The Easy Way to Repair Your Internet Connection

Sometimes, Windows loses its connection to the internet.  This happens regardless of whether you're using an ADSL modem, an ADSL router, a cable router, a dial-up modem, or any other hardware device to connect.  And it happens regardless of whether your connection is cabled or wireless.

Troubleshooting connectivity problems involves running through a number of standard procedures, such as flushing the DNS cache, deleting and reinstalling the TCP/IP protocol, and more.  For even a techie, this can be tedious.  And if you're trying to talk a non-technical friend or relative through the procedure, it's virtually impossible.

So here's a great idea that will make your life easier.  Complete Internet Repair is a free program for Windows XP and above.  You can get it from, and it's only a 0.5 MB download.  As you can see from the screen shot below, it automates all of the common troubleshooting techniques for fixing connectivity issues.  Just tick the relevant boxes and press the Go button.  Then, when it's finished, reboot your PC and you should hopefully find that everything's working again.

While such programs can be useful, a couple of caveats before you rush to download it.  Firstly, heed the program's own warning, as shown below, and don't choose any option unless your computer is likely suffering from that specific problem.  There's little to be gained by trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist, and you might simply end up making the problem worse.

Secondly, because the program performs some low-level trickery and tweakery with various parts of the operating system, your anti-virus program may object and report that the program is a virus or that it's exhibiting suspicious behaviour.  Rest assured that the makers of CIR are adamant that it's free of malware and that it's not a virus.


Complete Internet Repair


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by Jenn (not verified) on 28. August 2012 - 2:18  (98386)

AT&T just agreed to replace my faulty wireless modem with the NetGear Westell 7550. Can anyone tell me if this is a a quality model? The few reviews I have found are not too good. Thanks

by MidnightCowboy on 28. August 2012 - 4:05  (98388)

Due to the traffic limitations of this particular page, you are unlikely to receive many replies. Please post your query here in our own forum or use a specific forum like the one at the site linked below.

by Rizone3 on 29. June 2012 - 3:55  (95503)

Hi everyone. Sorry about the long absence from the software world. I’m back now with a new company and a new Complete Internet Repair version, please go to to download it.

by Rizone3 on 29. June 2012 - 3:59  (95504)

@Robert, could you please update the original post to reflect the new company website. I would like to keep everything clean and tidy on the internet or at least try.

by Anupam on 29. June 2012 - 6:30  (95511)

I have observed that every once in a while you keep changing the site. It's quite difficult to get hold of your products that way. Any particular reason for doing so?

by Rizone3 on 29. June 2012 - 12:03  (95525)

Mostly partnership changes. The previous sites was all about me playing around. Now I moved all the freeware to a new company and decided to move everything to the new company site.

This should be the 4th and final time I change anything. I do apologize for the inconvenience, but I can almost guarantee that all the freeware will be published under Datum (SA) from now on.

Thank you for supporting my sometimes useless freeware creations and thank you for your understanding.

by Anupam on 29. June 2012 - 17:52  (95547)

Thanks for your reply :)... appreciated. Hopefully, now the site can grow more, and your freeware programs get more recognition :).

by MidnightCowboy on 29. June 2012 - 16:18  (95542)

Thank you too for interacting with us mortals at Gizmo's.:) There's nothing like being able to complain to the "top man", or in this case show some appreciation. It's always good when vendors take the time to converse with their customers because this two-way information flow can only serve to make the product better.

by MidnightCowboy on 29. June 2012 - 4:49  (95507)

Link updated. Thanks for the notice. :)

by Rizonesoft (not verified) on 26. June 2011 - 6:49  (74346)

I just released a new Complete Internet Repair version and it has a new home. You can download it at Could you please update your links to point to our new home?

by veekay on 19. January 2011 - 11:13  (64822)

Thanks to Rizone and team for your support - we're glad that software makers take the effort to interact with their users directly through such mediums.

Complete Internet Repair (CIntRep) is a great tool. And since it is portable, it can be invaluable in repairing virus-infected systems, which typically disable the internet. Most home users do not know how to use the netsh command to repair the TCP/IP registry settings and reset the Winsock LSP, which are crucial to recover from severely damaged internet connectivity settings. Resetting the hosts file and Flushing the DNS cache may also be needed if the DNS cache has been poisoned (DNS spoofing exploit).

There are some tools like LSP-FIX and WinsockXPFix, which are also popular and can repair some of these issues. But I like all-in-one tools, especially if they are stable and portable, and CIntRep seems to be ideal in those respects.

I would also request Rizone to can add options to reset/repair the default RegEdit and Command Prompt functionalities, as these system tools can be disabled by some nasty worms.

