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Download These 1080p HD Video Clips to Test Your HTPC's Display

No longer is the home PC just used for word processing and web surfing.  An HTPC, or Home Theatre PC, is designed to look nice enough to sit in the living room alongside the TC and hi-fi, and to act as a TV receiver, media player, personal video recorder, and so on.

Although an HTPC need be, in reality, nothing more than a standard desktop PC in a small shiny case, there are some areas where it makes sense to go for top-quality components.  None more so than in the display system.  Dell's relatively new Inspiron 400 HD, for example, is designed for HTPC use and has an HDMI socket on the back for direct connection to a TV that's capable of display High Definition (HD) pictures.

If you have a PC that's linked to an HD-capable display, you'll probably want to find some HD clips to play.  A Google search will bring up a good collection, but most of these are movie trailers.  One great source of HD samples is, and many of the files in this set are in full 1080p mode.  

If you've not experienced HD video before, prepare to be amazed.  But at around 80 MB per minute, also be prepared to buy a new hard disk if you want to start recording and keeping HD television!


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by shalin on 16. July 2011 - 9:41  (75619)

The link is asking me to install silverlight, what is up with that?

by azfariel (not verified) on 8. September 2011 - 2:26  (79174)

Microsoft updated the page. Few years ago it it was this gallery (as shown in the picture);

But it seems now, all those videos can only be downloaded from youtube. I was looking for those videos today because the samples were great, unfortunately I reached here.

Informing you and others to avoid a wild goose chase.

But the link I provided above (though you have to squint to read), is a good capture screen of those videos to hunt on youtube.


by George on 19. June 2010 - 16:51  (52472)

Thanks for the post. That is very helpful material to test out your HTPC setup. It's not only HD size that you need but also speed in order to get that huge amount of data from your disk through your video output to your HDTV in time so the picture doesn't stop-and-go.