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An Excellent Free Tool to Shrink Your Digital Images

Image files that you create with a digital camera or scanner can often be rather large.  And there's nothing wrong with that, of course, assuming that you have the hard disk space to store them and back them up.  It's always best to keep the master copies of all your pictures in files that contain as much detail as possible, in order that printed copies will look at their best.

However, sometimes you might need to create a version of a picture file that's not quite as large.  Most often this will be because you want to upload it to a picture sharing web site that imposes a file size limit, or you  need to email a batch of pictures to someone and the email system you're using has a limit on attachment sizes.

No problem.  What you need is "FILEminimizer Pictures", a free utility that you can download from  The program runs on all recent versions of Windows and is a 5 MB download.  Once it's installed, it's simply a matter of selecting one or more pictures from your collection, selecting a compression ratio, and pressing the Optimize button.  The program won't overwrite the original high-resolution versions of your pictures, but will create renamed copies instead.  And there's an optional Facebook uploader, too, if you want to make things really easy.

I had a brief play with the program and it seems to work very well.  Its default compression setting manages to shrink one of my photos by 75% and, as you can see from the highly-zoomed sample of just one part of the compressed photo, there's no noticeable loss of data.  And in case you're wondering, it's a dog's nose!



My thanks yet again to Panzer for this Hot Find.


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by Hank Friedman (not verified) on 26. March 2011 - 17:06  (68609)

I did my own series of testing and found File Minimizer to be not nearly as good as the winner of my comparison:

Light Image Resizer (previously called VSO Image Resizer) from:

Its design, options, speed, and results put it at the top of all of the programs I have ever tested for this function.

{Moderator's Comment: Replaced orange WOT rated link with CNET link.}

by Anupam on 26. March 2011 - 17:48  (68611)

Its site for some reason is yellow rated on WOT, and therefore, we cannot allow the link on our site, as per site rules. I have used the program, when it was called VSO Image Resizer, and its good. I don't know why the site is rated unsatisfactory on WOT. Maybe, because the software has been taken over by another company.

I have used FileMinimizer only recently, and personally, I find it better. Individual opinions may vary though, because they both perform the same task.

by Marcus Patacus (not verified) on 23. March 2011 - 19:57  (68444)

God bless you!!!!!
So many time searching exactly THIS simple feature!!!!
I have no words to thank you enough.

by willi (not verified) on 22. March 2011 - 9:14  (68313)

I am using 'Caesium-Image Compressor'.
Is is a portable program, very small but got every thing you may need, incl. batch processing

by Arun K. (not verified) on 22. March 2011 - 7:10  (68302)

Thanks for reviewing this.
I needed it badly.
If you could compare few more image compressors along with this, it would be great.

by wandi (not verified) on 22. March 2011 - 3:32  (68291)

Thanks, I got it

by Dew Yodor (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 22:05  (68285)

To rshifreen,

You Gizmo guys obviously need to talk to each other .. :-)

Your Gizmo co-editor "rhiannon" posted a much better picture re-sizer called "Image Resizer Powertoy Clone" that works by right clicking in explorer - it does batch pics and works in all windows versions.. it gives superb quality .. why use this convoluted fileminimiser tool ..

by Tom D. (not verified) on 23. March 2011 - 3:18  (68374)

Image Resizer Powertoy Clone is an image RESIZER. This app is an image COMPRESSOR. They serve different purposes.

by Anupam on 22. March 2011 - 7:10  (68303)

There can be many software available for a single purpose. That is why we have so many articles reviewing the relevant software for a category. If all were to use only one software, what's the fun, right? So, even if Rhiannon posted about a software, others can post about other software too. Its on individuals to choose the software that they like.

by Ancient Flyboy on 22. March 2011 - 2:14  (68290)

Thanks for mentioning the previous article "Image Resizer Powertoy Clone" by "rhiannon". I had not seen it before and it is exactly what I was looking for in an image resizer. I don't see how any could be better.

by Anonymous and at large (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 21:45  (68284)

My Favorite resizer is a program called "PIXresizer" from Bluefive Software ::: :::. Simple, easy to use, converts between image formats, can do batches of pics, and doesn't change your originals if you don't want it to. Indispensible to me.

by bernardz on 22. March 2011 - 5:03  (68297)


I do not know about the other software listed here but PIXresizer, I have used for years. I find it simple to use even for non-technical people and extremely good.

by janne (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 20:21  (68278)

thanks r.schifreen for the tip. it would be nice if someone did a serius compare of all freeware mentiont here.


by virginiajim (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 19:52  (68277)

I've used FastStone Photo Resizer from, a free app, for a couple years to resize multiple photos for use on eBay. It's flexible, has lots of options and does batch work, but I don't know what the capacity is.

by Alan Solomon (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 18:50  (68273)

I have been using "Digito-1.0" since quite some, which is much easier to use compared to fileminizer!!

its a freeware.

this tiny app can be even used as portable app!!

for more info & to download, plz visit the following links:


PS: it has only one drawback!! you cannot compress more than 100 pics at a time, if you try to do then app will crash with a error message.

by makrug (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 18:20  (68272)

Can't remember where I got to hear of PhotoResize (, maybe even from Gizmo. A fresh take on batch resizing of images. It's a single exe file that you drop your images onto and bingo it's done.

by happy (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 17:18  (68267)

i use riot (radical image optimization tool),a free image optimizer available as standalone and/or as plugin for gimp,irfanview and xnview.

by david craker (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 15:11  (68262)

I have used fileminimiser for a year or so now and I find it is brilliant.

