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Mouse Training is a UK-based company that offers training courses to companies whose staff use Microsoft Office.  Following the release of Office 2010, the company has made available all of its training manuals for previous versions, totally free of charge.  So if you're one of the millions of people using any of the Office 2003 or 2007 apps, and you'd like some in-depth information on how to use it properly, just head on over to

Near the top of the page you'll find free downloadable Quick Guides to the Office 2010 apps (needless to say, the full manuals for Office 2010 aren't free!).  Scroll down, and you'll find the free guides for Office 2003 and 2007, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook, FrontPage, Project and Access.

These are superbly-written tutorials, produced by professional trainers.  Whatever version of Office you're using, they're definitely worth a look.

Update July 2011:  This wonderful tutorials are still available but they have now added Excel 2010 (Introductory) to the free download list


Mouse Training


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by xikombi on 10. January 2013 - 7:47  (104372)

I would like to access MS office training manuals as I am intending to start with the office 2010 to my students

by medicdave (not verified) on 30. September 2012 - 20:12  (100012)

Hi, can someone please advise how in Word 2010 you print a selected page in booklet form if you don't want to print the whole document out? This needs to have the other 3 corresponding pages on the double sided sheet.

by Karen Guy (not verified) on 10. October 2012 - 14:21  (100595)

If I am understanding you correctly, you want to be able to print up specific pages from a document and it be double-sided. If not, sorry to have wasted your time. If I am correct, follow these instructions:

Click... File -> Print

Under the selection Print Range, it should automatically have "all" selected. Click on "pages" and type in which pages you want to print. For example, if you want to do pages 3-5...type in 3-5. If you want specific pages, like 3, 5, 7. Then, type in 3,5,7. ***don't hit PRINT yet"

Now, if you want those pages printed out double sided, what I have done is:

While you are still in the Printer Function, click on Properties -> Printing Shortcuts -> 2 sided (duplex) printing -> OK.

Then print the document.

I hope this helps some. I am no expert, but know Word alil bit. :-)

by Tin (not verified) on 6. August 2012 - 9:15  (97280)

Hi where can I download the courses for Excel 2010 ?Thanks

by hozefa (not verified) on 24. June 2012 - 10:03  (95302)

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by hozefa (not verified) on 24. June 2012 - 9:53  (95301)

Where can I download detailed Manual on ms 2010 outlook
I just upgraded fm ms 2007 n find ms 2010 really ver complex Pls help

by SCRS (not verified) on 27. July 2011 - 10:53  (76299)

Office 2003/2007/2010 Training presentations can be downloaded from the MS site below

by Ian (not verified) on 26. July 2011 - 20:10  (76270)

Thank you very much. I saved all of them for my office without any problems. Again, thanks.

by ancient one (not verified) on 26. July 2011 - 12:33  (76254)

These manuals are GREAT! I have Office Home & Student 2010 and almost everything from the 2007 Excel and Word manuals fully applies to the 2010 versions. They are so good that I returned two manuals that I had just received from because I didn't need them.

by Trevor Hlungwani (not verified) on 18. April 2011 - 6:23  (70429)

I'm looking for MS Office 2010 training manual either in PDF or Word doc is fine, please help with the site.

by John Caulfield (not verified) on 24. August 2011 - 19:26  (78295)

contact us at Mouse and we will sort out any manual that is missing

by Mari Kelley (not verified) on 10. February 2012 - 13:07  (88627)

Hi John,

I just purchased Microsoft 2010 for a Health Center in Uganda. I am a US volunteer with the Peace Corps here and I am trying to train them in Microsoft Word 2010 and Powerpoint 2010. Do you have a free training manual you can send me so I can teach them? I want to leave a manual with them so that when I am gone they can use it.
I have downloaded the free Microsoft Excel 2010. Thanks. Mari

by GeoffP (not verified) on 9. November 2010 - 11:12  (60923) will give you a directory listing of all the pdfs.

by brownkevin457 on 3. February 2011 - 16:28  (65782)

Website was usfull thk

by ch (not verified) on 31. October 2010 - 13:38  (60521)

Several of the zip files are password-protected, the Word for 2000, for example. Anyone know the password?

by John Caulfield (not verified) on 15. September 2010 - 20:57  (57892)

Happy to send the Word docs for any version including 2010 if you email through to the site

by Roberteh (not verified) on 26. July 2011 - 13:31  (76256)

Thank you John.

You have a great site with much in the way of valuable information. I easily managed to download & save all the PDF manuals needed.

When I move beyond Office 2007 I will certainly contact you through the Mouse Training site.

by Ray St Marie (not verified) on 29. July 2010 - 19:53  (55152)

Outlook 2003/2007 and 2010 are still things you have to pay for. I clicked on the Microsoft Training for Microsoft Outlook(located top left on the home page. You will see a link to find out when Training Courses are held and the rest of the details to get training, but they are not free.

by I've got the lot (not verified) on 25. August 2010 - 4:33  (56677)

Click on this link scroll down the page - the manuals linked here are free as i have downloaded the whole 2007 & 2003 lot. There is absolutely no charge. The 2010 files will be available soon as this is what they do.
They do not wait for the next version to come out before they post the entire manual for each version.

by JeffCarp (not verified) on 28. July 2010 - 21:49  (55076)

They are missing the Outlook 2007 training manual. Is this an oversight or is it just not available?

by brownkevin457 on 28. January 2011 - 16:42  (65378)

Not available

by Unknown Ninja (not verified) on 24. July 2010 - 2:54  (54834)

If trying to get Word 2007 Advanced manual, shorten link url from "Word2007Advanced.pdf" to "Word2007Adv.pdf"

by torres-no-tan-m... on 24. July 2010 - 16:45  (54872)

You simply click on the MS Word 2007 Advanced link on the home page to download the PDF.

The file name is indeed contracted but for obvious reasons! ;-)

by Not Obvious (not verified) on 29. July 2010 - 0:47  (55080)

Obvious reasons is not at all obvious. With a maximum length of 255 characters, spaces and other characters with a few exceptions, there is nothing obvious. Short names may be easier to type, they're less meaningful, and when the majority of file accesses are using Windows Explorer, Acrobat, or another GUI file manager, there is nothing obvious about making file names short when longer allows them to be more descriptive.

And when there is a link on the page to click, not a requirement to type the URL, there is no need for short names on the web server either.

by Obviously Uncommon (not verified) on 12. November 2010 - 16:33  (61095)

Yep, I agree. Which reminds me... everytime someone says it is 'common sense' to you, just reply, 'if it is common sense then why isn't it common to (me, my Mom, my kid... or point to anyone nearby)'. That usually shuts them up while they think about what they just said.

by brownkevin457 on 2. February 2011 - 17:28  (65710)

I do agree...

by Blue (not verified) on 22. December 2010 - 16:33  (63087)

When asked that question, I answer " You obviously don't have much common sense then"

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