Finds of the Week (November 19, 2011)


Finds of the week is a variety of web sites that I've stumbled over recently that are fun, interesting, or useful.

World Image [Site is currently unavailable]

 I came across this site from a link about artist Brian Dettmer and promptly spent an hour clicking around on the site, with my favorite so far being the series of pictures where the Brave elephant mum shakes a vicious crocodile off her trunk. The World Image subtitle is "spend quality time online", and that's about as much as the site says about itself. Great site with outstanding photos accompanied by brief descriptions.

Guide to Cleaning Your Notebook
This four part guide is a great resource for cleaning notebooks. Not that any of your notebooks would need cleaning but hey, you can pass it on to your friends. =)
•  Cleaning Your Notebook Guide Part 1: Cleaning the Air Vents
•  Cleaning Your Notebook Guide Part 2: Cleaning the Keyboard and Case
  Cleaning Your Notebook Guide Part 3: Cleaning the Screen
•  Cleaning Your Notebook Guide Part 4: Preventative Maintenance

Meet Your Type: A Field Guide to Typography
A free 52 page booklet you can download and print in PDF form or order it as a real book.
There are many other articles listed below this section, if you like Typography you might want to download those as well (again, free download as PDF files).
(via Green Chair Press)

Craft: Transforming Traditional Crafts
Craftzine is the sister site to Make Magazine, and one might expect, it's equally well done. Here's a bit from their About section: ".....transforming traditional art and crafts with unconventional, unexpected, and even renegade techniques, materials, and tools; and people who undertake amazing crafting projects in their homes and communities."
They have such a surprising range of projects in several categories, perfect if you want to make something for yourself or someone else.

Coolsig: email signatures with flair
This site has been sitting in my bookmarks since the mid to late 90's. It started as a small list of email signatures and has grown to 4400+. Signatures, according to Wikipedia, are blocks of text automatically appended at the bottom of an e-mail message, Usenet article, or forum post.
Some of the signatures contain terms or phrases that may be offensive to some but most are funny, odd, or thought provoking.

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