Finds of the Week (GeekSquad?, Automatic Bing Wallpapers, 11 Social Media Tidbits, Hide Dock Icons on Macs, Upgrade to Windows 8?, IE10 for Windows 7)


Finds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three).

Use This Guide To Repair Your Computer Before You Try The GeekSquad
This article is particularly useful for beginning or casual computer users. It covers checking for malware and failing hard drives or memory, all things you can check yourself with little risk.

Download Bing Wallpapers Automatically for Daily Desktop Backgrounds
I love the Bing wallpapers that you see when you visit the Bing search page. I've always wished there were a way to acquire them in a bigger resolution. This Microsoft utility does just that. A couple of things to note: the daily wallpapers are not saved in any way. If I want to keep an image I open it in my favorite image editor and save it to my hard drive. So far all the wallpapers I've saved have been 1900 x 1200. If you want information about the image, hover your mouse over the i with a circle around it on the Bing desktop app. More details can be found in the article link above.

How To Hide The Dock Icon For Any Mac App While It Is Running
A bit of uncluttering for your Dock. :)

Thinking for Upgrading to Windows 8? Rethink These Important Points
For better or worse, Windows 8 is here to stay. I like this article because it tags items you'll want to consider before jumping in to Windows 8 without trying to persuade you one way or the other. Hardware requirements, version differences, pricing, what's retained if you upgrade from previous versions of Windows and so on. Just the facts. =)

One more thing: Internet Explorer 10 Preview for Windows 7 released . I've been checking the site for IE10 for Windows 7 since it was put up, watching for the day it became available. Today is the day, and this article at fills you in on what's new and different. Download Here.

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