Get Ten Free Full-Length E-Books From Microsoft Press

If you want to supplement your collection of technical e-books, or you need in-depth information about Microsoft technologies, you may be interested in a set of works from Microsoft Press which are being offered for download free of charge.  

There are 10 books on offer, and you can see the titles in the screen shot below.  Topics include Windows Phone 7, SQL Server, Office 365 and Windows Server, as well as Visual Studio.

All are available in PDF format from




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by ssoundman on 14. May 2012 - 2:20  (93432)

Thanks, Rob!

by Mike Feury (not verified) on 13. May 2012 - 19:47  (93425)

Thanks Rob, 2 of them downloaded successfully. I 'know' the author of both from other online writing, so quality should be decent.

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