Finds of the Week (65 Free Fonts,, Printables for Kids, Download Hi Res Bing Wallpaper)


Finds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three).

65 Best Free Fonts From 2012
Although not every font in every collection will appeal to everyone, this collection of fonts has some useful and decorative fonts. adds new features; some of which make transition from Gmail easier!
I've been spending a bit of time lately with (also known as hotmail). I like the uncluttered interface and so far I've been able to do all the same operations in that I perform in gmail.

Mr Printables: Oodles of free printables for kids
I love the printables on this site. It's aimed toward kids, but I think anyone of any age would enjoy some of them. I'm liking the tiny houses.

The Windows 8 Customization Guide for the Traditional PC User
If you're curious about Windows 8, or have it and want to customize it to your liking this is a helpful article.

Download High Resolution Bing Wallpapers In One Click From Bing Homepage
Bing has some awesome wallpapers. If you enjoy them and want to download high resolution images you'll want to check this article out.

One more thing: I visit popurls almost every day. popurls says "it's the dashboard for the latest web-buzz, a single page that encapsulates up-to-the-minute headlines from the most popular sites on the internet."
It's customizable so you can choose the content you want. It's a single page of news and images from many popular websites with a variety of topics. The default view is a dark background with light colored text, but that can be changed to a white background and the size of the text can be made larger. You'll need to sign up for a free account to permanently save any customizations you want to keep, or you can customize (or not) each visit. It's a great tool for quickly scanning what's happening on the internet.

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