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Free Standing Weather Gadget For Your Desktop

This great looking, free weather gadget doesn't require any program to run.

Desktop gadgets usually need programs of one sort or another to run. There are Google gadgets, Yahoo gadgets, Vista Sidebar get the idea.
This weather gadget installs all on its own. It has two display modes; one is small with text and a weather icon indicating the conditions. For a larger view and forecast, click on 'more' and the screen expands showing a 4 day forecast appears. Mousing over the images brings up the forecast. Clicking on the temperatures toggles between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and clicking on the location allows you to change locales.
The weather gadget is mostly transparent so whatever is on your desktop background will show through.

Free Standing Weather Gadget Small View

Weather Gadget Expanded View

(images used with permission - thanks Nikos!)

Head on over to get your own weather gadget. While you're there, take a look at the other gadgets, wallpapers, and other artwork created by the very talented site owner. If you enjoy wallpapers or the winter (northern hemisphere) holidays, have a look at the holidays section for lots of goodies.

Freestanding Weather Gadget

Signing off,

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by msmousiecat (not verified) on 1. August 2012 - 3:15  (96983)

I just tried to download this gadget and my anti-virus software notified me that it contained a Win32 Trojan virus. Be careful about downloading this.

by MidnightCowboy on 1. August 2012 - 5:33  (96991)

This is the VirusTotal result for the file in question:

As you can see, there is just one program flagging this out of 38 which most of us will accept as a "false positive". The warning you saw though might be related to a recent Microsoft advisory after a general vulnerability potentially affecting all gadgets was discovered.

Regarding antivirus alerts in general, it is vital that you study the program help file in order to understand how and why your particular program issues warnings. As indicated by Rhiannon, some of these will be "false positives" and some programs are more prone to issue these than others. At the end of the day though, if you trust an antivirus to protect you, then you should abide by its warnings. With a 1/38 score we are satisfied that this program is safe, but if you have any doubts then please don't install it.

by rhiannon on 1. August 2012 - 3:38  (96985)

@msmousiecat; My suggestion would be to run this (or any other) file through a trusted online anti-virus site like VirusTotal before you make a decision on the safety of a program.
It's not unusual for some anti-virus programs to generate false positives. =)

Our The Best Free Security Software for PC section has an extensive list if you'd like more security suggestions.

by Athar (not verified) on 21. July 2012 - 7:32  (96466)

i have tried adni18 weather III on my xp doesnt change location no matter what location i use. I have even tried yahoo weather codes but no effect. Useless waste of time.

by MidnightCowboy on 21. July 2012 - 7:43  (96470)

Can't vouch for XP but this works fine for me on Windows 7. Make sure that your firewall is not blocking the weather app from connecting out and/or your other security software is also not affecting its operation.

by Athar (not verified) on 21. July 2012 - 10:15  (96472)

Firewall aint blocking it, I have checked anyways, HTC apis is a much better choice.

by dudepc (not verified) on 18. May 2012 - 18:15  (93685)

I can see that the gadget is not updated with Asian and Australian countries.
Is that what's happening to only me or is happening with everyone out there?

by rhiannon on 18. May 2012 - 19:38  (93689)

I'm not sure what you're talking about - I'm able to bring up several cities in Australia and Asia.
What were you looking for?

by Gig (not verified) on 17. May 2012 - 11:49  (93597)

I downloaded this and love it already, but is there a way to see the low prediction for the day as well as the high prediction?

by rhiannon on 17. May 2012 - 21:02  (93622)

I haven't seen that option. You might want to drop the developer an email and ask if it can be added. =)

by Nik_A on 9. March 2012 - 7:40  (90124)

There is no problem with this gadget, very helpful and safe for everyday use!