Microsoft has made it easier to troubleshoot common issues, with their FixIT tools:

Those of you who managed to repair their internet connectivity, may find that the Windows Updates are still broken. Try this fix from Microsoft (hope it is latest link):

by photobug on 1. January 2011 - 6:24  (63646)

I find that running CCleaner first will work if rebooting
the modem does not otherwise.

by damon2 (not verified) on 1. January 2011 - 2:36  (63641)

ANy chance it works for a networked computer? My partner called a nameless large phone company when we lost our connection. She spent 2 hours on the phone with them, now the XP box works fine but the Vista box (wifi connection) can't connect to our network, works fine on my neighbors unsecured wifi network, but not exactly what I need it to do

by Anonymous34222 (not verified) on 31. December 2010 - 21:35  (63628)

SuperAntiSpyware has some options like this but not as specific and comprehensive as this program...

is this portable?

by mouseissue on 31. December 2010 - 21:56  (63633)

If you go to the download page, you will notice that every piece of software is "portable" and may be run from a USB memory stick.

by Anonymous34222 (not verified) on 31. December 2010 - 21:44  (63629)

yay, it is portable!.....

there's at least a hint that Rizone knows what they're doing...installed programs suck...

by Anonymous34222 (not verified) on 31. December 2010 - 21:56  (63632)

VirusTotal flagged 3/42:

Comodo, eSafe, and TheHacker

prob nothing though...

by mouseissue on 31. December 2010 - 22:01  (63634)

Temporarily disable you anti-virus software until you put this software where you want it. Then, configure your anti-virus software to ignore it.

This program is safe (if used according to directions).

by Refreshing Rizone Reality Check (not verified) on 31. December 2010 - 16:49  (63620)

these guys are a breath of fresh air -
LOVE their about us page and "license"
too cool ..

by Deeg (not verified) on 31. December 2010 - 15:27  (63612)

Well, 95% of the time I have Internet connectivity problems a simple reboot of the modem and router is all that is needed. An additional 4% of the time I might also have to reboot my computer...

It may be obvious to most old hands at dealing with computer problems that it is a good idea to try those steps first, but your review does not say so, and so someone who does not know much might try this program when it is not really necessary.

I'm sure (well I hope) it would work on that other 1% of problems but always try the reboot your devices trick first...

by Mike C on 1. January 2011 - 0:06  (63636)

Yeah Deeg -- I agree with you. When my folks call, or my friends, most of the time when I have them reset the router (and/or the modem, and sometimes powering off and back on the computer) this fixes the problem. Of course, this is only a first step, and sometimes erictech is right, particularly if the folks calling me have decided to dig into the settings before doing this and have changed various settings. I do think this is a nice utility for those situations.

by erictech (not verified) on 31. December 2010 - 20:33  (63626)

Wrong!!! 95% is a very poor judgement call on percentages. as a tech i can tell you that this information of yours is completley false. there is no way that rebooting your computer will fix a system config. if a setting is changed in the control panel it is changed for good. untill it is switched back. Ex. if your protocol is switched to manual connect and not auto find. then your stuck. rebooting your modem or your computer will not fix that. I havent tried this product yet. but just wanted to say that


The 1%

by Rizone3 on 31. December 2010 - 15:41  (63615)

I agree. I will mention it in the program on the next release. Thanks for the heads up.

by (not verified) on 31. December 2010 - 14:15  (63607)

We are aware of the Database connection errors. All the problems should be solved soon, we hope. We have many monkeys working to fix the situation and we assure you, that they are the best bananas can buy. This all said, sorry about the errors, just wait a few minutes and everything should be fine again.

by TommyB (not verified) on 31. December 2010 - 15:21  (63611)

Went to your site via Google search....downloaded the program....extracted the .zip files...ain't got no .exe included....just a readme file, plus all the others. But there's no program file....wah...wah...wah

by Rizone3 on 31. December 2010 - 15:35  (63614)

Just downloaded. Working fine on my side. Maybe your antivirus removed it. What are you using? I know comodo causes problems.

by TommyB (not verified) on 31. December 2010 - 16:39  (63619)

Using Comodo...will try to disable and re-download...thanks

by MidnightCowboy on 31. December 2010 - 14:36  (63608)

Great stuff! Always good to see the devs mixing it with the rest of us mortals :D

When your monkeys have finished, if there's any bananas left we could do with some help in other areas. It seems folks do like to read what they see here but we're short of miscellaneous animal types to write more. Any offers? :)

by (not verified) on 31. December 2010 - 14:58  (63609)

Just let us know what you need. Always willing to help. Just email me with anything you need and we can spare a few bananas to get some monkey to help with something.

by MidnightCowboy on 31. December 2010 - 15:29  (63613)

Will do :)

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