Free Program Creates Greeting Cards, Booklets, Banners, Posters And More

Sometimes you need a quick and easy program to make flyers, cards or brochures. You don't need Photoshop, you want something simple and fast.

PagePlus SE from Serif Software is great for the job.

With a large selection of preset document layouts, its easy to create greeting cards, booklets, banners, posters and more.

There's a pretty good range of tools included with the program.

- QuickShapes adds graphics to your documents, including spirals, stars and other standard shapes.
- Table Tool allows you to design table and add them directly within PagePlus SE.
- Inline Spell Checker
- Text Tool creates text with transparency, various fills and graduated colours.
- Design Studio uses drag 'n' drop to add a selection of colours, fills, fonts, and line styles.
- Inline Graphics With Text allows your graphics to stay with the text. When the text changes or increases enough to re-position, the graphic moves with it.

Ready made template packs, are available for download, and there are some additional features add functionality to the program.

If you decide to download the program, make sure you click on the button on the right that says "PagePlus SE" unless you want to purchase an upgrade. =)

PagePlusSE   Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP (no Vista)

Signing off,

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by Anonymous on 9. October 2009 - 16:59  (34233)

A similar program that I have been happy with is DesignPro by Avery. They provide it free because it supports their paper/labels/etc. but it works fine on my printer with regular paper. It can be found at


by rhiannon on 12. October 2009 - 16:25  (34431)

Avery has a lot of good stuff at their site. Sure, they would like you to use their products but you don't have to.

by Anonymous on 13. February 2009 - 22:37  (15996)

This will only download content update if running in Windows 98 compatibility mode, as the poster above suggested. But that's not the worse thing. If you actually download a content pack, say "Valentine's Day" - there's only one of those - and try to install it, watch out! On my PC - fresh install of Vista 32 on my Vaio Z laptop - it ran but did nothing. Some 10-15 minutes later the machine slowed to a crawl and was showing full 3GB memory in use. Machine stopped responding almost completely but I managed to find out it was running 2500 processes! And they were all spawned by the content pack, which itself reported running out of memory and crashed. I had to press power button and then I proceeded to uninstall the PagePlus. If you want to try it, be careful.

by Anonymous on 19. January 2009 - 15:41  (14213)

I did not have a problem with download, but cannot access galleries as another user stated. Bad links..... Windows XP operating system

by Anonymous on 17. January 2009 - 18:04  (14103)

I am downloading Printmaster as I speak and will let you know of any hiccups. In the meantime if anyone goes back in time as far as I do, I would love to find out what happened to Aldous Freehand which I think became a Macromedia product. In my mind it was probably the best type manipulation program available in the 80s and I would love to have the use of it again.
At that time I was using Apple equipment.
Many thanks for your outstanding services.


by Anonymous on 17. January 2009 - 23:50  (14118)

I found this on Aldus Freehand...

FreeHand is very similar in scope, intended market, and functionality to Adobe Illustrator. It was created by Altsys and licensed to Aldus, which released versions 1 to 4. When Aldus merged with Adobe Systems, because of the overlapping of market with Illustrator, Adobe returned FreeHand to Altsys soon after the merger (after some legal wrangling, and intervention by the Federal Trade Commission). Altsys was later bought by Macromedia, which released FreeHand 5.0, 5.5 (Mac only), 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11/MX. In 2005 Adobe acquired Macromedia, thus returning the FreeHand product to Adobe.

My searches on Google were...
Aldous Freehand

Did you mean: Aldus Freehand

Aldus Freehand download

Hope you find the one you want:)


by Anonymous on 17. January 2009 - 11:52  (14077)

Wow, I remember this, a flash from the past. This used to be the cat's meow.

by Anonymous on 17. January 2009 - 0:56  (14044)

Downloaded fine, but won't install. Hangs at 79% installed.

by Anonymous on 17. January 2009 - 18:59  (14105)

That's exactly what happened to me also.

by Anonymous on 17. January 2009 - 15:54  (14091)

Me too, locks machine.

by Anonymous on 17. January 2009 - 15:53  (14090)

Exactly the same for me

by Anonymous on 16. January 2009 - 18:18  (14014)

None of the links to the Online Art Galleries work!
Is this deliberate or a bug?
This app. seems to depend on the Web integration for a lot of it's
What's the scoop?

by rhiannon on 17. January 2009 - 22:04  (14111)

Broderbund has been moving most of their clip art content onto the internet for some time - all the newest versions are the same way.

I've had trouble accessing the galleries now and then, sometimes it takes a couple of tries.

by Anonymous on 16. January 2009 - 15:09  (13996)

gets some of the worse consumer ratings I have ever seen at CNet

crashes other programs etc etc

by Anonymous on 16. January 2009 - 20:58  (14025)

Over at Cliffs Notes they seem to think it's prety good.

Sheesh, I'd believe Cliffs and Gizmos anyday compared to comments at Everyone know that most of the good comments there are from the people who make the software and most of the bad ones are from their competitors.

by Anonymous on 17. January 2009 - 23:51  (14119)

The review at Cliff Notes makes clear once you read the comments that the program is a "come on" to sell graphics since all links to graphics push the user back to the web site.

by Anonymous on 16. January 2009 - 13:50  (13994)

I downloaded it without a problem first shot using the Tiny link.

by Anonymous on 7. January 2009 - 16:09  (13338)

It will also work with vista, if you INSTALL it with compatibility for windows98.

by rhiannon on 7. January 2009 - 21:05  (13353)

Thanks for letting us know. Some things work in compatibility mode and some don't - nice to see one that does.

If anyone has any more trouble downloading, try the link again or click on the TinyURL link - its a shortened version of the proper URL.

by geegis on 7. January 2009 - 14:58  (13335)

I didn't have any trouble downloading it. (I say this so others will know there are some of us who were able to access the program.)

by Anonymous on 7. January 2009 - 16:42  (13339)

I have downloaded it without problems.

by Anonymous on 6. January 2009 - 23:36  (13271)

no way this can be downloaded!!!

by Anonymous on 6. January 2009 - 22:58  (13267)

now if i could just get the durn thing to download i'd be just fine

by Anonymous on 6. January 2009 - 23:01  (13268)


by mr6n8 on 6. January 2009 - 23:20  (13270)

I do not know where the issue is for you all, but it downloaded in seconds for me.

by Jakeman on 5. January 2009 - 21:49  (13186)

Thanks, Rhiannon, definitely something to look into...

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