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Free Mail Collector - All Email Accounts in One Place


Mail Collector lets you read and send emails from your multiple email accounts in one place. Easy to set up, no more going through various complicated settings for incoming and outgoing servers.

Mail Collector resides in GMX Mail which you need to sign up if you do not have one. It's free.

Once you have a GMX Mail account, log in and click Mail Collector. It shows you four simple steps to go—just select a provider (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or others) from a pull-down menu, enter an email address and password, click "Continue" with the default setup and "Confirm". That's it. And all mails will start flowing in from that account.


Mail Collector


GMX Mail is provided by GMX (Global Mail Exchange) as a free webmail service, but unlike other services, it features an ad-free interface (at least currently), plus a Mail Collector Wizard.

Besides, you can compose a mail, choose any account (that you have added in the list) to send out from. You can have an Address Book, Organizer and many other features. Have a good try. You might end up using it daily.

"GMX has been able to see its email customer count surge rapidly during the past years and its FreeMail currently hosts about 11 million active users in Germany, Australia, Switzerland and the UK." —Wikipedia.




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by br1anstorm on 3. July 2014 - 22:39  (117132)

I have revived this old thread to see if anyone else has found the same problem as me - and in the hope someone will be able to advise.

I have had a GMX account for several years. Soon after setting it up, I used Mail Collector to fetch my emails from another account (with Yahoo). Later on I revised the setting so that it ceased to collect new emails from that account.

Now I want to resume that mail collection. But when I input the relevant details of the Yahoo account, I get a popup in the GMX page saying "that provider is not supported".

My message to GMX help has generated only an irrelevant and unhelpful automated response.

Has anyone else had problems getting GMX Mail Collector to collect from Yahoo (or indeed other) email accounts?

by Aradia Vienna (not verified) on 21. May 2012 - 5:56  (93784)

GMX was good, and I emphasize good. For the past 8 months, and worsening greatly in the past 2 months GMX does not collect all emails from other GMX accounts. I have my main GMX account and 5 others that are supposed to be collected into my main account. And the mail is NOT collecting. One or two emails filter through at a very delayed rate, but when I log into the other 5 accounts, the inbox is full and all the emails have been marked as read, even though I have not read them. This is very frustrating, as I do not have the time nor inclination to fart about logging in and out. A shame GMX doesn't do what it should be, and even more disappointing that I advised them and they insist it has been rectified, when clearly it has not been.

by mohd.shadab on 12. May 2012 - 9:23  (93388)

a m unable to sign up on gmx

by MarkSJ (not verified) on 2. September 2011 - 17:40  (78901)

I've been using GMX as one of my main email addresses for 12 years now. Except for my Yahoo mail account, which I use only for receiving newsletters it is my oldest email account. It has excellent spam filters and most important it is owned by one of the largest ISPs in Germany so you can expect the email adsress to be around in the future.

by unique (not verified) on 18. May 2011 - 17:28  (72297)

Do any one know why its not accept yahoo mail account please ??? its really great email collector and easy to use as well

by nirav prajapati (not verified) on 1. June 2011 - 7:27  (73013)

Yes, it does support yahoo mail. I was using gmx for more than a year.
Then after i discontinued it. I accessed my gmail, hotmail, and yahoo accounts through it.Let me share my experience.I had successfully synchronized my all accounts.

you can access it from anywhere. I mean everything is online. No need to carry application in flash drive or no need to carry laptop or pc. You can also delete or keep server email through application. Its secure and safe. I never had email hacking.

Its little bit slow in retrieving email from the server.
The operating space is limited. The GMX developer can expand the operating space by reducing logo size.
It can't be open in IE 9. I don't know what's the issue.
Somehow i can't email to certain email add(like craigslist email add).
None of the mobile web browser support it.(apple,android,windows, blackberry)

Overall its good mail collector but not satisfied me fully.
If the developers really work on above cons and make it more feasible, attractive then it would be great and lots people will use it.

by mishra (not verified) on 4. March 2011 - 9:56  (67416)

its not working with yahoomail and rediffmail
thank yoy

by Kolya (not verified) on 11. November 2010 - 17:37  (61045)

Works fine...............BUT Gmail have now made my account totally unavailable 'due to suspicious activity' which I guess is Mail Collector!

by Anonymous on 15. February 2010 - 11:45  (43661)

You people are lucky, gmx wouldn't even let me to create an acc. the link is not working. PoP peeper, hasn't got enough looks. thunderbird can't manage yahoo. anything else in this category?

by Anonymous on 3. January 2010 - 9:36  (40117)

A word to the wise:

I created an account with GMX on 1/1/10. But the moment I attempted to access my account, I was told I was "blocked". I sent several emails to GMX asking why I was blocked and heard back on 1/3/10 that due to a security review, my account was blocked.
But if I was to send a copy of my driver's license, my account would be reviewed and probably opened.
I immediately emailed GMX stating I could see no reason for the block in the first place and I certainly was not going to send them a copy of my Driver's license.
I asked them to immediately delete my account.

by Anonymous on 9. January 2010 - 4:00  (40667)

It didn't happen to me.

by Anonymous on 25. December 2009 - 23:43  (39471)

Try Tray Helper I relay like it.

by Anonymous on 19. December 2009 - 15:11  (39015)

I tried adding 3 yahoo accounts. Took the first two no problem. Added the third but wont display it. No way to contact them and for some reason unable to post my comment on GMX website. Others have posted the same problem.

