comes with full support.

So for example you could use the discount to get:

• The superb $27 Mamutu behavior blocker free for one year or
• A $40 one year license for the complete a2 Anti-Malware Scanner (which includes Mamutu) for $13

How to get your discount

1. Go to

2. Select the Emsisoft product you want by clicking the "Buy now" button. You may buy multiple products but only a single $27 discount will apply.

3. Select the time duration of your subscription. For example select "Single PC - 1 Year" by clicking the "Buy Now" button.

4. Check the checkbox labeled "Check to enter coupon code" and enter the discount code "GIZMOSFREEWARE". Click the "Apply" button.

5. Enter your delivery details and select "Cash" payment option if you do not plan to continue with the subscription after the initial year. Click "Next".

6. Review your details, check the subscription agreement box and click the "Complete Purchase" button to finish.

7. Download your product Mamutu from: and follow the setup instructions. Use the user account details you've got on the purchase confirmation page to unlock the full version.

This exclusive offer expires on 11.59 PM USA PST, Monday August 24, 2009, so go grab it while you can.

Please note:

  • The firewall bundle is excluded from this offer (already discounted price-60%).
  • The discount is available for a-squared Anti-Malware, from 1 year to 3years, 3- and 5-packs and for all Mamutu offers only. The 3-month subscription of Anti-Malware is excluded too, as it would result in a negative purchase value with the discount
  • Mamutu is not currently compatible with x64 systems. This feature is planned for the end of 2009.

As stated above, this offer comes with full support from Emsisoft. We will also endeavor to answer any general queries ourselves but only via this support thread in the forum. Depending on the number received please appreciate there might be a delay in answering.

Due to the number of posts expected we will not be able to respond directly to comments left in this section.

Thank you,

The Gizmo Freeware Team

Note to webmasters: Feel free to publish this exclusive offer to our readers but please link back to this article rather than copy the text to your site.

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by Anonymous on 24. August 2009 - 2:44  (31404)

Really glad I didn't pay for this because I d/l MamutuSetup.exe and I got the error message: "This program can only be installed on versions of Windows designed for the following processor architectures: x86". I have Vista Home Premium x64 SP2.

I also detest recurring charge (subscription) programs. I avoided the recurring fee by selecting "check" and "US dollars". At least my credit card won't be charged for a non-working program.

by Anonymous on 24. August 2009 - 2:55  (31405)

After I posted this comment (above), I read through all the other comments and saw the very first one that said "see notes about x64 compatability". I admit that I missed the comment that Mamutu is not compatible with x64 processors, even though it is in bold. I suggest that for future freebies, this be included in the title, e.g.

Get World Class Mamutu Malware Blocker for Free! (not for x64)

by MidnightCowboy on 24. August 2009 - 10:30  (31426)

There is also an option to cancel the subscription at the end of the online process which is confirmed to you be email. Having then downloaded the program you have a 12 month license for free. If during this period you like Mamutu enough to carry on with it after 12 months, you can reactivate your subscription, again from the email which was sent.

by Anonymous on 20. August 2009 - 21:06  (31246)

All I can say is, "WOW!, Thanks!"

Another great freebie.

I was using the trial version of A2 AntiMalware, but I think this application will fill my security needs quite well.

by Anonymous on 20. August 2009 - 6:31  (31206)

Is anyone being charged a $4.95 fee? plus a foreign transaction fee? from

by docster on 19. August 2009 - 1:31  (31123)

Thanks a bunch for this, Giz. I'd not heard of Mamutu before, and it's a dandy slice of ones and zeroes....

