Free Program Downloads 1000 TED Talks To Your PC [Updated]

If you've never heard of TED, that's a great shame.  It's an organisation that sets up free conferences throughout the world that offers a selection of interesting talks from inspiring speakers.  Topics include everything from science and technology to education, politics, finance, medicine, and just about everything else you could possibly imagine.  When I attended one of the offshoot TEDx events last year, there was even a session on life drawing, complete with naked model!

As well as being free to attend, all of the TED talks are recorded and you can download videos from the web site.  However, it's not easy to download multiple videos in one shot.  Should you wish to do that, then a freeware program called Ted Downloader will help you.  You can get it from  

The current version doesn't allow you to choose which videos you want to download.  Instead, it simply downloads all of the recordings from the site.  There's more than 1000 of them so, while it might be an easy way to create yourself a fascinating library of talks, be aware that you'll need a lot of hard disk space and internet bandwidth.  At least 7 GB, and that's just for the low-resolution versions.  You can also choose from medium or high if you prefer.

The author promises that a forthcoming update will allow you to choose which talks you want to download, so if you're short of space or bandwidth you may prefer to wait.

Ted Downloader is free, and should run on Windows XP and above.  It needs no installation - just run the .EXE file and it will start.  As to the size of the program, the amount of bandwidth it requires to download the videos renders such a figure totally irrelevant.  Though I have checked it for malware with VirusTotal and it's clean.

And before you ask, no.  The life drawing session isn't included.  Sorry.

Update 1st Dec 2011:  A new version of the program is now available from the same site, which allows you to specify which videos you want to download.




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by gzmhanu on 1. December 2011 - 17:55  (84244)

Guys, A new version has been updated, which includes the ability to select videos.

by etch on 26. November 2011 - 10:44  (83932)

Excellent find! Was doing this manually till now. Will wait for the version with the option to select videos to come out though. That should make downloading easier.


by SDKrawler on 24. November 2011 - 2:17  (83805)

I just visited the site. You are right. It is a real shame no one has been talking about this site more.
I know I will.
Thanks. Great find

by kell (not verified) on 22. November 2011 - 14:16  (83706)

I just checked out the site. You are right. It's a shame I hadn't heard of it before. While I do not care to go the download route, I will be going back to the site often. Right now, in fact.

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