Finds of the Week (October 29, 2011)


Finds of the Week is a small list of interesting stuff I've stumbled across recently.

The Complete Guide To Using Revo Uninstaller – Keep Your PC Clean and Healthy
Revo Uninstaller is a popular utility around here, but how many of us know and use all its features beyond uninstalling programs? Here's a guide to get the most out of this utility.
As always, make sure your data is safe before using any system utility.

The Complete Guide To Protecting Your Privacy Online
While nothing on the internet may not be totally safe or private, here's a guide with some terrific best practice tips. I'm betting that long time users will find a tip or two they didn't know about and can put to use. I found a few that were things I hadn't thought of. This article falls into the "must read" category. :-)

SimplyChecklists: Free Checklists for Everyday Life
This is a fantastic compilation of links to all sorts of lists. From the article:
"....checklists for moving and newborn babies to college and wedding. Checklist categories include Business/Finances, Education, Emergencies/Storms, Family, Food/Pantry, Green Living, Hobbies/Sports, Home, Jobs, Medical/First Aid, and more."
Now if there something that would do all the tasks on my lists..........:-)

45+ Free Lessons In Graphic Design Theory
Noupe is a site that describes itself as the curious side of Smashing Magazine. You'll find the same high quality content that makes Smashing Magazine a success (and a personal favorite).

Learning at the British Library
This corner of the British Library is aimed at teachers and students, but there's a lot to look at here. It's one of the sites that I lost a bit of time at so if you find yourself at the site two hours later don't blame me. :-) If you zip through this section try the home page of the British Library - it's an awesome place to roam around.


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