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This Free Online Course Will Teach You Windows 8 Basics (Limited Time Offer)

There is no instruction manual for Windows 8 so how do you learn how to use the new operating system and its different ways of doing things? For a limited time (until November 23) you can take advantage of a free online course from It consists of 5 hours of short videos on all the basics of setting up and using Windows 8.

I have watched some of these and the quality is excellent. Go to this web page where you will see a list of links to short videos on various Windows 8 subjects. Each can be viewed separately so you can break up your training into short sessions. How long each video lasts is indicated so you can plan your instruction time.

Note that you do not have to click the button that says “start free trial”. Just click the subject that you are interested in. Subscribers do get some practice exercises but otherwise the lessons are free to view with just a click

If you have or are thinking of getting Windows 8, don’t miss this chance to become acquainted with how it all works.

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by Norman Mac (not verified) on 16. November 2012 - 8:07  (102396)

Excellent! Can the 23 November free viewing date be extended? There is so much to be absorbed!

by Hugo (not verified) on 14. November 2012 - 10:47  (102299)

Thanks, I could indeed continue to watch the videos today :-)

by Hugo (not verified) on 13. November 2012 - 12:41  (102244)

mmm... I watched the first few items and then began to receive content not found error. Just when things would get interesting...

by Jojo Yee on 13. November 2012 - 15:29  (102254)

I've gone through most of them and they worked pretty well Hugo. If any of the them doesn't work, a refresh of the web page might help.

by v.laurie on 13. November 2012 - 15:01  (102253)

I have not looked at all the clips but I tried quite a few and they all worked fine.