Get Adobe CS2 Suite For Free? Not Officially.


You may have seen rumours on the internet in recent days that Adobe is making available copies of its older Create Suite 2 available for free.  

The rumours is, in fact, true.  Head to and there are download links for Photoshop CS2, Acrobat 8, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition and more.  Along with serial numbers, ready for you to install.

The software isn't exactly cutting-edge, as it was released in 2005.  But it still represents a bit of a bargain, so what's up?

The official explanation from Adobe is that, in December 2012, it shut down the servers that handled product activation requests for CS2.  Following complaints from existing customers who needed to reinstall their paid-for copies of CS2 but were unable to activate them, Adobe then released the downloads and serial numbers.  In a subsequent posting on its forum, it clarified the issue, and stated categorically that the software was only for those who already owned CS2 licences and certainly wasn't to be regarded as freeware.

However, in the past few days the software has been downloaded by tens of thousands of people, and the aforementioned forum posting has actually been removed.  So make of this what you will, and download the software at your own risk.




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Thanks so much for this article. I had purchased, downloaded, and registered Audition 3. My laptop got stolen. I had the discs for Audition 2 but no longer the install files for 3.0 and couldn't find them online anywhere. So this gets me my paid version back! Thanks! a ton!

I can't figure out what to do when it asks for disk two. Any help?

I can't work this out either.Can anybody enlighten us?

Well, I haven't installed mine yet, but there were three CD's to download. Did you get all three?

Any idea how to stop Photoshop CS2 keep asking me to register?

Tried registering (it claimed 'registration was complete'), register later & do not register - still asks me every time I launch it.

The install on Vista worked fine with the serial number provided (in XP Compatibility mode).

Thanks in advance.

Go to wherever you installed photoshop, right-click on Photoshop.exe and Run As Administrator. Then click Do Not Register. Next time it'll be gone. You only have to do this once. Worked in Win 8 anyways.

Thanks. That worked on my Vista Home Premium system!

This was made known January 7th at the site TipRadar.
Combined with Gizmo's freewares, all your software needs will be met.

Has anyone tried any of these on Windows 7? The web site indicates that they work on Win2000 up to XP, but no indication of Win7 or if they work on other than Intel Pentium III-IV machines.

I've installed the following on Windows 7 with no problems, except that I needed to install Acrobat Professional using Administrator privileges. I also had to install all of them individually, not as the Suite.
Acrobat Pro

Thank you 0 glad to hear they work with Win7. Looks like I got them just in time.

Looks like the link has been deactivated

Nope! Link is still working - I just downloaded and installed Photoshop on Win7 x64. The link made me log into their system first. I already had an account so all worked well.

Try again??

Good luck!


I "lost" an earlier version of Photoshop when I upgraded my system to 64 Bit. This version takes care of that problem. So while its a 32 Bit program, it runs fine on my 64 Bit system. Grab it while you can. is for the "Total Training Video Workshop" as explained in the first download link called "CS2_install_Win.pdf"

[Moderator's note : Direct link to file edited out. Not permitted as per rules.]


Ok I am confused. I got in trouble with anupam a few weeks ago for just telling someone to google a certain software program instead of providing the link to it.

So is it the case that we SHOULD link to a webpage that contains a specific freeware program but NOT directly link to that program itself?

Can you see where I am confused? Now I don't know what to do. What is the difference to providing a link to a page that contains a link to software and providing a direct link to that software? How can one option be more or less secure than another?

I'm not angry. I just confused and don't know what I'm supposed to do. I could not find those rules on this site despite looking for a full 5 minutes. Prove me wrong and show me they are easily and prominently accessible and I will buy a t-shirt if you have in xxl of course :-)

PS, I am a long time supporter of Gizmo well before he expanded the site to multiple moderators. I also wholeheartedly support the moderators like Midnight Cowboy, Anupam and Yourself. I am not the enemy :-)

Please advise as I'm sure I'm not the only person unsure here.



Paul, when suggesting a software, you should provide a link to its page, where others and moderators can take a look at it. People should not be required to chase the software, and its link by searching on Google. It saves time, and also, in case of multiple suggestions, you can imagine the kind of trouble, and time taken. And while a link to a page is OK, link to direct download of any kind of file is not. While, the file may be fine from a trusted site, but in case of unknown sites, or non-trusted sites, who knows when the file can be replaced by malicious one. We do not want to be the one to be the cause for that, so that people cannot blame us that they got the file from our site, in case they think that mistakenly. Therefore, it's better to provide a link to the page. This is in accordance with a web expert on our team who advised this for the security of our site and its users. I hope things are now clear :).

Hi Anupam,

Thanks for the clarification.

From a security perspective I can't see the difference as people wanting the software will download regardless.

But in giving people one more chance to check the software from the perspective of how professional the website appears and I guess whether it flags the web of trust etc then ok fair enough.

Heck I'll buy a t-shirt anyhow. Now if I can only find that link - - -

Ps, the Photoshop link above has helped my talented, gorgeous, smart and amazing Niece with her school assignment so she asked me to thank you! She is only 12 and already MUCH better than me with computers :-)



Paul, glad your niece is happy :), and that's what we like to see... people happy :). Kids are always smarter than us, and always pick up things faster. And with so much technology around them, it's just amazing to see how they can learn so quickly of everything. On another note, CS2 is great for photo editing, but some people might not need such heavy software.. there are smaller, easier to use software for general purpose image editing, which also give great results, without spending much time to learn. These software can be seen here : PhotoFiltre, PhotoScape, ArtWeaver, Paint.NET, HornilStylePix, etc, are such good free software :). Just to make the users aware :).

Any idea what that is? Is it just the three CD's zipped or is it something special? Please let me know before I waste nearly 500mbs downloading what I already have. :)

If I were Adobe, I'd be giving this away just so people get used to using it (ala Windows & MS not really cracking down all that hard on pirates. Gates knows that once someone gets used to something, they resist change).

Yes, some folks may pirate, but generally, the grown-ups buy things & the no-accounts don't.

I want to thank Gizmo for posting this. I did buy CS2 a long time ago & lost it in a move.


"It could be interpreted as Adobe giving away software for free." An excerpt from the official page: "Effective December 13 2012, Adobe disabled the activation server for Creative Suite 2 products and Acrobat 7 because of a technical glitch. These products were released over seven years ago and do not run on many modern operating systems. But to ensure that any customers activating those old versions can continue to use their software, Adobe issued a serial number directly to those customers. While it could be interpreted as Adobe giving away software for free, Adobe did it to help its customers." Source:

They have apparently removed all copies of the disclaimer post as well. It also seems that there is nothing in the licensing terms which makes it illegal to download & install this.

See this thread - RE: Licensing.

I don't understand why Adobe doesn't just make an official announcement. It would only make them look better at this point. Maybe legal reasons? Bizarre.

If they shout too loudly, someone (perhaps many someones) might reconsider spending hundreds of dollars on the latest version of Creative Suite when they can just get this version for free.