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VisageSoft eXPert PDF 4 Pro is an excellent program that can edit, convert and view PDFs files.

How to get it for free? From: 08. Click on "Inscription" and fill out the form. Your CDKEY will be shown on the screen with a download button ("Telecharger").

However there is one problem: the above website/free offer is in French. If you can't understand French, you can view a step by step guide with screenshots at The guide includes directions on how to obttain the software and turn it from French to English.


Moderators Notes:

I've checked out this item submitted by Ashraf, the owner of the website and it looks fine. 

The offer is actually for an older V4 of the program while the current version is 6. eXPert PDF Pro is not known to me but V4 is favorably reviewed here:

The program offered is actually the French version but it can be converted to English Language using the detailed procedure at

I haven't tested it for Vista compatability though as my Vista test-bed machine is down at the moment. However V4 was pre-Vista so there may be problems.

Product details can be found at the VisageSoft website but be aware this applies to the curent version 6:

Features of V4 can be found in the Internet Archive and are quite impressive:

In summary I'd say there are few decent PDF editors that are free so here's your chance to get one provided you are prepared to go through the somewhat tedious procedure for changing the French version to English.  There is also the unresolved question of Vista compability. If anyone uses Vista and gets this to work could they please leave a comment.



Our clever readers have discovered that the product works fine on Vista 32 bit.

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by Jonas Konski on 19. February 2013 - 20:53  (105553)

There's newer versions available! I googled and found version 5, version 6, version 7 and yes even the newest version 8. Official registration pages from the author. It seems that Avanquest makes promos now and then.

Here is the newest link for version 8.

It installed it and it edits PDF great.

However it seems a bit strange to me that the promo is running for so long time and even with their newest version. Usually companies only giveaway older versions.

So maybe before updating this site the moderator should contact customer support to hear if this is ment to be by Avanquest?

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