Finds of the Week (Music Downloads, Web Sites for Kids, Used Computer Ideas, Free NASA eBooks, TOS - What You Need To Know)


Finds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three).

Music Downloads:: 5 Cheaper Alternatives Than The iTunes Store
I prefer to download music from places other than iTunes. Check out these five alternatives to iTunes, you might find ones you like. :)

Awesome Websites For Kids
Finding good quality websites for kids is a bit of a challenge. That's why I was delighted to find this site chock full of great sites and learning resources for children. The site is sponsored by the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association. Animals, Art, Sciences, and Reference sections are some of what you'll find there. I really liked the Reference section, but all other segments have great content.

14 Ways to Make Good Use of Your Old Computer Again
This article has some terrific ideas for reusing older computers. If you're in the USA, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has a useful page for Electronics Donation and Recycling.

Free eBooks on Hubble and Webb Space Telescopes from NASA
You can download them as a PDF from the link at the bottom of the article or from the Apple iBookstore.

Terms of Service: Too Long To Read
Terms of Service (TOS) agreements are often long. They aren't that interesting. You've no doubt seen the introductory words "I have read and agree to the Terms....", probably checked the box and gone about your business. Terms of Service agreements can have quite an impact depending on how they are worded. Enter the Terms of Service Didn't Read project. They're a user rights initiative to rate and label website terms & privacy policies, from very good to very bad. They list the important things you need to know from the TOS various companies. The project is still growing but already has an impressive list. You can scroll the list or grab an extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari. Definitely worth a visit.

One more thing: I like to look for sites that report news of various kinds. Part of being intensely curious I suppose. This search string from duckduckgo has lots of diverse and interesting news sites.

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I liked mp3eagle (that as said before, looks like mp3panda).
I don´t mind paying 30 bucks in advance. The point is that I prefer to pay using paypal. Is livekash a legitimate service? Anyone here has used it?

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for the catch Andrews. =O mp3eagle - I'm not getting any error messages. FWIW it has a green WOT rating. I don't like their pricing structure - they only accept certain forms of payment(Visa, Discover,JCB, Diners Club,LiveKash, SMS, Pulse and Euro Debit)but no PayPal, and they want you to pre-pay for music starting at $29.90 USD. No refunds as you are committing those funds to be spent at their site...... Downloads are only good for 48 hours. That said, all the individual songs I viewed are 15 cents, albums are $1.47 and the selection is good. If you download a lot of music it may be a good bargain. Me, I'll take a pass on that one as I don't download that much music. :)

Mp3panda was not accepting new registrations and pointed me to Looked the same but was getting SSL/Certificate errors.