Finds of the Week (May 6, 2012)


Finds of the week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three).

What is Windows Safe Mode & How to Boot in Safe Mode
You may have heard the term "Safe Mode" and wondered what it was and why you could possibly need it. If you and the F8 key are good friends you probably won't need this article, but the rest of us can benefit from learning to use this great tool. =)

It's Time for Another Online Privacy Checkup
Although privacy online is becoming an endangered species it's still worth keeping up with.
Google Streetview and Facebook are the main focus of this article with some links to some great how-to information.
I found the Facebook information quite useful since privacy settings on Facebook seem to change without warning.

How To Enable Hundreds of new Fonts on Google Docs
"......Google recently added over 450 new fonts and 60 new templates to their online Microsoft Office competitor, Google Docs. Here’s how to enable them."

18 Excellent Google Chrome Extensions for Students
This is a great collection of Chrome extensions. They focus on students but several are useful for anyone.

5 Best Free Anti Virus Programs For Macs
Anyone have any other anti-virus programs for Macs?


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