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Download Gorgeous Mouse Cursors for Free

This set of colorful mouse cursors makes your mouse pointer easier to see.

These XsX alpha blended mouse cursors are color coded and change color depending on what activity the mouse is being used for, such as clicking a link, scrolling, or resizing windows.
I've been using them for three years and I install them on all my computers. I can find them anywhere on the screen and they are a pleasure to use.

XsX Mouse Cursors


You can download the cursors from this page:

XsX Alpha Blended Cursors

A reader mentioned they couldn't find the download link to the cursor set. I hope this makes it easier.
The screen shot below shows the location of the download link on the web page.
The red arrow points directly to the download link.

cursor download link


Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
In Vista and Windows 7 use Admin to install (right click on the .exe file and choose run as administrator).


Signing off,

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by rhiannon on 24. February 2010 - 22:13  (44419)

Yes, you can. It's the same steps that were outlined by the person who wrote it up in an earlier comment - I'll expand on them a bit.
- Download the .exe file from the site.
- Navigate to the location where you downloaded the file.
- Right click on the .exe file (xsx-alphablendedcursors-setup-v1.1.exe) and extract the files into a folder.
(If there's no option to extract the files, then the built in decompression utility that ships with Windows won't handle the file and you'll need a third party program. I use and recommend 7Zip
- Open the folder where the extracted files are and click on the .rsrc folder.
- Click on the RCDATA folder.
- Right click on the CABINET file and extract the files to a folder.
- Click on the folder where the extracted files are, and all the cursors should be there. You can copy (or move) the cursors anywhere you like. The readme.txt and EULA.txt are in that folder along with some other files.

It seems like a lot of steps, but it really isn't - it took me way longer to write this than it did to extract the cursors. :)

I don't know of another way to get to the cursors outside of running the install program.

by Louie G on 24. February 2010 - 15:31  (44378)

I was looking for some other reason to try out this product than just the nice colors and I found this comment:

"Thank you. I have been looking for something like that /forever/! I have long hated the standard Windows cursors because you can't see text behind them. These are almost perfect! The only thing I changed was to use AWIcons Lite to increase the transparency by 25, so that text can be more easily be seen through them."

For me at least, I think I have enough reason now to give XsX Alpha Blended Cursors a try. Thanks!

by Anonymous on 24. February 2010 - 14:38  (44373)

Not for me - they feel a little imprecise - particularly editing text.

by rhiannon on 24. February 2010 - 17:32  (44392)

I will often change the vertical bar cursor to something thin for the same reason - I haven't with these but some of the cursors that ship with Windows have vertical bars that are on the thick side.

by Anonymous on 23. February 2010 - 23:28  (44307)

Thanks R. for this little utility. As my 5 year old recently said to me when she got an unexpected present "Gee Mom this is both the ant's pants and the bee's knees." I feel the same about my new cursors:)

by rhiannon on 24. February 2010 - 0:49  (44316)

I've pretty much felt the same way about these cursors since the first time I ran across them, not too long after they were released. They've done wonders for my laptop. Glad to hear someone else enjoys them as much. =)

by Anonymous on 23. February 2010 - 22:09  (44303)

The EXE will indeed open with 7-Zip. Navigate to the ".rsrc\RCDATA\CABINET\" directory and there you will see all the cursor files.

by Anonymous on 23. February 2010 - 9:56  (44242)

Just horrible, now I know that someone worked hard on this but I screwed up by dl the cursors. Its just way to small of a choice to even warrant such a install.
Thanks for nothing,
Paul D

by Anonymous on 24. February 2010 - 16:17  (44385)

Wow! Someone offers something for free and then gets insulted by someone who accepted it. If they had paid a few dollars for it, they probably wouldn't have so rude. It's funny how people see "free" things. Most are grateful for it but there are always those who expect perfection designed to their own special needs. Maybe a simple, "Thanks for creating this. Hopefully it works for a lot of people. Just not my cup of tea though."?

by HeWhoRocks on 23. February 2010 - 13:45  (44258)

You can't really blame others when something you choose to install fails to live up to your expectations. If it doesn't work for you, don't use it. If you wish to comment, please do so without being unpleasant.

by Anonymous on 23. February 2010 - 3:28  (44215)

I would like to try it but how do you uninstall the program. It doesn't have an uninstall feature.

by rhiannon on 23. February 2010 - 18:05  (44268)

If you want to change your cursors to something else, go to Start Button/Control Panel/Mouse/Pointers tab. Under the Pointers tab, there's a small box called Scheme, with a drop down box under it. Click on the drop down box and all the cursors will be listed. There are several standard cursor sets that ship with Windows. Click on the cursor set you want to use, click on apply, then on OK. That should do it.

by Anonymous on 24. February 2010 - 15:53  (44380)

I was wondering if the following comment still applies if you need to uninstall this program, or if it's better to just do what you outlined above:

"For now, go into %windir%\Cursors\ and delete the folder "XsX-alphablendedcursors".

