Finds of the Week (December 31, 2011)


Finds of the week is a variety of web sites that I've stumbled over recently that are fun, interesting, or useful.

How to Watch YouTube on Your PC or Mac, Without Flash
I don't know about you, but Flash makes my computers sluggish and web pages that use Flash can take a long time to load. Anyone on a dial up connection is likely familiar with how much bandwidth Flash takes. And there are those security vulnerabilities.......but I digress. If you're looking for an alternative to Flash check out this article. It's not a perfect replacement but it's workable. =)

Firefox Accessibility Themes
Large themes, page zoom buttons, and a theme font and size changer make this a good resource for anyone who wants (or needs) to change the default Firefox to make it readable. I'm currently using Firefox 9.0.1 - all the themes listed other than Bloomind FT DeepDark 2 (which seems to have disappeared) are compatible with this version.
Another resource is the Firefox Large Themes gallery.

from the website: "Discover & discuss great reads by great writers. Byliner publishes original narratives by some of the most accomplished writers working today, at lengths that allow them to be read in a single sitting."

What is an IP Address and Difference Between a Static and Dynamic IP Address?
Good article; it won't make your eyes glaze over plus it's short and clear. =)

Google-a-Day Puzzle
A new Google puzzle each day (who knew?). If you want to search for the answer to a puzzle, you can use Google-a-Day site’s search tool. It filters out published answers.

Basics To Know Before Moving From A Windows PC To An Apple Mac
Let me start off by saying this isn't a discussion of operating systems and their various merits. They are all operating systems; none are better or worse than the others. What you choose to use is what works for you. That said, when you change operating systems there is usually a learning curve involved, and having tips on how to get things done is a wonderful thing. 'Nuff said. =)


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Anyone that is using android knows that flash can be tricky, picky or just a plain pain. The youtube HTML 5 trial still goes on. Its so much better to view video without flash. And youtube does a good job of detecting your browsers abilities and enters many into the trial automatically. I love it. And if for some reason you want to opt out of the trial if you do automatically get entered, just go here. Thanks again Rhiannon
That's a handy tip, thanks for the link. :)