Get A Free Disposable Spam-Proof Email Address


Does the thought of spam email deter you from signing up to web-based offers and sites that ask for your email address?  Do you fear that, soon after you sign up, your email inbox will be bombarded with unwanted marketing emails?

If so, then check out Spamgourmet at which is a free service that can help.

To start, sign up for an account at spamgourmet.  You'll need to use your genuine email address, and reply to the confirmation message that you receive, but the site does promise that it won't spam you or send you any additional mail.  Once you've done that, you're ready to start using the system.  As to how you do so, it's best done with an example.

In my case, I signed up to spamgourment with a username of schifreen, and I told it that my Gmail account was my real email address.  Now, every time I register with a new system (let's say the system is called dynomite), I give out my email address as  

If Dynomite tries to send email to that address, the first 3 that they send will reach my gmail account.  Any subsequent messages will be deleted by spamgourmet and will never be delivered.

If I want to sign up with another site (let's say it's called, I might give out my email address as  Again, the first 3 messages to that address will be delivered to Gmail, and all others will be lost.

You can change the limit if you wish.  If 3 isn't enough, and you prefer 10 perhaps, quote your email address as and the new limit will apply.  

As you can see, from the screen shot below, when I tested the system by emailing my spamgourmet account, the message immediately arrived in Gmail, along with an indication of how many more will be permitted.




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Although SpamGourmet has been very useful to me for years, I've found an even easier solution with MaskMe from Abine.

Whenever I click in a field asking for my email address MaskMe pops up and offers to create a random address for me. It even keeps track of the site where I used each address. If I ever start getting spam forwarded or if I simply want to break off contact from that site, I click the MaskMe button and disable or delete that address from my list.

Abine also offers DoNotTrackMe, DeleteMe and PrivacySuite.

MaskMe is apparently still in beta but it's available for Firefox or Chrome here.

If you don't want to be prompted to mask phone numbers, track account numbers and encrypt passwords (I use RoboForm for that) you can disable those prompts in the Settings, by clicking on the MaskMe button or going directly to maskme://index.html/#home which is stored on my own system.

BTW, @Quetzalcoatl - SpamGourmet has many domains and they can be used interchangeably with your UserID, e.g. is forwarded the same as or any of these others: you can use,,,,,,,,, and several others. They don't list them all in one place so forum owners can't easily find the entire list and disallow them.

I've been using SpamGourmet for years, especially with watch words that allow me to create new addresses on the fly, e.g. "king", which allows me to include words such as making, taking, seeking, asking, looking, viking, poking, carpetking, cooking, ducking, sucking, clucking, gawking, hawking, kicking, licking, necking, parking, rocking, socking, clocking, ticking, waking, yanking, ranking as well as a few 4-letter words that rhyme with some of the words above ;-)

I can also disguise the number of emails to be forwarded (up to 20) by placing a letter or a word beginning with that letter in the address. For example, if my base address were, I could create without logging into the site and when mail arrived at that address, SG would see my watch word "king" in 'looking', so it recognizes it as one of my legitimate addresses.

Then it would see that the word "the" starts with 't', the 20th letter of the alphabet, so it starts the forwarding countdown at 20 messages, before it would start eating the rest. Of course, I could log in to SpamGourmet and increase or zero out the number of remaining messages to be forwarded at any time.

So far my message stats are: 156 forwarded, 55,181 eaten. I have 32 disposable address(es). And that's only one of my SG accounts.

Even better : It is based in Germany and it offers several email addresses with German names, if you translate them they mean the same, but, the advantage here is that ignorant American sites don't know these words exist and thus cannot filter known names and do not mark these email addresses as invalid, something that happens a lot lately with the "spamgourmet". Ah! And it has it's plugin for Firefox and Chrome.

Nice find Rob !

I use the free version of Mailwasher on top of Thunderbird.... will this spamgourmet still work ?

What do you mean exactly?
As Spamgourmet just forwards mails to your real e-mailaddress, it simply works. Whatever e-mail client you use.

Sorry Geert,... I probably didn't put my question very well at all.
What I was trying to say was,.. if I use spamgourmet, can I still use Mailwasher before opening my email client which is Thunderbird. ?
ie, will spamgourmet enable Mailwasher to hook up and display my incoming emails before weeding out the crap and passing the good emails on to Thunderbird. ?

Like I said, Spamgourmet in fact just forwards e-mails. So, I don't see any reason why MailWasher wouldn't work with mails forwarded by Spamgourmet while it does with all others.
I would say: just try it! And if it doesn't work as you'd expect, then don't use it any further.

Thanks Geert.... it's working well.

... a keeper for sure.

I've used the spamgourmet service for about three years, and it does exactly what it says it will. I'm completely satisfied, and wholeheartedly recommend it.

Good that Spamgourmet gets the attention it deserves.
It's THE BEST and most convenient anti-spam solution I'm aware of!
I use Spamgourmet for +8 years now. I've had NO spam problems. EVER.
(I have 277 adresses. 12,053 mails were forwarded. 72,132 spammails were eaten)

Some remarks:
1) The addresses never really self-destruct. They just stop forwarding the mails they receive. If you ever want them to forward the mails again, that's easily possible by resetting the counter. (maximum value: 20 mails)
2) To create e-mailaddresses you *don't* have to go to the site or install anything. Just "invent" the e-mailaddress you want when you need it - on the fly -, and when the first mail is sent to that address it is 'created' and starts forwarding. Very convenient!
3) You can use other (more "undercover") domains instead of the "spamgourmet". Read their FAQ to find some. Spamgourmet keeps them quiet to avoid websites knowing them as anti-spam e-mailaddresses.

Thanks Rob!

Looks interesting and useful!

I guess that in case I change my mind and want to receive all mails from that site, I have to register with another of my addresses.




You can use the advanced mode on the Spamgourmet. There you can specify a specific email address or domain that will not advance the consumed count. In that way, the Spamgourmet will just relay the email and you could still use your registered email address on that site.

I've used Gishpuppy for years. Pretty much the same thing. Forwards to an existing addy so can be used by any mail client or Mailwasher. Integrates well with Firefox - not sure of others.