Looks like could be nice to use but if cant add my mailboxes then forget it.

by Anonymous on 18. December 2009 - 16:02  (38955)

I'll stick with PopPeeper. Works with Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. You name it, it works with it. Plus it's portable!

by irwanwr on 30. December 2009 - 10:34  (39808)

I agree on those points for POPPeeper. It's a powerful portable application to collect and manage e-mails.

by Anonymous on 18. December 2009 - 13:40  (38943)

I could only get it to add my isp's account, wouldn't add Gmail or Fastmail.

by Anonymous on 18. December 2009 - 13:51  (38944)

Ok, I got it to accept them in the end. They never worked by using the wizard that popped up automatically - get asking for POP, IMAP, ports etc, but worked by selecting 'new account' and then selecting the provider from the list.

by Anonymous on 18. December 2009 - 14:11  (38947)

It didn't really add the Fastmail, no emails came up. GMX won't pick up free Fastmail, only the paid-for version. GMX won't tell you that, but Fastmail will. Gmail - it said it had added it but no emails came up. It was successful with Hotmail and picked up the emails. Emails didn't open on a click or a double click, possibly I am too impatient but the emails were very slow to load. I can't waste time like this when I am supposed to be working (there are a lot of other things I'd prefer to waste time doing) so I deleted the account.

by Anonymous on 18. December 2009 - 11:54  (38939)

GMX Support Charity for UNICEF.

For every single new opened account - They will send $1 to Unicef.

Even if you already have another e-mail?

Go ahead and open another one with GMX - That will give $1 to charity!

Merry Christmas

by Anonymous on 18. December 2009 - 10:56  (38938)

Tried 8 times to set up an account and gave up. Could not understand if the requested password format was not fulfilled or if the problem was with the captcha code. Enough.

by Morfeo Matrixx (not verified) on 26. April 2011 - 22:09  (70980)

Same for me, tried several times different days and always the same error "Try again later..." Fed-up...

Gizmo´s, please remove this recommendation in your next review !

by Jojo Yee on 27. April 2011 - 3:13  (70996)

For the purpose of trying it out, I just signed up another one with no issue. You might want to check if all the required entries are entered correctly.

by Anupam on 27. April 2011 - 7:01  (71000)

Jojo, I had tried creating an account on GMX earlier, when you recommended it. But, I faced the same problem as the one who posts above. Even after entering all correct information, it kept giving the same message, day after day. Ultimately, I gave up. Assuming that, the information entered was missing, even then, such an error message is not helpful. I also read many complains about GMX on the internet, about their services too.

by Jojo Yee on 27. April 2011 - 13:38  (71012)

Well, here is a similar issue reported at the GMX Forum. Looks like the answer given in the forum is to contact

by MidnightCowboy on 27. April 2011 - 7:24  (71001)

I had no problem setting up my GMX account which I have run for some time alongside my GMail and site address, using Thunderbird to manage all. The only thing I do notice is that sometimes the attempt to check my GMX box times out. This doesn't happen very often and strangely enough it is worse when using some email clients than others.

by Anonymous on 18. December 2009 - 7:57  (38929)

Only problem so far with GMX mail is that it doesn't handle clickable links, which is a killer for me...

too bad, the interface is nice, and archive feature is great - still a few bugs using it with firefox, where firefox right-click menu pops up in front of the gmx right click menu..

worth a look tho

by Anonymous on 18. December 2009 - 6:26  (38921)

Gmail and even yahoo allows to collect with new apps now. What is the difference? Yahoo even offers folders for a good organization (except for the ad for free members).

My question is also about Outlook as a collector. How do you compare this?

by Anonymous on 18. December 2009 - 9:35  (38935)

I use Thunderbird to try to collect mails from my free Yahoo account but always get this error "Failed to connect to server". GMX works well for me.

by Anonymous on 18. December 2009 - 19:44  (38963)

Actually Thunderbird can do this using the Webmail/Yahoo addon. I use Thunderbird portable and that way can check on any computer with my thumbdrive.

by Jojo Yee on 9. January 2010 - 3:54  (40665)

Unless you're using a paid-for Yahoo Plus account, I don't think it will work for a free Yahoo email account even with this webmail addon. Or have I missed out something?