Edit PDF Files Online, For Free. No Download Required.

There are plenty of free programs around for reading PDF files.  There's Adobe's official app, of course, as well as lightweight alternatives such as Foxit Reader.  But if you want to edit a PDF file, your choices are much more limited. 

Or at least they were until now.  Because PDF Escape (www.pdfescape.com) doesn't just let you edit PDF files (change the text, move pages around, etc etc), it's totally free to use and it's an online app.  So there's nothing to download or install.  Just fire up your web browser, upload the PDF file in question, perform the required actions, then download the results.

Apart from the security implications inherent in all such online services (you should think twice before uploading a highly confidential file to any online service), I can't think of any other drawbacks.  As you can see from the screent shot below, I've tried it and it works very well indeed.

My thanks to reader Jesse for telling me about this useful utility.



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by skdarkness on 27. May 2014 - 18:03  (116452)

First time trying this software hopefully it will be useful.

by febinhisa on 5. May 2014 - 15:21  (116045)


by Joe A.TT on 5. May 2014 - 18:49  (116048)

Click on:

- "Edit your PDF now"
- "Continue to PDFescape"
- "Upload PDF to PDFescape"
- "Browse"

Navigate to your PDF file and double-click it.

by bala3nadh on 17. March 2014 - 17:05  (115086)

Its good

by arun sachin on 8. March 2014 - 10:49  (114893)

its nice

by amit8860079 on 6. March 2014 - 7:10  (114830)


by Yahya on 17. December 2013 - 6:16  (112996)


by abhishekkanth on 26. November 2013 - 8:14  (112542)


by rajesh kumar on 23. November 2013 - 5:38  (112470)

its gud

by Alan Low on 19. July 2013 - 6:48  (109400)

Thank you for the free use of the PDF Editor

by nmtemeri on 12. July 2013 - 8:05  (109160)

this is nice.

by SpaceCowboy on 24. August 2012 - 16:03  (98249)


I'm so dying to use this PDF editor but the document I want to edit is going to have some personal information. As tempting as it sounds, I think I'm going to have to pass on this one. But if I ever have a document that's more mundane, I will give it a shot.

Have you happened across anything else to use out there besides what you have posted?



by fastfood (not verified) on 24. July 2012 - 15:29  (96597)

Came across this page while searching for some kind of free software recently featured on Gizmo that will quickly open pdf's in my browser without having to first download the pdf before the document will open. It was featured on Gizmo sometime during the past month or so.

I was saving the email in which Gizmo featured it but I somehow lost and cannot retrieve it. Can someone post a link to the Gizmo page featuring this freeware?

Thanks, fastfood.

by MidnightCowboy on 24. July 2012 - 16:16  (96602)

Maybe this one?... and mine's a Big Mac if I'm right. :D


by Dancin (not verified) on 16. December 2010 - 14:27  (62659)

Free tools that can be used anytime even off line beat on line tools every time. That is the real point of many comments [plus making clear that markup is not the same as edit]. MAYBE this tool is useful in a pinch and in an ipad world where you can only run "apps". But the site is interesting because it is REALLY about selling you other services related to "pdf forms". And I'm surprised the reviewer did not highlight what it does for free to help folks seeking to create fillable PDF forms.

by Guest (not verified) on 19. May 2012 - 14:55  (93712)

> Free tools that can be used anytime even off line beat on line tools every time.

Huh? Millions of devices and operating systems won't run certain executables. Millions of companies don't let their employees install random files from the net. "Online" VS "Offline" never has a "beats them every time".

by Arie (not verified) on 16. December 2010 - 12:25  (62640)

It doesn't allow to open PDF's greater than 50 pages ...

by David Green (not verified) on 16. December 2010 - 9:30  (62623)

The title of this article is misleading. PDFescape does _not_ allow you to edit the content of the PDF, but only to add markup to a PDF. I admit this is very useful, but free PDF-XChange Viewer does a much better job of this, providing reports on the markup etc.

To actually edit a PDF you either need Acrobat Professional or Serif PagePlus

by retronic (not verified) on 16. December 2010 - 10:26  (62628)

- but PDFViewer Exchange is not an online app, which really makes a world of difference to most people on the move.

by chuckisgreat (not verified) on 16. December 2010 - 3:51  (62602)

Pretty nice, but lacks the all-important feature for college students of HIGHLIGHTING text. Too bad. And, it does seem like the offline free versions mentioned above would be speedier and seem to have more features.

by Phillip Julias (not verified) on 16. December 2010 - 3:42  (62601)

Nitro PDF Reader is also another offline option that is FREE and has the ability to fill in PDF forms that are not fillable.

by AntDude (not verified) on 16. December 2010 - 17:06  (62695)

Does it let you save too?

by AntDude (not verified) on 15. December 2010 - 16:51  (62571)

Are there any free editors that can do texts and images?

by AntDude (not verified) on 16. December 2010 - 17:06  (62697)

I forgot to mention saving too.

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