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Free Chrome Extension Simplifies Web-Based Research

When you're researching a topic on the web, you're constantly coming across interesting little snippets of text or images that you need to collect and collate in one convenient place.  Most people do this by flipping between a word processor and a web browser, copying items of interest.  The process works, but can be slow.

So here's a neat idea.  Browser Clipboard is a free extension for users of the Chrome web browser, which you can get from

Once it's installed, drag selected text to the clipboard, or right-click content from a web page and choose Copy To Browser Clipboard.  You can then drag stored items from the browser clipboard onto any web page.  For example, a web-based note app such as Evernote, or your own blog.

Be aware that the clipboard is stored only in your browser, and is deleted when you close your browser.  So make sure that you copy those items that you want to keep before you close Chrome.





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by pottster on 16. April 2012 - 23:26  (92187)

Much prefer CintaNotes for this type of activity to yet another extension. Recent update enhances already superb tag functionality.

by ixan on 16. April 2012 - 12:42  (92167)

This extension, Pop Notepad is much better

You can drag and drop onto it (or type directly) and it automatically saves everything. You can have up to 999 pages (I think, I only ever use about 5). It also has an automatic index. Whatever is typed/copied and pasted on to that page first becomes the index entry for that page. You can also email the entries, or post them to social media, directly from it. The only thing I don't like about it is it doesn't have wordwrap.

I think it is my favourite and certainly most-used Chrome extension

by Century22 on 16. April 2012 - 0:51  (92146)

I found this site a few days ago and began installing extensions in Iron.
They worked very well.
I tried them in Rockmelt, they worked well there too, except for FlashBlock.
That one did not work well. So badly that I disabled it. It still caused problems, so I uninstalled it.

That is a handy site.