Finds of the Week (Killer Mouse tips, Firefox security add-ons, 26 Cross-Platform Productivity Apps, Hubble's Hidden Treasures)


Finds of the week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three).

10 Killer Mouse Tricks You’ve Never Tried
There are some awesome mouse tips in this article, some of them are new to me but I'll definitely be using them. Useful article for both keyboard jockeys and mousers.
[via TinyHacker]

Hubble's Hidden Treasures
Last March, the operators of the Hubble Space Telescope launched a competition, inviting amateur astronomers to dig into hundreds of thousands of images of outer space, helping discover hidden treasures and bring them to light. Yesterday, NASA and the European Space Agency announced the winners. These images are a sample from the winners, you'll find a link to the rest in the article.

10 Firefox Extensions For Security + Anonymous Browsing
If you use Firefox this is a useful roundup of security add-ons.

26 Free Cross-Platform Productivity Apps to Help You Get Things Done
Stepcase Lifehack has some really interesting apps on this list. The one that caught my eye is, the free online edition of Microsoft's email client. Hotmail users will know they've been upgraded to the new app when logging in. There's quite a variety of old favorites and new to me apps to check out.

Get a free 25 GB Box account instead of 5 GB has been renamed to Box and is giving away 25 GB of free storage for life with new accounts. I'm not sure if any internet site will be around for life, but has a long track record. =)

One More Thing: Microsoft has a new logo
Geez, I go on vacation for a few weeks and what happens? Microsoft changes their logo. =)


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