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End Of The Road For Yahoo Desktop Widgets

Last week, Yahoo (or Troubled Internet Company Yahoo, as the press seems to be calling them at the moment) pulled the plug on its desktop widgets service and the Konfabulator engine.

As of now, you can no longer download any new widgets.  If you are currently using one or more widgets from Yahoo, you should find that they continue to work, but be aware that no further updates will be issued via the Yahoo site.

My thanks to user Lowndes for alerting me to this.


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by AnonymousOne (not verified) on 16. April 2012 - 22:50  (92185)

Just like MS did to desktop gadgets. You have to wonder why they'd kill this thing off in such a fashion since the server space for this *can't* be that costly. Just leave it be and let those who want it continue to have it.

Of course, if Yahoo were made up of intelligent decision-makers, they wouldn't continue making these dumb decisions, so I guess it figures.

There IS a repository -- of sorts -- for gadgets and widgets on softpedia, here.

It isn't especially comprehensive and it isn't organized by platform but it is better than nothing

by CyberWolf64Again (not verified) on 15. April 2012 - 17:23  (92134)

This just plain sucks. I have used them for QUITE some time on my Win XP system. I just have to see if there is ANYTHING out there to replace it with. That has the same breadth of widgets.