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 16:06  (31088)

Says "cannot connect to the update server. please check internet connections and proxy settings." What do I do?

by MidnightCowboy on 18. August 2009 - 17:22  (31090)

It's not easy to second guess without knowing a lot more details about how your system and internet connection has been configured, but my best guess is that Mamutu is being blocked by your firewall. If you wish to have a more detailed response please register and post in the forum support thread here:

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 10:30  (31068)

Looks like a good piece of software. Unfortunately, the Surf Protection component doesn't work on my Vista SP2 system. I can only assume that it confilcts with CIS 3.10 (it works fine with ZA PRO).

by MidnightCowboy on 18. August 2009 - 11:17  (31070)

Unfortunately, (including the full a-squared anti-malware) I've found that CIS 3.10 does not react favorably unless installed as firewall only (no AV or D+).
I'm currently running this setup without issue and using System Safety Monitor as the HIPS component.

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 2:59  (31054)

If I go for the A2 Anti-Malware for 13 buckaroonies will I have real-time protection from malware and then be able to lose SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes AntiMalware? I posted this same question in the forums where we are asked to post questions, but nobody seems to have the time to answer a question in there, so I ask it here.

by MidnightCowboy on 18. August 2009 - 11:27  (31072)

I've checked the thread set up in the forum and there is not a post there?
Which name did you register to post there?
Anyway, to answer your question yes, you will have a very comprehensive real-time service from A2 including surf protection. I am assuming that the SAS and Malwarebytes versions you have are the free ones, in which case they are on demand scanners only. My own preference would be to ditch SAS, but keep Malwarebytes just for the odd back-up scan. In theory you would need neither as the detection rate of A2 is excellent, the choice really is yours.

Please confirm which name you set up for the forum so that I can make sure that nothing has gone wrong during the registration process which might prevent you from making further posts.

Welcome to TSA!

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 1:58  (31052)

Thank You...everything went well.

by Anonymous on 17. August 2009 - 20:22  (31040)

It asked me for US dollars after I typed CASH and Canadian...
Changed it..then it asked for $13 US in order to get the download?
Here's their message:

You have chosen to pay by cash. Please understand that we cannot deliver your product until payment is received.
In order to complete the payment, proceed as follows:
Include your reference number xxx {removed!} when sending payment.
Please send the exact amount of $13.00.
Send the payment to the following address:
cleverbridge, Inc.
53 W. Jackson Blvd.
Suite 1135
Chicago, IL, 60604-3618
United States
Important notes for payment:
We can only process payments received in full.
Other payment options may allow you to receive your product sooner. Please see the section below if you would like to change your payment option.

by MidnightCowboy on 17. August 2009 - 21:09  (31042)

I can only assume that you clicked on the a-squared box which is $40 for one year (single PC) instead of the Mamutu box which is $27 for the same period. As this offer relates to Mamutu @ $27 this is why you were then asked for another $13 to make up the difference.

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 20:08  (31107)

Hey Midnight, thanks for your responses on this channel, much appreciated.

Being Canadian myself, I think I 'get' the question which you might have missed. He's being asked to send $13 in US funds. He's in Canada, using Canadian funds. He told the website he wanted to send Canadian funds but it's asking for $US. From experience, most businesses in USA will not accept a cheque drawn on a Canadian bank even if it says "thirteen US Dollars". Even a postal money order would be from Canada Post, not USPS. In these situations Canucks generally have to follow very specific instructions from the US company - so far the instructions seem to miss the $Cdn - $US conversion.

I think our friend will have to contact the company directly, perhaps contact info on their website?

by MidnightCowboy on 18. August 2009 - 20:24  (31109)

Thanks for the heads up on this one. When I was still in the UK we had the same problem when other EU countries changed to the Euro. I should have guessed that a similar situation might exist elsewhere! Cheers!

by bas12 on 17. August 2009 - 18:41  (31031)


Thanks a lot for this great offer. I just installed Mamutu for free.

I've used A squared Malware in the past, and this includes Mamutu, but for my old computer A Squared Malware is too heavy and there were problems with too many false positives.

However, I always liked the Mamutu part of the program, and it has a good reputation at Wilders. Mamutu itself is hardly a drain on my computer, so I am happy and would like to say Thankyou!

by MidnightCowboy on 17. August 2009 - 18:57  (31032)

You're welcome. If you re-visit A2 now (free or paid) you'll see that they've sorted the FP issues the majority of which occurred during the period when the signature base was being upgraded.

