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Firefox Extension Makes TinyURLs With One Click

Update: this version works with Firefox 1.5 to 3.0. As of this writing the newest stable version of Firefox is 3.5.

Really long website addresses (URLs) are not only ugly but can cause problems when used in email as the address can get broken over over two or more lines and will no longer work.  And for Twitter users who only have 140 characters to write a message, a really long URL can make things impossible.

That's one of the reasons URL shortening services like have become so popular.  With these services you can convert a URL like to a much more manageable

TinyURLCreator is a free Firefox add-in that allows you to make short URLs easily.  Once installed, just right click anywhere on a web page and select "Create TinyURL for this page."  In a few seconds the URL will be created and copied to the clipboard.  You can then paste the URL into an email or other document.

But there's more: hover your mouse cursor over any tinyURL address and you will see the full website address. However this only works for TinyURL addresses and can't be used for other URL shortening services.

Signing off,

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by Anonymous on 23. May 2009 - 10:18  (22196)

This is actually two clicks, but whatever...

by Anonymous on 18. May 2009 - 7:59  (21769)

Thanks for pointing out that the preview breaks security. I got no warnings but I have now noticed the security icon has a "!" for "Contains unauthorised content". I'm removing the addon. Since Tweetdeck introduced its URL preview function I've used the preview a lot less.

by Jakeman on 17. May 2009 - 18:54  (21748)

Thanks Rhiannon. Thought I'd also check out the add-on mentioned in the comments, and installed it despite the warnings from 2 recent reviewers that it broke the secure certificates aspect of https; turns out that they were correct, so be careful if you get curious.

Like the TinyURLcreator and appreciate your pointing us to it. But in this case, more turned out not to be better...

by Anonymous on 17. May 2009 - 9:02  (21718)

I'm using the preview add-on for Firefox. It handles many of these services including tinyurl, and also twitpic. No clicking involved - just hover your mouse on the URL and a popup will appear with the full URL to click on or a small pic from twitpic.

Alternatively tinyurl also offers a preview service, go to and click on "preview feature" on the left. It'll set a cookie so whenever you click on a tinyurl you'll see a preview of the site's URL which you can choose to click (or not).

It's important to see where a short URL leads before visiting in order to not be embarrassed at work and also to avoid suspect sites.