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I sent this email and got a reply from The GIZMO himself saying he could not help me, and he suggested that I join the forums and post here >>>>>>>>>>>>

>I have googled all over and NOT found a FREE mailing label program.
>Years ago, I bought for like $10 a program at WalMart called
>My Mail Label if I remember correctly. 
>Does anyone have a FREE mailing label program that would work
>with Avery mailing labels for holiday cards, etc. ??????
>I don't use MS Works or MS Office and don't want to use Excel
>and Word to print labels. I don't even own those programs.


by Anonymous on 19. January 2012 - 13:17  (87409)

I am as troubled as 'TIA' above. I have searched high and low (changing the wording to just about everything.) Every site tries to lure you in by listing itsef as free, then explaining once your at the web site, that either updates are free or a trial is free. I hate when they do that. What a waste of time. If anyone comes across a Free Address/Labeling program please let us know. Thanks!

by MidnightCowboy on 19. January 2012 - 13:48  (87410)

This post is now more than three years old. You will get better coverage, and hopefully a better response, by posting this in our forum.

by kdyer on 28. September 2008 - 23:08  (8432)

As another alternative. If you have Zoho, there appears to be template(s) available for it.

Did not see any label templates for Google Docs.



by mr6n8 on 28. September 2008 - 22:36  (8430)

I found this software by Avery that says it is free.
You do have to give some info to get the download.

by tony on 28. September 2008 - 22:27  (8429)

You can use OpenOffice and thats free.

You can create labels using tables/spreadsheets or as I am doing this of the hoof you can go onto their forum and get the info you want on creating labels your sizes. Also I have just asked Google for Freeware mail labels and loads have come up. Again not tried, but if you do try any let us know which you think is the best as I am sure their are many out there who want to know.
I think the problem is most of the time when you do a search its how you word it that will get you the results. I hope this helps thats what this forum is for.
Let us know how you get on and let see who else can come up with ideas that can help you


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