Finds of the Week (Killer Mouse tips, Firefox security add-ons, 26 Cross-Platform Productivity Apps, Hubble's Hidden Treasures)

Finds of the week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three).

10 Killer Mouse Tricks You’ve Never Tried
There are some awesome mouse tips in this article, some of them are new to me but I'll definitely be using them. Useful article for both keyboard jockeys and mousers.
[via TinyHacker]

Hubble's Hidden Treasures
Last March, the operators of the Hubble Space Telescope launched a competition, inviting amateur astronomers to dig into hundreds of thousands of images of outer space, helping discover hidden treasures and bring them to light. Yesterday, NASA and the European Space Agency announced the winners. These images are a sample from the winners, you'll find a link to the rest in the article.

10 Firefox Extensions For Security + Anonymous Browsing
If you use Firefox this is a useful roundup of security add-ons.

26 Free Cross-Platform Productivity Apps to Help You Get Things Done
Stepcase Lifehack has some really interesting apps on this list. The one that caught my eye is, the free online edition of Microsoft's email client. Hotmail users will know they've been upgraded to the new app when logging in. There's quite a variety of old favorites and new to me apps to check out.

Get a free 25 GB Box account instead of 5 GB has been renamed to Box and is giving away 25 GB of free storage for life with new accounts. I'm not sure if any internet site will be around for life, but has a long track record. =)

One More Thing: Microsoft has a new logo
Geez, I go on vacation for a few weeks and what happens? Microsoft changes their logo. =)


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by Joe A.TT (not verified) on 30. August 2012 - 17:16  (98523)

Thanks Rhiannon! The 25 GB of free cloud storage at is the most awesomest. (Is there such a word? Anyhow, that's how I feel ;-) )

by theotang on 2. September 2012 - 4:22  (98641)

try the following google search to nab 50gb

by alexxx46 on 2. September 2012 - 17:03  (98651)

Thx Theotang!

by rhiannon on 31. August 2012 - 20:03  (98588)

Awesomest works for me. =)

by Adam (not verified) on 28. August 2012 - 23:54  (98435)

Rhiannon, thanks for the mention of our "10 Firefox Extensions For Security + Anonymous Browsing" article!

by rhiannon on 31. August 2012 - 20:01  (98587)

You're welcome Adam. =)

by Bunyip22 (not verified) on 28. August 2012 - 1:35  (98385)

Re the anonymox, I tried it and, as usual with a proxy server where I am, it slowed my download speed something awful. But then I noticed that even with it disabled, my download speed with Firefox (which I have found very good in recent years) was less than 30 mbps, compared with the 50 mbps my ISP is supposed to provide. I was about to complain to the IPS until I discovered that both Google Chrome and IE delivered very close to the 50 mbps. So what is it with Firefox? Am I bogging it down with too many of these extensions? (I'm an ancient technodolt, so please answer in words of one syllable). Should I just switch to Chrome?

by rhiannon on 1. September 2012 - 21:28  (98628)

That's a tough call to make since there are many factors that could be he culprit. Incompatible extensions are one cause. As far as I know there is no list of compatible add-ons, but most add-ons will mention in their description if the developer knows of any other extensions that cause conflict.
If you install and remove many extensions often times little bits of them don't get uninstalled.

A few months ago I was having a lot of trouble with Firefox after an upgrade. I uninstalled Firefox and re-installed it, same problem with no extensions or add-ons.
I decided to download the latest beta version and all is working well now with my usual assortment of add-ons.

A clean install can fix a lot of problems. I use FEBE to back up and restore my settings. I like it because every element you back up can be reinstalled one at a time. You can back up bookmarks, add-ons, preferences, cookies, etc.
You can find a complete review here: Firefox Extension of the Week (The Mother of all Extensions!)

Flash cookies can bog down an installation too. I use a small portable utility called Download KFC 0.3 Free - Deletes Flash Cookies. I particularly like it since it kills flash cookies in most browsers and I use several at a time.

by Juxxize on 2. September 2012 - 9:00  (98643)

same here rhiannon, i was having a load of issues with Firefox so i just a complete fresh install . also there is a Firefox extension called e cleaner that can help you clean up preferences left behind by extensions after you uninstall them, I've used it in the past and it's amazing whats left behind by uninstalled extensions.

by rhiannon on 2. September 2012 - 17:24  (98652)

I've used ecleaner and it's a good extension. Vacuum Places Improved is a good extension, and SpeedyFox is a great free program that works on Firefox, Skype, Chrome, and Thunderbird.

by Anupam on 2. September 2012 - 17:57  (98653)

Two good suggestions by both of you. Was not aware of eCleaner, and Vacuum Places. Many thanks ladies :D.

by Juxxize on 1. September 2012 - 10:51  (98611)

I created another Firefox profile , one with normal security and an extra secure one so all my extensions are on one profile bogging it down. so when i start Firefox up I can choose which profile to start up depending on what I'm planning on doing in that session .

by Juxxize on 25. August 2012 - 13:29  (98289)

thank-you so much, I'm well buzzing with my 25gb of storage extra free with box what a super bonus thanks for the heads up.

by rhiannon on 26. August 2012 - 3:05  (98312)

That's great!

by pvilan (not verified) on 25. August 2012 - 3:27  (98276)

Thanks Rhiannon!

Excellent links!


by rhiannon on 26. August 2012 - 3:05  (98313)

You're welcome Peter, I'm glad you find them useful. =)

by Jojo Yee on 25. August 2012 - 2:32  (98275)

Welcome back Rhiannon and many thanks for the "One More Thing" which I only realized it now.

Apparently it adds some colors to the February's version, but overall it still looks like "The Windows logo is evolving backwards" :)

by rhiannon on 26. August 2012 - 3:13  (98314)

Thanks for the welcome Jojoyee, it's good to be back. I tend to agree with the article. =)

by mariotrz on 27. August 2012 - 13:12  (98358)

Hello rhiannon,
the new logo is in line with the new Windows 8, "aka" Metro, look. Little solid colored boxes! I've already written this some place : Metro is VERY retro! The new GUI looks like those old DOS programs GUI's. I've wrote tons of them using good and old Clipper!!!
glad you're back - you're probably not that much...

by rhiannon on 27. August 2012 - 19:47  (98372)

That makes sense.
Thanks for the welcome back. I'm glad to be home.

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