Finds of the Week (December 5, 2011)

Finds of the week is a variety of web sites that I've stumbled over recently that are fun, interesting, or useful.

allSongsBy is a site music lovers will enjoy. "...allSongsBy gives you an easy way to quickly list all songs by a music artist and play them if they are available on YouTube. If an artist is not available on iTunes, a complete discography may not be available."

BioDigital Human is a site that allows you to view the human body in 3D. It's best viewed using newer browser versions that support HTML 5 and WebGL.
The site will let you know if the browser you're using will work, and if not, walks you through what to do. If you want to jump right in, click the link above. If you'd rather know a little more, this article has an excellent overview. The site is graphics intensive and best viewed with a fast internet connection. Those of us with slow internet connections might want to skip this one.

Global Disaster and Emergency AlertMap I like to know what's going on around the world. This site tracks many kinds of events happening around the globe in real time. You can view locations where volcanic activity, forest and wildfires, floods, landslides, epidemics, droughts, tsunamis, earthquakes, tropical storms and hurricanes, biological hazards, vehicle accidents, and last but not least, objects that are approaching the earth. From the home page there are links to global and continental maps. Clicking on any area of the map will bring up details of what's going on. via

How to Burn Files and Folders to a Disc in Windows Explorer
There are bunches of free and paid programs for burning files and folders to a disc. If you don't need a lot of features and want something quick and easy that you don't have to download, try using Windows Explorer.

EarthCam My love of earth cams started some years ago when I stumbled across a web site called Africam. I would stay up late to watch the live feed from the watering holes hoping to see some activity. Now there's EarthCam, with cameras all over the world with live feeds you can watch.


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by Ken Maughan (not verified) on 9. December 2011 - 15:52  (84715)

Hi Rhiannon, thanks for your web-site links. Clicked on the EarthCam one and found a weather cam in England pointing right over my house!! What a super service you provide. Keep up the good work!! Ken,Desborough,UK

by MidnightCowboy on 9. December 2011 - 15:56  (84716)

I'm originally from Wellingborough, now in Brazil. Small world :)

by rhiannon on 10. December 2011 - 2:05  (84740)

@Ken Maughan;
That's terrific - wonder what the odds of that happening are?

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