Finds of the Week (January 8, 2012)


Finds of the week is a variety of web sites that I've stumbled over recently that are fun, interesting, or useful.

Wired How-To Wiki
The Wired How-To Wiki is a great site to visit if you have oh, a few hours to kill. Not just a technology how-to, you can find how-to articles and videos in these main categories: Computers, DIY, Food & Drink, Gadgets, Green, iPod & iPhone, Internet, Lifestyle, Photo, Software, Survival, Travel, Video and Work. That's the Main page. You can view all the categories, quite useful if you're looking for something specific. With 500 categories it can be overwhelming. I quickly retreated to the Main page, where the amount of articles and videos is varied but not too numerous.

Atlas Obscura
I've been trying to come up with a way to describe this site for a few weeks now. I decided to use their site description: The Atlas Obscura is the definitive guidebook and friendly tour-guide to the world’s most wondrous places. User-generated and editor curated, the Atlas is a collaborative compendium of amazing places that aren't found in your average guidebook. This is what we believe:
There is something new under the sun, every day, all over the world.
Around every corner is something that will surprise you.
Atlas Obscura is for people who still believe in discovery.
We hope that's you.

Android vs. iOS vs. Windows Phone 7: A mobile showdown
At last, a clear explanation of the current mobile platforms. =)

How To Tie Knots - Animated Knots
I've loved knots since I was a kid. When I came across this site I hit the knot jackpot. The animations here are amazing - easy to understand and follow.
A few useful sections of the site are Basic Knots and the Alphabetical List of knots. Both the Android and the iPhone have apps. The ads are on the nautical side and there's a Knot Store, but I didn't find the ads intrusive.

Prevent Interference From Other Wireless Networks
If you have neighbors close by you may have routers clashing with each other. Here's what to do.


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