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 18:11  (31092)

''ll see that they've sorted the FP issues..'

No they haven't! A2 free scan on a clean install of Xp Sp3 resulted in 3 FP (Ccleaner exe, Adobe html plugin, and freecell exe)!

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 19:06  (31095)

How can you make an exclaimed! statement solely on the basis of your own computer?

If you download the PDF report from PCSL Test Labs here you will see what the comparison is with 12 other leading products.

Whilst it's true that some had a zero rate, one had six and A2 just two. Are you really suggesting that for a detection rate of 99.51% two false positives is a problem?

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 19:29  (31099)

'How can you make an exclaimed! statement solely on the basis of your own computer?' - Quite easily, see above! It was a scan on a Pc with 'commonly' installed programs following a fresh install.

3 basic Fp's maybe a problem for some users who may rely on A2 and delete them! The point is that the Fp's were very basic that no other AV/Aspy would flag. And that the OP had said that A2 had sorted out their well known FP issues, which they obviously haven't. It would be acceptable if the flags were not such common programs, especially freecell game and Ccleaner!

by MidnightCowboy on 18. August 2009 - 20:19  (31108)

Anyone with any security program who chose to delete the common software highlighted could not possibly gain any benefit from having it installed.
With this level of knowledge they would be better off just to switch on Windows firewall and pray. I would also like to see a screenshot of the items given because then I will have some more information for you.

by Anonymous on 20. August 2009 - 19:23  (31243)

Fair do's.
At least this websites' Antivirus article warns potential new users that A2 is "riddled with false positives", and that it has large update sizes (eg 48mb update 2 days after an 50mb initial update).
Was just a bit surprised to learn of some the items it flagged.
Perhaps, in addition to 'praying', they could use a scanner that doesn't suffer from such FP's. What would you suggest as a free alternative, in addition to Avira free?

by MidnightCowboy on 20. August 2009 - 23:33  (31252)

The antivirus review was written at the time when A2 was indeed suffering from a larger than normal instance of FP's. The component module updates are also a factor leading to abnormally large updates. Although these don't happen all the time you would be right in thinking that A2 is not for dial-up connections.
Maybe a good alternative would be the free version of Prevx although if it found anything you would then need to use Malwarebytes or another specialist removal tool to get rid of it.

by Anonymous on 17. August 2009 - 15:12  (31017)

Thanks a lot Gizmo, I got my product key and it installed fine

by Anonymous on 17. August 2009 - 14:15  (31010)


by MidnightCowboy on 17. August 2009 - 14:22  (31012)

Thanks for sharing this with us. The scanning capabilities of A2 are the same for both the free and commercial versions. There was a high incidence of false positives a while back when the signature bases was given a radical overhaul but these have now been edited out and the rate is now better than most. I also agree with your analysis that finding 'em is one thing and getting rid of 'em is another. Thankfully A2 excels at both.

by Anonymous on 17. August 2009 - 13:13  (27305)

Oh boy Ian, I'm starting to get confused... after all these years working with PC's ( started in 1971 ) I'm still not capable of knowing what I really need for protecting them.
I'm running NOD32. Then I have also a anti-keylogger and "Scotty" Win Patrol. Now last week I've installed your great promo - Online Armour firewall and now you're presenting us Mamutu!
PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I/WE REALLY NEED, and what I can disable! I know you've got an excellent series of articles about this subject but, only considering these mentioned options, what would you suggest? Is anything missing? What's too much and can be disabled.
thanks in advance
mario from Brazil

by ianjrichards (not verified) on 17. August 2009 - 23:47  (31046)

MC has thrown his two centavos worth but being based in Australia I'll add my two cents worth.

Unless you are very high risk user NOD32 + Online Armor is all you need.

That's because NOD32 has a very good behavioral detector built-in so you don't need Mamutu

Additionally Online Armor has an inbuilt HIPs so you really don't Win Patrol.