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Do you need to save or print a webpage without unwanted blanks, ads or other junk, but just the stuff you want?

PrintWhatYouLike is a good choice. It's a free online webpage editor complete with several useful buttons. With this editor, you can quickly remove images or the background of a webpage, click and add the boxes or frames you want, isolate and resize them, change the font type and size, fit your selection to a page width, redo or undo an edit and so on.

After editing a webpage, save it as a pdf or html file with the feature provided, or print it out from a printer with a built-in Print button. Alternatively, you can also save it into a pdf file by means of printing it with a virtual pdf printer if it's installed.

Like this editor? Make it instantly available on any web page with a bookmarklet—go here and drag the bookmarklet link to your bookmark toolbar, surf a webpage, click the bookmarklet and the editor will appear to the left of the webpage, ready for editing.






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by Johnm (not verified) on 6. November 2012 - 20:12  (101954)

Wow...what a worthless piece of garbage! I thought this was a piece of software I could download that would allow me to customize whatever I print but it ONLY works with webpages AND DOESN'T WORK WITH GMAIL!!!! I need to print out an e-mail but it's crapped up and jammed together, and it's just crap! I thought this would be a solution, it doesn't do anything...sigh.

by Anonymous007 (not verified) on 21. September 2011 - 11:15  (80013)

The site has been down for two days -- is it coming back? Perhaps an update of this page would be helpful.

by Jojo Yee on 21. September 2011 - 12:56  (80024)

It's still available as I've just tried it.

by Anupam on 21. September 2011 - 13:04  (80025)

It was not opening earlier, but yes, now its opening for me too. Must have been a temporary thing.

by Anonymous on 24. January 2010 - 18:31  (41936)

Does this WebPage editor work with VISTA? THX

by Jojo Yee on 25. January 2010 - 4:07  (41994)

Yes, it works. In fact, it runs on a browser irrespective of what OS you use. See also: Best Free Online Applications and Services.

by Anonymous on 21. January 2010 - 7:09  (41669)

Do you know how to add it into IE8? Thanks in advance.

by Jojo Yee on 21. January 2010 - 13:35  (41686)
by Anonymous on 8. January 2010 - 16:29  (40624)

Should this also work with Opera (10.10)? Can't get it work. Or am I doing something wrong: I selected desired areas from the webpage (selected areas turn yellow), then directly tried to save as pdf (both with "print" to virtual pdf-printer (doPdf v7) and with the PWYL's "save as...pdf") still both options print much more than my selection (yellow areas) was..

by Jojo Yee on 9. January 2010 - 3:22  (40664)

Right-click your selections, then click 'Isolate'. This will remove those unselected frames prior to printing.

by Anonymous on 9. January 2010 - 16:01  (40702)

Thank You very much, Jojoyee! It helped. :)

by Anonymous on 8. January 2010 - 2:41  (40542)

Sooooo coool, thanks. Thanks. And thanks some more. The Gixmo Kids are the greatest thing since air conditioning.

by Jaikrishna on 8. January 2010 - 1:35  (40534)

WOW nice thing, thanks for sharing

by Anonymous on 7. January 2010 - 15:44  (40475)

Use nuke anything advanced add-on for firefox, remove any parts of webpage you like before printing.

by Anonymous on 7. January 2010 - 13:53  (40470)

Nice! It would also be nice if it could be made to print colored pages (coupons) in Black and White!


by Anonymous on 7. January 2010 - 14:26  (40472)

Most color printers can be set to print color pages or images into blank and white.

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