Eight Tips on How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer


If there is one thing that can be annoying about a smartphone, it’s a battery that runs down too soon. Here are some tips on how to keep that battery power flowing. The details of configuring settings vary somewhat among the different platforms but these items are worth looking at.

  1. Dim the screen
    Lighting up the screen is one of the big power consumers. This is one place to conserve a lot of battery capacity. Although you may have an automatic display brightness control, it is still a good idea to adjust brightness manually. Displays are often much brighter than needed and you can really add to the battery life by using only as much brightness as needed.
  2. Turn off the vibrator
    Of course, if you are in a big meeting and expecting an important call you’ll leave it on. But often, there is no real need for it.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth
    Unless you are connecting to other devices, there is no need for this
  4. Only use 4G/LTE connections when you need to
    4G /LTE  radios are voracious consumers of power. If you can use a Wi-Fi hotspot, save energy (and maybe money) by turning your data connection off. 
  5. Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use
    This is the converse of tip number 4. If you are not using a hot-spot to connect, there is no need to have the Wi-Fi connection running
  6. Limit use of GPS location services
    Shut off Notifications, or limit the number of apps that can use your location to those that really need it. A lot of apps constantly checking your location can be a power drain (not to mention a privacy problem)
  7. Check for email manually (Push)
    Instead of automatically checking every 15 minutes or whatever interval is normally set, check your email yourself (but not too often)
  8. Turn off apps running in background
    It’s easy to end up with a host of apps running in the background. Not only do they consume power but they can use enough memory to slow down your device. Turn them off when you are finished.

Android users might also consider one of the two free apps that help battery life suggested by our editors:

More information:

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Turn off your smartphone will also help to save battery :P

uninstall them?

without more information (such as is it a system app or not), that would be my "off the cuff" answer.

edit: sorry, this should have been in response to Quetzalcoatl

You know, when one finally gets their smartphone under control what they actually end up with is a telephone.

Makes you wonder.

If you want a great laugh, go to google play and search for 'Shake To Charge Battery!'

The app is a scream , totally fake. Read some of the reviews!

Has to be the most pointless app ever created, the developer must have too much time on their hands :)

Sorry, but I have a question : What can we do about those apps that refuse to die ? We kill them and they resurrect a few minutes after.
I think that's a battery killer for everybody.