Free PDF Editor

VisageSoft eXPert PDF 4 Pro is an excellent program that can edit, convert and view PDFs files.

How to get it for free? From: 08. Click on "Inscription" and fill out the form. Your CDKEY will be shown on the screen with a download button ("Telecharger").

However there is one problem: the above website/free offer is in French. If you can't understand French, you can view a step by step guide with screenshots at The guide includes directions on how to obttain the software and turn it from French to English.


Moderators Notes:

I've checked out this item submitted by Ashraf, the owner of the website and it looks fine. 

The offer is actually for an older V4 of the program while the current version is 6. eXPert PDF Pro is not known to me but V4 is favorably reviewed here:

The program offered is actually the French version but it can be converted to English Language using the detailed procedure at

I haven't tested it for Vista compatability though as my Vista test-bed machine is down at the moment. However V4 was pre-Vista so there may be problems.

Product details can be found at the VisageSoft website but be aware this applies to the curent version 6:

Features of V4 can be found in the Internet Archive and are quite impressive:

In summary I'd say there are few decent PDF editors that are free so here's your chance to get one provided you are prepared to go through the somewhat tedious procedure for changing the French version to English.  There is also the unresolved question of Vista compability. If anyone uses Vista and gets this to work could they please leave a comment.



Our clever readers have discovered that the product works fine on Vista 32 bit.

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by Jonas Konski on 19. February 2013 - 20:53  (105553)

There's newer versions available! I googled and found version 5, version 6, version 7 and yes even the newest version 8. Official registration pages from the author. It seems that Avanquest makes promos now and then.

Here is the newest link for version 8.

It installed it and it edits PDF great.

However it seems a bit strange to me that the promo is running for so long time and even with their newest version. Usually companies only giveaway older versions.

So maybe before updating this site the moderator should contact customer support to hear if this is ment to be by Avanquest?

by Caro C. (not verified) on 27. September 2011 - 22:24  (80454)

The thing ask for an authentication before download it... what to do there?

by Anonymous on 3. August 2009 - 3:16  (26175)

It looks like they have stopped the download because you are asked for user name and password to download

by Anonymous on 25. September 2009 - 2:49  (33252)

Same with me. They don't accept any combination of my first and last name, and my email neither.

by Anonymous on 29. May 2009 - 23:45  (22611)

When I got to the download page, I was ask to provide a user name and password. They would not accept any that I entered and would not allow download. Could be they have decided to end this promo.

by Anonymous on 6. May 2009 - 13:00  (21135)

eXPert PDF 4 Pro uses a lot of RAM even when not in use (> 50MB)and I found it inferior to Pdf creator.

by Junkman on 29. March 2009 - 22:05  (18877)

It worked OK on my Vista Home Premium 32 bit, but I uninstalled it for being slow in performing some tasks. After all there are even better free tools available on internet.

by Anonymous on 29. March 2009 - 13:13  (18839)

Install of V4 kept giving errors and then same when tried to run. The error is:
Failed to Get data for 'AlwaysCheckIfDefaultReader'

by Anonymous on 29. March 2009 - 14:03  (18855)

I managed to fix it but what a PITA. This was in XP SP3 btw. I removed the above in the registry. And then did the same for each progressive error. Then it ran but I could no longer remover the FRA files (in my earlier install attempt I could). Finally I found the print to PDF process was running and killed that and all was fine. Now that I tried the program it's sort of ok. I think it's a bit on the funky side. Sort of sloppy programming that does not do a good job clearing threads. But I'll likely keep it in case I have a dire need to do something with a PDF that I can't already do. This has happened in the past when having trouble with urls for example. So anyway, thanks Gizmo.

by Anonymous on 28. March 2009 - 18:29  (18765)

I'm running XP SP3. I followed the instructions and installed v4 and all worked ok. Then tried to install v6 automatically asks you to uninstall v4 when you do this - so i did). Installed v6 but it was still trial ware only.

I thought i'd try the whole process all over again but now i get runtime errors each time I try to install and use v4.
I Decided to uninstall v4 and v6.hoping of re-downloading all over again.
But now the download doesn't install even after filling in the registration form.
How do i go about the download issue

by Anonymous on 27. March 2009 - 17:59  (18681)

I'm running XP SP3. I followed the instructions and installed v4 with EngLang and all worked ok. Then tried to install v6 (it automatically asks you to uninstall v4 when you do this - so i did). Installed v6 but it was still trial ware only.

I thought i'd try the whole process but now i get runtime errors each time I try to install and use v4.

Will the "free" upgrade trick not work with XP? Anyone else had this issue? If so is there a way around it? - I have found the registry section (using regedit) for the program but don't really know how to edit it to take it off Trialware, or eben if that is possible. Any ideas?


by Jojo Yee on 28. March 2009 - 0:00  (18710)

I have experienced the same as you have. While you can install v4 free as the article says, but v6 is not recommendable as it will leave water mark. (See the two comments at 03/24/2009 - 12:40 and 03/24/2009 - 12:47 posted by me).

Once you've tried v4 and v6, and want to install v4 back without any issue, follow the steps below:
1. Make sure all versions (v4, v5 or v6) are uninstalled.
2. Press Win+R, type regedit to open Registry Editor.
3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >SOFTWARE >Visage Software, select and delete folder "Visage Software".
4. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER >Software >Visage Software, select and delete foler "Visage Software".
5. Close Registry Editor and reinstall v4.

