Free Download: East-Tec Eraser 2009 {Expired}

East-Tec Eraser protects your privacy, identity and confidential information and removes all evidence of your computer and online activity.

East-Tec Eraser, in collaboration with software download site Softpedia, is offering version 2009 of East-Tec Eraser free for download.
Publisher’s Description:
'Protect your data and privacy and remove all evidence of your computer and online activity with East-Tec Eraser 2009. Eraser goes beyond the U.S. Department of Defense standards for the permanent erasure of digital information and removes every trace of sensitive data from your computer, including Internet history, Web pages, pictures, unwanted cookies, chat room conversations, and all traces of files, confidential documents, e-mails deleted in the past, or entire drives, floppy disks, CDs/DVDs, USB flash drives.
East-Tec Eraser 2009 cleans away evidence from the latest versions of the most popular Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, AOL, MSN Explorer, Netscape, Opera) and hundreds of popular programs (Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AOL Messenger, ICQ, Outlook and Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Limewire, Morpheus, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Winamp, Google Toolbar and many more).
East-Tec Eraser 2009 features an intuitive interface and wizards, automatic cleaning of your computer at specified intervals, Anti-Surprise (Anti-Boss/Panic) key to protect your privacy in emergency situations, support for custom privacy needs, user-defined erasure methods, built-in safety features that prevent you from accidentally removing critical files or folders, password protection, and many more.'

The free download is version 2009, with the newest release being version 2010. If you don't need the latest release this is a solid offering. A good overview of version 2009 can be found here.
System requirements: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/NT (no Windows 7)

You'll need a name and a valid email address to register. After registering I received an email verification within a minute. Clicking the link in the email sent me to a page that had the license key, a link to download the program and directions for registering the program. Check the registration directions, there are some program components that need to be closed before you can register.
Important note: The name and license key displayed on the download page is the only record of registration you‘ll receive; you may want to copy the name and keycode somewhere safe as you’ll need them later.
If you do not receive an email message and you have entered a correct email address, click here.

Grab your free download of East-Tec Eraser 2009 (worth $49.95) before January 31, 2010 here:
East-Tec Eraser 2009 Registration

Thanks to Vishal for sharing the information!

Signing off for now,

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by hrahunt on 12. January 2010 - 3:51  (40864)

Please, continue the good work you collectively have started. Let me start off by saying that my hat is off to Rhiannon, Midnight Cowboy, Rizar, and Mr. Richards for the work they--and several others--have put into creating and maintaining this site for so long, even in the face of the adversity of contending with the comments I have seen in this string. This string of comments is the epitome of why I don't usually read them. We used to call this type of dialogue Flaming...because "Anonymous" posters of this sort probably would also spill volatile chemicals in their laps while trying to construct explosive devices meanwhile lighting themselves on fire. Anonymous posters with venomous diatribes should create their own sites where they can self glorify to their hearts content. My apologies for the rant...I feel better now ! ! ! The U. S. Air Force used to have a policy that was standard practice in the Department of Defense that the O N L Y secure means of eliminating electro-mechanically saved data was PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION. Fortunately, for our anonymous posters, the equipment necessary to retrieve data from a modern hard drive costs more that they will make in a life time of working so most of us have little reason to concern ourselves with that level of scrutiny. This product and many of the other products I have found from this site work perfectly well for what they do and the people who volunteer with Mr. Richards do an excellent job of sharing their insights with us. By the way, the title Mister abbreviated Mr. is a sign of RESPECT and was once considered a common courtesy which many in our society have long since lost.

by rhiannon on 14. January 2010 - 2:11  (40988)

Thank you. :)

by MidnightCowboy on 12. January 2010 - 9:34  (40876)

Thanks for your support. I'm up with this completely except for one thing. My wife only refers to me as "Mr" or "Dr" xxxxxx when I've done something wrong, and mostly she doesn't sound very respectful! Still, teach me to get it right next time.

by Anonymous on 6. January 2010 - 12:29  (40381)

Nice program. Hangs on install. Probably best I didn't get it installed. It's probably junk just like all the other hot finds on this site.

by MidnightCowboy on 6. January 2010 - 16:46  (40402)

You mean like Online Armor, a-squared anti-malware, Bullguard Internet Security, Paragon, Anvir Task manager, ZoneAlarm Pro, Acer GridVista and Mamutu etc? Your PC must contain a whole range of fantastic stuff we've never even heard of here. Maybe you'd like to share them with us as "Hot Finds"?

by Anonymous on 7. January 2010 - 4:41  (40444)

Bullguard was one I would have liked to get. I installed the trial version and they weren't able to get me a license because I had the trial version first.

