Get This $49 DVD Slideshow Builder For Free

On May 13th, the US celebrates Mother's Day.  Consequently, our friends at Wondershare are running a special offer on their DVD Slideshow Builder software, which you can currently obtain free of charge.

The software normally costs $49.95, so this is a neat deal.

And even if you're not in the US, you can still take advantage of the offer.  Just head to and download the program.  You can also apply for your licence code from the same page.

DVD Slideshow Builder is a Windows program to help you assemble a slideshow from a selection of your favourite digital photos, which will then be burned to a DVD disc so the recipient can play it in their DVD player.  Ideal for sending a sweet memento to your mother, or for any other purpose.

To use the program, you start by deciding which of your photos you wish to use.  Then choose a soundtrack, a design template and a transition effect from the hundreds of styles built into the program.  When you're ready, and you're happy with the preview, the program will create your DVD disc.

DVD Slideshow Builder is a 37 MB download and should run on Windows XP and above.

The free offer closes on May 14th, so you have plenty of time to download your free program.




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by MikeR on 10. May 2012 - 21:16  (93331)

As my earlier and extensive comment on this software was deleted after seemingly being accepted, it's possible this will wind up the same way. But anyway.

Neither version of Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is worth the time it takes to download nor the space it occupies on a computer's hard drive. As for the 'neat deal' mentioned in this article, Wondershare Slideshow Builder Standard is worth exactly what is being charged now, i.e., nothing.

Techsupportalert needs to grow up a bit if it's to retain credibility, and one of the ways it can do that is avoid publicising Wondershare products which are over-hyped enough by the developer to begin with.

[Moderator's note : Details about commercial version removed.]

by Catherine Lee on 11. May 2012 - 5:56  (93338)

Wondershare Slideshow Builder has some other alternatives people can choose, which may be better. Anyhow, we can get its free licenses at the right moment. And some people may like it. Thanks for sharing, techsupportsalert.

by Anupam on 11. May 2012 - 5:00  (93337)

MikeR, your earlier comment was not allowed, because it was a rant about Wondershare, and for the major part, it talked about the commercial version of the software, and also a commercial version of another software.

That part has been edited out in the present comment too.

This article is about a version that is being offered for free, and that's what it is. We are not concerned with the commercial version of the software, or how it compares to other commercial software.

We are also not here to cater to the needs of only selected individuals. The article is here, because it is about an offer, in which a software is being offered for free. While it may not be useful to you, but it might be to someone. If you like it, fine.. if you don't like it, just ignore the article, and move on.

by SanchoGrubb (not verified) on 5. May 2012 - 5:04  (93056)

I also have downloaded the app, but have not received the license. All I got when asking for the keycode was a confirmation that I am now subscribed to their mailing lists. And that has been many hours ago...

by SanchoGrubb (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 5:25  (93195)

Follow-up - emailed Wondershare support today, and got the keycode.

by Ed Mack (not verified) on 5. May 2012 - 4:24  (93053)

Registration screen says "FREE" for 30 days.

by BGM (not verified) on 5. May 2012 - 3:19  (93052)

If it is shown on Gizmo's site, then ought we not to assume that he, in his vast wisdom, approves? Gizmo, what did you think?

by Carol in Colorado (not verified) on 5. May 2012 - 0:24  (93048)

I'm confused. Does "play on your DVD player" mean the DVD player in your computer? Or can it be played on the DVD player attached to the TV--and viewed on the TV?

by Noel (not verified) on 4. May 2012 - 21:37  (93045)

Very basic program, don't bother. For really good effect, you need to buy a Pro version. I downloaded it but deleted it rightaway.

by Leonard Simpson (not verified) on 4. May 2012 - 16:44  (93034)

I love getting my Gizmo email everyday. I have learned a lot from it. However, I do know one thing, there is nothing in this world that is free especially on the internet. My fingers will never touch my keyboard to apply for any free item again no matter how good it sounds. These scams being used on the internet are no better then when stores used items called "come ons". They get you there and switch you to another item. Might have been called "Bait and Switch" also.( illegal) There will be a day that laws will be written to stop this disseptive advertising on the internet also. If it sounds like a scam, feels like a scam, then IT'S A SCAM. People, stay away from FREE items on the internet. Trust me wondershare does not care about your mother they only care about their bottom line. Enough said.

by bwoods on 6. May 2012 - 15:52  (93128)

Well, I trust Gizmo's judgment as he's never failed us before. And though I sympathize with your cynicism about possible scams, there are legit companies doing business and software companies that for decades now have been using this business model. It is an honest way of promoting their product: get a basic version for free to entice you to purchase a "pro" version with more features. And for many, the free version is good enough. This allows you to get to know the software and get to know the company without spending a dime. It's called shareware. And in 25 years of heavy computing, I've never had a bad experience.

Really, if you have such a negative view of such offers, it makes me wonder why you even visit this website. I'm not being critical of you, just wondering out loud.

by Mike Feury (not verified) on 4. May 2012 - 21:15  (93044)

"Trust me wondershare does not care about your mother they only care about their bottom line."

Aww, say it ain't so.

I'm not interested in this item, but I've used a couple of Wondershare products before and they were good.

by smoaky on 4. May 2012 - 15:27  (93027)

Windows Movie Maker does the same thing and you can also add videos.
This (free) version of Wondershare DVD slideshow builder does not allow you to add videos.
However it is a pretty good and simple software to create DVD slide shows. I have used Wondershare software before with no problems.

by eikelein on 4. May 2012 - 14:53  (93025)

Smells like sort of scam to me! They just don't send the promised registration or license key. Only the subscription to their "newsletters" worked.

by applecart (not verified) on 4. May 2012 - 13:51  (93021)

There are two versions. "Wondershare Slideshow Builder Deluxe" which is not free (no matter how loving the mother) and a cripple-ware, "Wondershare Slideshow Builder Standard" masquerading as a mother's day special. For those who love this sort of thing I wish my best as I move on

by Markus Buergi (not verified) on 4. May 2012 - 16:13  (93031)

Why so cynical? If you are picky when it comes to get free stuff, well, go ahead and let everyone know. As for the ones who like the finer things in life, for a mere $13 you get the upgrade to the deluxe version. Another great deal!
Really, folks, we are darn, DARN spoiled in the US. Just wait a little, for those days likely will come to an end ...

by Darryl Mils (not verified) on 4. May 2012 - 13:06  (93018)

Sorry! I would like to take back what I said above: Registration verification has been received!! Sorry!

by bwoods on 6. May 2012 - 15:54  (93129)

You can go back in and edit your original comment as an update to reflect that.

by Anupam on 7. May 2012 - 6:36  (93156)

Anonymous users cannot edit their comments.

by Darryl Mils (not verified) on 4. May 2012 - 13:00  (93016)

Have downloaded program. Have also applied for license which has not been received. Description says this is a 'trial version'. Am I missing something????

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