More gadgets from the same author, adni18, here:

by joeys (not verified) on 3. January 2012 - 9:33  (86459)

One awesome program!

by Darklldo (not verified) on 17. November 2011 - 6:18  (83418)

I would help a great deal if I could find where to download it :(

by rhiannon on 17. November 2011 - 6:38  (83419)

Click on the link in the above article.
It will take you a page at
In the center of the page there is a large image showing the weather gadget.
Directly under the image are two buttons, one says "Download" and the other says "Send it with email"
Click on the button that says Download and the download should start.
You'll need to unzip the file you downloaded.
After it's unzipped, it will create a folder with two entries - one is the program .exe file and the other is a text file with directions.

by Shaun Montgomery (not verified) on 16. November 2011 - 14:51  (83385)

This doesn't seem to work for UK locations

by rhiannon on 16. November 2011 - 20:42  (83399)

@Shaun Montgomery;

I'm not sure what you mean when you say it doesn't work in the UK. I'm not in the UK but I can set UK cities with no trouble.
Have you read the directions that come with the download? Unzip the folder and there will be two entries. One is the .exe and other is titled "You should read it before you it.rtf"
If you're having trouble with a specific place, go to the yahoo site listed in the directions to get the city code closest to where you are and add it to the weather gadget.

by John Ayres (not verified) on 20. September 2011 - 12:14  (79948)

I think I'd like to try this weather gadget but can't find a way to download it.

by rhiannon on 20. September 2011 - 16:45  (79963)

@John Ayres; There are two buttons under the weather gadget image, one says "Download" and the other "Send it with email". If you're not seeing the buttons and you have ad blocking on your browser that could be why.

by Michael Connor (not verified) on 17. August 2011 - 18:07  (77826)

This is a nice weather prog;

Regards....Mike Connor

by rhiannon on 17. August 2011 - 20:40  (77832)

Thanks Mike, that looks like a great little program.

by Michael Connor (not verified) on 18. August 2011 - 4:57  (77857)

My pleasure. Hope you enjoy it. It is the best one I have found to date, and I have tried a lot!

Regards....Mike Connor

by Paula (not verified) on 18. November 2011 - 13:54  (83479)

at Michael Connor It´s very good program, but there is no chance to change to Celsius. It´s a pitty.Many countries dont understand Farenheit or are not used to used it.
Many thanks anyway!

by rhiannon on 18. November 2011 - 21:59  (83508)

You can change the temperature from Fahrenheit to are the directions from the FAQ at the site:
How do I get WeatherMate to display the temperature in °C?
Right-click WeatherMate and select "Use metric units" from the popup menu.
- or -
Double-click WeatherMate (or select Options | All Settings) to display the Settings window and check "Use metric units" in the "Display" settings.

WeatherMate | FAQ


by Anonymous on 5. May 2010 - 13:57  (49124)

How do I make this gadget to stay on the desktop? I set the Z-level to desktop, but when I click on the show desktop icon the weather icon goes to systray instead of staying on the desktop.

by rhiannon on 5. May 2010 - 20:20  (49156)

I have mine set this way:

Z-Order: Normal level
Accessibility: Systray

It stays on the desktop, but does not show if program windows are open, and there is an icon in the Systray.

When I set it to Z level: "Always on top" it stays on top of all the program windows. Accessibility is still at Systray, and there is an icon in the Systray.

Usually when you switch to desktop using the icon or Aero Peek (Windows 7) the program disappears. Other programs do the same thing. If you minimize all your windows instead of using the desktop icon, the weather gadget should be there. Or, click on the desktop icon, maximize or open a program window and then close or minimize it, the gadget should be there.

Checking Desktop level or normal level does the same thing - the gadget disappears if you click the desktop icon or use Aero Peek.

Why things disappear when the desktop icon or Aero Peek is used I have no idea but it's been doing that on all my machines for years with various applications. Maybe someone knows why it does that how to fix it?

by OpenZero on 1. November 2009 - 22:35  (35603)

A few similar software:


Meteo Fusion

by Anonymous on 8. February 2010 - 2:29  (43086)

Meteo works best. I couldn't even download Freestanding.

by rhiannon on 2. November 2009 - 1:16  (35607)

Thanks for the additions.

by Anonymous on 4. October 2009 - 6:27  (33877)

Thank you for the nice comments about my weather gadget, wich has been updated and works fine with ith Windows XP, Vista and Seven (7)
My gadgets are free for all and 100% safe and clean, with no malware or viruses or trojans included.
There are many other free gadgets in my site, which have no advertisements or pop-ups, everything is free and safe in
Thank you again

by Anonymous on 1. August 2009 - 16:02  (26114)

This is a great little tool and one I used for a few months. Did you note the use of, "used"?
adni18 no longer works!
Too bad I have not been able to find anything comparable or nearly as useful.