Force Your Browser To Open Your Home Page On Each New Tab

Some of the leading web browsers have changed the way they operate recently.  They still let you specify a home page, which will open up when you start the browser.  But when you open a new tab, you get the browser's own choice of page rather than your specified home page.

The latest edition of Google Chrome, for example, is guilty of such behaviour, as are some versions of Firefox.

It's a subtle change, and you may not have noticed it.  Or maybe your browser hasn't updated itself yet.  But for many web users it's a definite annoyance. 

Needless to say, add-ons have been developed to put things back the way they were.  In the case of Chrome, it's called Replace New Tab Page.  Just download and install the add-in, then go to the settings menu in your browser and click on Extensions, then look at the options page for the extension.  You can now specify the page that will open in every new tab, and not just the first tab after you start up the browser.

Details of how to get the add-ins for all major browsers can be found at




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by John . (not verified) on 23. July 2012 - 19:33  (96552)

Is it just me, or should Mozilla be getting some marks for evil the way they keep dictating default browser settings that we all might not want. Why can't they allow those of us who have things set the way we want them, to keep it as is and allow add-ons to add the latest greatest keep ups and copies from IE or Chrome, or at least revert EASILY to the look/feel of the last release?

by Mary Ann Plumb (not verified) on 23. July 2012 - 18:12  (96548)

In Firefox 14.01, this isn't necessary. The fix is here:

by Gilbert Gia (not verified) on 23. July 2012 - 16:45  (96545)

Download is not compat c SeaMonkey 2.10.1

by Steeleye (not verified) on 23. July 2012 - 13:49  (96541)

Opera (which introduced tabs and Speed Dial) doesn't engage in such rude behaviour.

by Urbane.Tiger on 22. July 2012 - 21:51  (96520)

Firefox users with Tab Mix Plus Extension can do it in Options->Events->New Tab

TMP has many other Tab related "tweaks" - #12 on the AMO Most Mownloaded Extensions list

by AlanWade (not verified) on 22. July 2012 - 17:35  (96512)

You can make Firefox open new tabs to your homepage or any webpage you want with a simple about:config tweak.

by LaMesaBrad (not verified) on 23. July 2012 - 12:13  (96535)

OK, I believe that is doable but what is the tweak?

by Sandeep Tyagi (not verified) on 20. July 2012 - 12:26  (96440)

An extension called NEW TAB WEBSITE is also available on chrome store and this can also accomplish the same. To do so, you need to go to tools-->extensions--->New tab website--->options--->change URL/Site to whatever you like (

by Phylis Sophical on 20. July 2012 - 2:40  (96422)

Been waiting for something like this for a long time. Works as advertised!

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