The only thing the .INF file does is copy the cursors into that folder and creates a 'Scheme' so that you don't have to manually install each cursor for each action.

Over the holidays, I hope to make it an .MSI that is easily installable and removal. I'll still keep the old copy around for people that don't like MSI packages."

I was trying to find the "over the holidays" info but could not locate it.

by rhiannon on 25. February 2010 - 3:31  (44444)

As far as I know, the .MSI package wasn't finished. The cursors were packaged as an .exe file instead of the .MSI - that's the file that's downloaded from the site. You can run the .exe file and have them install, or you can install them manually using the previously posted directions.
I've never needed to uninstall them, I just change cursor schemes if I want or need something different.

There's a clearer explanation in a subsequent post on Aaron's site:
XsX Alpha Blended cursors with embedded shadows

The cursors were originally created by someone on deviantART.
Aaron writes that:
Unfortunately, locating and using this cursor set is hard to do in 2007 for the following reasons:
#1 All the links (1 and 2) on XsX's Deviant Art page have expired long ago.
#2 The original ZIP file requires you to create a mouse scheme on your system, and select each cursor manually.
#3 The Windows 9x/ME/2000 non-alpha-blended cursors are even harder to find online.
You can find the whole post here:
Custom alpha blended (semi-transparent) mouse cursors by XsX for Windows XP and Vista - auto-install package v1.0

by Anonymous on 8. February 2010 - 17:13  (43120)

zone alarm found malware on the file after downloading!!BE CAREFUL!

by Anonymous on 23. February 2010 - 2:37  (44211)

Checked the file with and it shows nothing.

by MidnightCowboy on 8. February 2010 - 19:26  (43121)

The download posted here scans clean with Dr. Web Anti-Virus Link Checker. I also downloaded the file myself and submitted it to Virus Total. The result was 0% infected. I suggest you change ZoneAlarm for something more effective.

by Anthony on 23. February 2010 - 12:59  (44249)

I have ZA Internet Security suite version 9 and have grown up with it and it was an early newsletter pick (and , if I remember correctly , as the PRO (paid) version a standard for Gizmo).

I have just loaded the software and have a big ,very pretty blue mouse & cursor line .

Neither ZAISS nor any other of my security file scanners reacted/alerted other than a normal ZA new programme popup install query.

Neither do I expect nor require ill-judged , unrequested judgements/comments about othe people's installed software ; most certainly not on this website , whose standards are usually immaculate .

Please note ; I am not a "fanboy" of anything and least of all anythig IT (I do love the coluor definition on my HD flat screen LCD TV - I use it for my PC).

Take care

by Anonymous on 23. February 2010 - 10:01  (44243)

Strange reaction: ZoneAlarm finds malware, something else doesn't, ZoneAlarm must be bad?

Not a ZoneAlarm fan myself, and the reasoning could be correct in this case, but I wouldn't extend it to all situations.

by Anonymous on 23. February 2010 - 13:04  (44255)

It was said that VirusTotal came up with 0%.
VirusTotal is a website that uses approximately 40 different Anti-virus scanners to scan files uploaded to their website.
So if ZoneAlarm comes up with a warning, yet VirusTotal comes up with 0% (ZoneAlarm is not one of the 40 scanners at VirusTotal), it is pretty safe to say that the issue is with ZoneAlarm.

It is no different than one doctor making a diagnosis, and getting "second opinions" from 40 other doctors who all say there is nothing wrong with you.
What is the chance of the 40 other doctors all being wrong?

by Anthony on 23. February 2010 - 21:54  (44299)

Hello Anonymous ,

I am fully aware of what constitutes both VirusTotal and Jotti and also their usefulness ; FYI ZAISS uses Kasperskys A/V A/S engine .

None of the 4 above mentioned are 100% guaranteed correct in diagnosis , especially against zero day exploits and the latest rootkits .

I hope that is clearer for you .

Take care


Moderator's Comment: Comment edited. Personal attacks against any guest, registered member or member of staff on this site will not be tolerated. Any further such comments will be deleted.

by Anthony on 24. February 2010 - 0:34  (44312)

To the moderator (who ever you may be ) ; as a user and strong supporter of Gizmo and this site , I stand by my criticism of the uncalled for manner of treatment of a guest's post by someone who should know better . This could not be considered a "personal" attack by me on any person , by any stretch of the imagination .