by MidnightCowboy on 7. January 2010 - 10:33  (40466)

Sorry you missed out on this one. These promotions have basically a two way effect. We are able to source the type of stuff people want to see here for free, and the vendors in so doing are able to extend their customer base for the future. Sometimes they tie in so many conditions that we don't regard the end product as being "free" so they don't appear. Bullguard did make this one ruling about not making the offer available to people who had previously trialed the program which we felt was fair enough. They did indicate at the time that from their point of view they would be happy to repeat the exercise, and with a new version due out sometime this quarter maybe you'll see Bullguard here again. I do hope so because in performance terms it is definitely within the top group and their support is first class. The program does need more features though and maybe this is what is being addressed with the new version.

by Anonymous on 3. January 2010 - 11:17  (40121)

Personally, I've found this to be cumbersome and much less useful than the freeware called Eraser.

And to the smartass who claims that erasing is only useful to criminals, got an old drive that you want to get rid of? I'll take it; might even pay you something for it. See my point? No, you probably don't. The fact is that your life is an open book to someone possessing your hard drive...all your bank accounts, id, where you have visited on the net, yada, yada, yada. And no, simple deleting does not make it any less open.

by Anonymous on 6. January 2010 - 12:38  (40384)

Kidd1e p0rn lovers use this program. It keeps them out of jail. I read a review from a self-confessed pedophile. While that sickens me, we should not give away free programs to the dark side. Photo ID and criminal records should need to be sumbitted to register for this offer.

by Bob on 7. January 2010 - 5:52  (40450)

I've read that kitchen knives can also be put to bad use. Does that imply that a special license should be required to chop vegetables?

by Anonymous on 4. January 2010 - 4:38  (40192)

Hi, I'm your local neighborhood smartass. I take the HD apart and destroy the physical disks. I don't rely on any software to protect me 100%. Even in security areas I rely on the hardware to protect me, not some half-baked firewall.

by Anonymous on 4. January 2010 - 1:47  (40183)

What I do is when I buy my new computer every 3 years I pay the store $20.00 to wipe my old drive then they chuck it. I sell my old PC minus the drive for $100.00 bucks so I am up $80.00.

by Anonymous on 3. January 2010 - 1:55  (40084)

I've become quite cynical about software that purports to be 'A One-Stop Shop' for all your PC problems. I don't even waste time downloading & trying them any more.
Strikes me it's better to learn how to do things for yourself, to your own specifications if you can?

by MidnightCowboy on 3. January 2010 - 9:54  (40119)

Excellent advice.

by Anonymous on 2. January 2010 - 20:20  (40062)

Very good program to use if you want to get rid of all tracks. Active alert monitoring and agressive deletion.

Pro: Excellent tracks deletion.

Con: Active monitoring alerts can be irritating.
Reboot required every time for deletion; adds to shutdown and boot time.
Program could not auto-detect browser folders correctly for Firefox,
Chrome, and Safari. Ok for Internet Explorer.

I found that CCleaner combined with registry cleaners does near the same cleanup without slowdowns or required reboot.
Tried it; then uninstalled. I would not buy this when other solutions do as a good a job without installing active services and startup entries.

by Anonymous on 2. January 2010 - 18:09  (40055)

I would be careful using some of the advanced settings on this program. I had to reinstall my operating system after doing a free space erase !

by Anonymous on 2. January 2010 - 12:38  (40033)

I think this program would be useful for all the p3d0phil3s on TS4 that download kiddie p0rn and want to wipe the evidence from their drives. Or for paranoid people who think they are being watched, even though they really are.
I sriously doubt most of us need our deleted files and free space wiped with 7-13 passes to purify the drives.

by Anonymous on 16. January 2010 - 8:20  (41221)

"...all the p3d0phil3s on TS4 that download kiddie p0rn..." - Who are you anonymously sl4nd3ring?

by Rizar on 3. January 2010 - 20:17  (40155)

I've found erasing very useful in partitioning since the built-in windows tools won't partition unless it detects enough extra free space. After erasing, I was suddenly able to partition my drive the way I wanted.

Plus, identity theft is not pure paranoia. It would be very weird for someone to shred their paperwork and then treat their computer as a secret lock box. It's probably more likely for someone to catch your data through spyware than coming to your house!

Third, I've found that some types of software self-generate. I've tried to delete files before and found them to come right back after a restart. But not after erasing! So erasing might even prevent any malware from using the same technique, but I'm not sure any exists that could.

And then, of course, some people like to clean their personal information before selling their PCs or drives.

But most of all, if I delete something, I may actually want it deleted! Isn't it silly to just throw something in the trash and then never take it out. Quite smelly! Closely related, you also have freeware testers who have to test popular programs to see how they work for fun.