The above steps work for me. Run at your own risk, editing of the Registry can cause the OS become unoperational if it is not done properly. Good luck.

by Anonymous on 28. March 2009 - 10:33  (18732)

Thanks Jojoyee. Done what you instructed and v4 works well for me now in English. Just going to stick with that and not be too greedy by pining after v6 (probably not much different anyway).
Thanks again.

by Bob on 28. March 2009 - 6:04  (18719)

Thanks Jojoyee - I just left v4, which itself seems excellent. Bob

by Anonymous on 24. March 2009 - 4:40  (18444)

After uninstalling Pro 4 and reinstalling Pro 6, all work well except for eXPert PDF Editor, which still shows trial version with water mark.

by Anonymous on 24. March 2009 - 4:47  (18445)

A check at the registry (HKLM >SOFTWARE >Visage Software >Licenses), it also shows separate licenses for v4 and v6 (vspdfprinter_v4 and vspdfprinter_v6).

by Anonymous sam72 (not verified) on 21. November 2010 - 17:18  (61462)


by Anonymous on 23. March 2009 - 16:44  (18412)

Thanks very much for this and all the instructions. I followed them exactly and all is well except for the Help files: although I unblocked them, when trying to use Help from inside the program, I cannot see anything. The help headings are there and in English, but if I click on any of them what I get is the standard "The address is not valid" page. Any further help would be appreciated. Thanks, ML

by Anonymous on 23. March 2009 - 8:52  (18366)

I submitted this along with others a week ago. However you provided more details as to the process of getting the software and key than I did.
Appears to be all Avanquest software. Power desk pro is also available.


by Ashraf on 24. March 2009 - 4:48  (18446)

Gizmo's is a lot more tolerant of backlinks then most websites I know. Trust me I have pushed the limit before (probably will in the future also) =P

by ianjrichards (not verified) on 23. March 2009 - 23:16  (18436)

If you want submitted articles to be approved my our moderators they have to be more than just a link back to your website.

If you want an article published it must have useful content of genuine value to our readers. Simple as that.

by wdhpr on 26. March 2009 - 0:55  (18562)

Wasn't my website, have no affiliation. I was trying to provide people with a opportunity for obtaining useful products for free of which the general value to your readers could be debatable. I would have had to write a 3000 word essay on how to download and obtain the registration codes.
I therefore opted to link the website that provided these instructions and links. Simple as that. I did not realize I broke any rules.


by Anonymous on 23. March 2009 - 4:10  (18352)

Can anyone tell whether or not this...version, in French--at a lower version number than one available from Visagesoft's U.S.A site, directly--is better than a higher versioned number: free for download in English, already? Facts
are...the same site offers a free Version 5, additionally. So, while--in French--this is "a find": is that..."find" lessor of a one free for-use (no registration-required, otherwise), elsewhere, already? (All three downloaded and...installed: only the French version--through Advantquest--required registration, however.) Is this "a find"--that's not such...a find, actually? Parle vous France...mon amee?

God...bless, always.


by Ashraf on 23. March 2009 - 7:26  (18357)


I have no idea what you are asking. However:
eXPert PDF 4 Pro is a freebie by Avanquest's French branch. Therefore the program is in French. However there are ways to turn it into English.

Also, where is eXPert PDF 5 free for use other places? o_O' I tried downloading eXPert PDF 5 Pro from Visagesoft's website and its a trial >.>'. Maybe we can get a third opinion on this.

EDIT: I got curious after reading your comment. So after trying to install PDF 5 Pro on my desktop (which I did not install PDF 4 Pro on) and discovering that PDF 5 Pro was a trial version, I went back and tried to install PDF 5 Pro on my laptop which already had PDF 4 Pro on it. To my surprised the registration information from PDF 4 Pro was recognized by PDF 5 Pro. That got me even more curious and I uninstalled PDF 5 Pro and installed PDF 6 Pro. Turns out that even PDF 6 Pro recognizes the registration information from PDF 4 Pro. O_O

by Anonymous on 23. March 2009 - 21:42  (18434)

Hi Ashraf.
I took your advice & now have full vers 6 after uninstalling vers 4. You are right, It does recognise the registration info so a good find has just gotten alot better! Great. I loaded this from UK site so all help files are in english by default. All works fine on my vista 32 bit pc.
Cheers Mate
Anzacobi "]

by Anonymous on 23. March 2009 - 14:07  (18379)

eXPert PDF 4 worked for me as you said. Once fra files are removed, it becomes English version!

Tried both Pro 5 and 6, but it doesn't work. Once you install Pro 5 or 6, it will prompt you to uninstall Pro 4, so Pro 5 and 6 remain as trial version.

How do you work to let it recognise the registration info?

by wdhpr on 23. March 2009 - 10:59  (18373)

works like a champ.
Now have a registered version 6

by Anonymous on 23. March 2009 - 8:08  (18363)

Free up-grade?

by rhiannon on 23. March 2009 - 3:08  (18350)

Works fine on Vista

I have it running on Vista Ultimate 32 bit, no problems so far. Everything opens and functions fine and it didn't hiccup at a 78 page catalog of images I opened. The Help file is in English - I followed the directions on the article to convert it.

by Anonymous on 23. March 2009 - 2:05  (18348)

Encountered Errors 1335 and 2350 during installation of the program with the full name and registration code entered.

After which, the installer rolled back. Could not get it installed.

Tried another user name, got back the same registration code. How does it work? please help.

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