This is not in my nature and one reason I do not post anonymously ; if you notice I had already posted a direct reply earlier and in response to what was being posted. Look at the context .

A great many people are intimidated and stop visiting and contributing to many web Forum's due to the way they are treated ; I find your reaction incorrect and unworthy .

Take care

by HeWhoRocks on 24. February 2010 - 12:55  (44363)

I intended no offence Anthony, but I just don't have time to read every thread in full. I don't recall the exact comment, having sifted through many comments that day, but I do recall the (in my opinion) tone. Sometimes it is better to avert a potential flame war by editing a post while, where possible, leaving that comment as intact as possible. The comment I made was directed at everybody viewing this thread because I believed the tone was turning ugly. Please accept my sincere apology if you feel I have wronged you, but a decision had to be made and I can't spend all of my free time agonising over every single comment: I am taking the time to answer your comment out of respect, not because I have nothing better to do. I am not an advocate of wholesale censorship, but I would do exactly the same if somebody was ( in my opinion) rude to you.
Again, apologies and no offence intended.


by MidnightCowboy on 24. February 2010 - 10:26  (44352)

Just adding to, and in full support of, what Kendall has posted below, if you are still unhappy with this Anthony please send me details of what was edited out by PM and I'll see if perhaps there might be something there we can all learn from :)

by kendall.a on 24. February 2010 - 3:12  (44324)

I did not see what was moderated or edited, therefore I can't comment specifically about the moderation. However, I can say that as a fellow moderator, we do our best to not edit content. We are one of the very few sites left that still allow anonymous posting. That is a very conscious choice on our part.

We also do not harass, make fun of, or belittle anyone. People here, including anonymous posters, are entitled to their opinions. All in all, we edit or moderate very, very little. We allow disagreements and differences of opinions as long as you support your opinion/disagreement and do not make personal attacks (to other posters or to the editor of the topic).

I believe that we treat people here with respect and dignity and do our best not to intimidate people.

With that said, I support my fellow moderators and know that they have a good reason for moderating content 99% of the time. I have been on enough forums (and I could name several) where I was made to feel like an idiot or a jerk.

I/we are leaving your comment alone because you are expressing an opinion and your disagreement in a respectful tone. I/we are ok with that. However, please understand that we are volunteers doing our best to moderate a great deal of content. We do our best. Lastly, we have to reserve the right to moderate or edit content that we feel is inappropriate.

by Anthony on 24. February 2010 - 14:19  (44366)

Thank you all for your replies and the courtesy of leaving my reply to my reply ,etc.

As a devout non-techie , I only post on one other thread due to all the reasons you have mentioned (it has almost no moderation due to the standards freely observed).

Perhaps it is simplest if I restate what I wished to say , like this :-

An un-named poster with unknown IT experience etc. possts that her/his (unspecified , other than meker) security software has found malware in the download . One thing I have learned (probably from Gizmo's teachings:)) is that the "best" security comes from knowing how to use and interpret and have confidence in one's product . If there is no time , or this is not cosidered the place to ask the poster for more information so as to find out exactly which product is involved , what is being found - bearing in mind exploite found on "safe" websites etc. - then I , personally , found the tone and dismissiveness in the sentence suggesting that the poster change his brand of software completely out of order and most unhelpful to a guest ; certainly not up to the highest standards expected here .

I certainly concede I made a strong choice of adjective in my second post , but that was applying to the comment and not to the person passing the comment ; it was the feeling generated in me , at least . I try very hard not to be judgemental , so it was not an attack on any one person , I assure you . I am well aware of the time and effort "volunteers" put into Gizmo's ; I have more than once expressed my appreciation and am most willing to do so again .

This has probably taken up more of all of our time than necessary , for which I do apologise ; "IT" has a nasty habit of doing this :(

Take care

PS: i should mention that my "second" post only happened (chance being what it is) because I came back to find out how to change back to the original mouse should I need to ; I found that advice :)

by HeWhoRocks on 24. February 2010 - 14:22  (44371)

Thanks Anthony. :)

by Anonymous on 8. February 2010 - 4:13  (43090)

Multicolored rose thorns? It must be true every rose has its thorns.

by Anonymous on 9. February 2010 - 9:04  (43149)

These cursors are really really good.
A triumph for the "little old lady from New Mexico".

by rhiannon on 9. February 2010 - 20:17  (43201)

Ah, another cursor convert. :)