I love that I can do a bulk set of images at one time and unlike an earlier person, I love that it adds fileminimiser onto the filename which makes it easy to pick out and send in emails or online, all the files I have worked on...

You can have the new files added to a new folder or the same one..

It is just a great handy tool if you have lots of images and shoot in large hi res formats and simply want to quickly shrink samples..

PS: I use it on portrait sessions with clients..
After taking their photos, I do some quick editing and then give them reworked low res images done with fileminimiser to share with friends and family and keep the hi-res versions for final prints and later use.

by Craig W. (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 14:59  (68261)

This is a nice little tool, but the brackets surrounding the "(Fileminimizer)" comment it places at the end of the title makes it an illegal title that will not open up in Photoshop - you have to go in and change this to something without brackets. Also, it does not change the DPI on the photo. I tried a 6.5MB photo and it reduced to a 721KB photo, but I was able to get it down to about 70KB afterward by simply changing the DPI from 200 to 96 - 96 being the highest resolution the internet can see. Of course this makes the photo much messier in a highly zoomed state, but if the object is to email it for internet viewing why use any resolution over 96DPI?

by J. Kok (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 13:45  (68259)

For Windows XP users, there is also the excellent PowerToy "Image Resizer."

When installed, simply right-click on an image file (or files) and you get the option of 4 smaller sizes.

Works great.

by anderson ben (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 13:32  (68255)

instead of writing so much, you should just try FILEminimizer Pictures. This is simple, perfect and FREE. What do you want more.

by Cryptic (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 13:26  (68253)

It works,
a jpg-file of 354kB to max. 212kB and
a jpg-file of 1929kB to 97kB
a jpg-file of 46.762kB I got the following message
" '0.0' is not a valid floating point value "

WARNING: After compressing the photo's they did not look the same any the sharpness what is on the original photo was gone.

Compare a original and decompressed photo in detail and zoom in and you will see the difference in sharpness.

I'am a amatuer photographer and I have never compressed my photo's knowing you got quality-loss.
Is it sharpness than maybe also colour with all of these compression programs.

Do you want to use it, you can but remember to keep the original photo oncompressed on a safe place.

by Anonymous10 (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 13:14  (68252)

For Irfanview, there is an excellent Shell extension called Irfanex.With this you can resize or convert files directly from Windows explorer.
Unfortunately i didn't succeed to make it work with Windows 7 (should not be complicated, only a dll to register with somefile types). If someone succeed...

by ouman77 (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 13:12  (68251)

I too use IrfanView, and have done so since it first appeared. It's an excellent program, but one thing it doesn't do is reduce file size IN THE BACKGROUND.
I will use FILEminimizer for mailing my pix (which are all large files) and will continue to use IrfanView to manipulate my pix - two separate activities. (another thing that IrfanView cannot do is stitch pix together to create panoramas - ARCsoft panomaker does that job for me. Irfan Skiljan has told me that he is not thinking of creating a panorama stitching program.)

by Yogi 22 (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 11:54  (68249)

For general editing, etc. of photos, I use Irfanview or Picasa.
However, for sending pics by email, the only one to use is ShrinkPic (freeware).
Step 1
Start the program
Step 2
Attach picture files to your email in the normal way
Step 3
Send the email

That's it! No editing, setting adjustment, etc. ShrinkPic automatically intervenes when it detects that an attachment is a graphic file, then makes a shrunken copy and attaches it to the email.

For those who don't mind a very small program always running in background, it can be configured to always start with Windows. In that case, its operation is completely invisible and automatic.

Its default settings can be edited.

by JamesAttree (not verified) on 24. April 2012 - 19:22  (92559)

Have shrinkPic updated to make it work in Win7 32 bit
Ver 1.8 did not work for me

by boffin (not verified) on 22. March 2011 - 0:03  (68287)

I concur...
ShrinkPic is a great solution to sending e-mail photos.

by froggeh (not verified) on 20. March 2011 - 10:50  (68210)

Irfanview also provides this as a batch process and RAW support. It's what I've been using for many years. I too need RAW support. Plus any decent image editor will do the same. Seems a bit pointless to me too.

by Anupam on 20. March 2011 - 11:17  (68212)

The software in the article is not an image editor, its just an image resizer/compressor. Comparing it to an image editor is being unfair.

by froggeh (not verified) on 21. March 2011 - 10:03  (68246)

My point is, that most people already have a viewer such as irfanview or xnview, and that will do the job...except with more functionality.