Get This $49 DVD Slideshow Builder For Free


On May 13th, the US celebrates Mother's Day.  Consequently, our friends at Wondershare are running a special offer on their DVD Slideshow Builder software, which you can currently obtain free of charge.

The software normally costs $49.95, so this is a neat deal.

And even if you're not in the US, you can still take advantage of the offer.  Just head to and download the program.  You can also apply for your licence code from the same page.

DVD Slideshow Builder is a Windows program to help you assemble a slideshow from a selection of your favourite digital photos, which will then be burned to a DVD disc so the recipient can play it in their DVD player.  Ideal for sending a sweet memento to your mother, or for any other purpose.

To use the program, you start by deciding which of your photos you wish to use.  Then choose a soundtrack, a design template and a transition effect from the hundreds of styles built into the program.  When you're ready, and you're happy with the preview, the program will create your DVD disc.

DVD Slideshow Builder is a 37 MB download and should run on Windows XP and above.

The free offer closes on May 14th, so you have plenty of time to download your free program.




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