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Free OS ... ReactOS

Of all the great lists of free and open apps here, I can't believe the most import list of all is no where to be found.  The list of free non *nix operating systems.  I'll start by submitting ReactOS 0.3.7, which is a free and open-source operating system based on the Windows NT architecture, providing support for existing applications and drivers and an alternative to the current dominant consumer and server operating systems.


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by vbw60gizmo on 14. February 2009 - 15:41  (16035)

Sorry for the double post--I thought I had forgotten to send it in before.

by vbw60gizmo on 14. February 2009 - 15:36  (16033)

Why are you pumping this again so soon (was Gizmo's Hot Pick on Jan. 9, '09)? There may be a few geeks who are into experimental OSes, but not too many.

by Anupam on 14. February 2009 - 18:52  (16044)

This one OS is being talked about coz its based on MS architechture, yet, is free. So, if this OS works, then you will have an OS like windows, but you dont have to pay for it. Just think about it xD.

Anupam Shriwatri, India

by vbw60gizmo on 16. February 2009 - 14:16  (16144)

Thank you for a very informative reply. I'm glad to know that. I had heard that M$ was making their API's available, so I suppose this OS is benefiting from that development, and in turn benefiting us by way of the free OS. I am glad to hear about this, since the prices of the "real" Windows keep getting higher and higher--it's now to the point that I can build (and sometimes buy) my own new computer hardware for less than the M$ OS costs all by itself! Of course I'm referring to the retail box price, not as discounted to OEM's. If the OEM's didn't get that huge discount, they'd probably be switching over to Linux or some other free OS like the one above in droves, so why don't those of us who are stuck with buying M$ OS at retail switch over ourselves? Some of us are doing so--I have two boxes, one with XP pro sp3 and the other Ubuntu on which I can run Windows-compatible programs (using Wine) if I so choose. I have not done so yet, but mainly because I am just getting acquainted with it. OK, I'll admit it, I'm also testing Windows 7 Beta, but my budget is so tight that I frankly can't see how I can afford or justify purchasing it at retail. If I did, I'd have to get the Professional or ultimate version, don't you know. LOL

by Anonymous on 13. February 2009 - 10:33  (15952)

Well I had never heard of it until now , so I will give it a try and see how it goes . And I think it is great that they are doing what they are doing ,hopefully with plenty of support it will become another alternative

by vbw60gizmo on 13. February 2009 - 7:51  (15947)

Why are you pumping this again so soon (was Gizmo's Hot Pick on Jan. 9, '09)?

by Anonymous on 9. February 2009 - 8:54  (15640)

ReactOS looks like windows 2000 to me.

by wildweaselkeeper on 8. February 2009 - 17:05  (15600)

I first became interested in ReactOS years ago while researching alternative OS's for a friend. Since I don't have an extra computer laying around to experiment with I have consistently download the Live CD version. Now I don't know whether I've done something wrong all these years like say when I've burned the image to CD, but I've never been able to get it to work. I pop the disc in, restart the computer, and all it has ever done is stare back at me like a lump. I have to include that I have had much better success with different variants of Linux, such as Ubuntu, but never got ReactOS to do anything except load the desktop. I will continue to follow the development of this OS with earnest in hopes that I can get it to work since MS has seen fit to discontinue XP, and cannot stand MS's meddlesome practices. I love XP, but can't stand MS as a whole.

If you have used ReactOS successfully or can offer insight as how to get it to work successfully I would really like to see your comments.

And hey, if you haven't used this OS or at least attempted to your comments are pretty much worthless.

Wild Weasel Keeper

by tony on 8. February 2009 - 18:15  (15605)

I don't have a spare computer for me but I do have dual boot to WinXP and Mandriva 2009. Why don't you do the same? If you don't have enough room on your hard drive then insert another hard drive then its perminant. I boot up on Mandriva then if I need WinXP I have the best of both worlds.


by Anupam on 5. February 2009 - 20:33  (15433)

ReactOS looks good. Waiting eagerly for it to come out of the alpha stage. The screenshots look good. If it works out well, then bye bye MS Windows xP.

Anupam Shriwatri, India

by Anonymous on 5. February 2009 - 20:01  (15429)

New version 0.3.8 just released, Use it daily and it rocks! Couldn't recommend it more highly!

by Anonymous on 12. January 2009 - 6:15  (13683)

React OS is not stable enough to use. It's built by reverse-engineer MS Windows so it's not as good as Windows and certainly not as good as Linux

by Anonymous on 5. February 2009 - 20:04  (15430)

Do you truly realize all the apps out there that are reversed engineered? If you did, you wouldn't hold this as an issue. Very very few original code any more, regardless of the platform. Heck, when was the last time Redmond wrote anything original? Never....that's when.

by Anonymous on 11. January 2009 - 13:01  (13618)

reactos looks good but does not work

by Anonymous on 10. January 2009 - 18:30  (13556)

If you are going for a OS which you can use everyday, you should go for the word - "stable". No software can be called "great" as long as it is not "stable" and can be considered "risk-free".

For free Operating System related information visit -

For specifically Linux-based Operating Systems visit -

And of course, Linux supports a wide range of Win32 applications via Wine emulator.

by Anonymous on 10. January 2009 - 6:25  (13526)

Grand! Except for: "Please bear in mind that ReactOS 0.3.7 is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is not recommended for everyday use."

by Anonymous on 10. January 2009 - 16:33  (13549)

Are you kidding? "Alpha" is a semantic moniker only. It's a holistic CYA approach. Why do think so many apps are in perpetual beta?