Many mainstream file/drive cleaners now include secure erasing features, such as CCleaner, Revo, and most All-in-One cleaners. For these programs, erasing is a natural extension of deleting files.

As a counterargument, it's a huge logical blunder to only consider two extremes for why someone might do secure erasing. Usually the majority of people exist in between. Unfortunately, many people use the same scary reasoning when they invade our privacy, mandate x-y-z [pick your venom nowadays, to avoid politics], and force their views on others. And then we wake up noticing that liberty was a blip and that humans are destined for extinction (maybe too much SF for me)!

Oh, and I've found 1 pass of free space wiping so effective I wasn't able to recover anything of use, especially on my partitioned drives that aren't as active.

More than a few passes really is paranoia. Gutmann said so himself by calling it voodoo, and they named a 35 pass pattern after him!

Now I feel like doing some erasing. Then dumping some tea somewhere!

by Bob on 16. January 2010 - 8:15  (41220)

Good advice. I also think this offer of East-Tec Eraser is a great freebie of a very valuable utility.

On my old laptop I used the same program when it was still marketed as CyberScrub; this older version of East-Tec Eraser was also excellent, but it doesn't work properly on Vista. So I'm delighted to have had this opportunity to get this more up-to-date version for free. Thank you!

I agree that erasing any stuff you're sure you no longer need is good policy. Using CyberScrub also taught me that wiping could free up valuable disk space on my laptop's hard drive. And, like Rizar, I've found that erasing can remove undeletable annoyanceware (annoy 'n swear stuff such as the unwanted DRM controller called MarkAny ContentSafer which comes compulsorily bundled with Samsung Media Studio, SMS, without any uninstall option... this nasty creepy crawly invades your system and otherwise requires a free power tool like avenger.exe to remove it).

by Anupam on 2. January 2010 - 18:18  (40056)

If the software is not of any use to you, that does not mean that it is not of any use at all, and the people that use it are fools. Please make respectful posts.

There may be instances, when you have to give away or sell your old PC, or laptop, which includes your hard disk. Even if you format your hard disk, there are ways by which all the data on the hard disk can be bought back, and then there might be bits of your private life, or important information exposed with that data. No one would want that. In such cases, such softwares are useful, which erase the disk multiple times, so that data cannot be bought back, and your privacy is safe.

So although, in normal use, people won't need such kind of softwares, but there are instances when you will need them, and its good to know of such softwares, and maybe them have them in your collection should the need arise.

by Anonymous on 2. January 2010 - 18:04  (40053)

Why is it that when ever people try to protect their privacy by using this type of software (which is now mainstream) someone always brings up something about pedophiles !! I for one am getting sick and tired of p3dophiles and terrorism being used as an excuse for invading everyone's privacy

by Century22 on 2. January 2010 - 3:37  (40007)

I installed the program and entered the key:

It had a pop up that told me my computer had "Risk Alerts".

I do NOT want another program that monitors my activity.
This is their "Privacy Guard".

This is like CCleaner, but it nags me to run it.
I prefer that it does ONLY what I want it to, and any only When I want it to.

No thanks, I am removing it.

by Zebedeeboss on 1. January 2010 - 22:09  (39999)

Seems like a handy product to have around - thank you

by phoneguy on 1. January 2010 - 16:12  (39991)

This offer is still available today, Jan 1. I just tried the download and received a key.

by rhiannon on 1. January 2010 - 19:53  (39996)

The site says the offer runs through January 31st. :)

by Anonymous on 6. January 2010 - 12:34  (40383)

Yes, the 2009 is well-documented to have lots of bugs. This company will pester you more than a persistent tele-marketer to buy their inferior 2010 version. You want the junk mail go ahead. I find the Hot Finds these days to be for absolutely useless software. There are freeware version of practically every item in Hot Finds and they work better.

by MidnightCowboy on 6. January 2010 - 16:53  (40403)

I won't bother to ask why you can't show at least some appreciation for the efforts of the volunteers here because after reading this and your other cheap comments I can see that such a request wouldn't even register. However, on the understanding that maybe the software world has passed us all by over the past 12 months which of the hot finds exactly are you referring to as "absolutely useless" and why? Without this feedback we won't be able to source something else for you which might be better.

by Anonymous on 1. January 2010 - 2:47  (39954)

hmm, sounds like CCleaner with a secure delete option...i have so much junk on my computer these days, is it even worth downloading?

by rhiannon on 1. January 2010 - 4:55  (39958)

That probably depends on how much data you have that needs to be completely erased.
Most of these programs do a good job of erasing things, but being the suspicious type I find a sledgehammer to be the best tool for obliterating data. :)

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