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Download Gorgeous Mouse Cursors for Free

This set of colorful mouse cursors makes your mouse pointer easier to see.

These XsX alpha blended mouse cursors are color coded and change color depending on what activity the mouse is being used for, such as clicking a link, scrolling, or resizing windows.
I've been using them for three years and I install them on all my computers. I can find them anywhere on the screen and they are a pleasure to use.

XsX Mouse Cursors


You can download the cursors from this page:

XsX Alpha Blended Cursors

A reader mentioned they couldn't find the download link to the cursor set. I hope this makes it easier.
The screen shot below shows the location of the download link on the web page.
The red arrow points directly to the download link.

cursor download link


Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
In Vista and Windows 7 use Admin to install (right click on the .exe file and choose run as administrator).


Signing off,

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by AnnetteH (not verified) on 1. June 2012 - 22:22  (94291)

I have recently changed computers - and it's great to have this cursor set back! I had lost the link and was really missing the colour and size. Thank you for the information and listing! This site is just great!

by rhiannon on 4. June 2012 - 19:46  (94399)

@Annette; I'm glad you found the cursors again. Thanks also for the compliment, I'll pass it on to the crew. =)

by clas on 7. August 2012 - 9:48  (97332)

yes, Ri...excellent cursor. have been using them for years thru several operating systems.
one good thing to go along with this cursor is wizmouse...another tried and true little program that has stood the test of time and utility. thanks for all your "stuff"

by rhiannon on 22. August 2012 - 15:54  (98152)

I love wizmouse - it's such a great program. =)
One of the first things I always install.

by Anonymousentry (not verified) on 5. December 2010 - 14:44  (62057)

Immediately after installing, F-secure identified a program called autohotkey.exe as being harmful and blocked it... Have got screen shot if you wish to see it.

by rhiannon on 5. December 2010 - 22:17  (62066)

It isn't unusual for anti-virus software to generate false positives on various software programs.
You may want to run it through one of the online scanners or another malware program to compare results.

As far as I know, autohotkey.exe is a legitimate program, although it can be used to help various viruses, trojans, etc. to take over a computer.
My advice would be to download either malwarebytes or super antispyware or use one of the online scanners to scan your computer.

by Anonymousentry (not verified) on 6. December 2010 - 12:52  (62095)

Ok, tx. My a-v is continuing to block it but it doesn't seem to affect usage of the mouse cursors. Have d'loaded & run super antispyware. Didn't detect autohotkey.exe but perhaps because it is already being blocked by a-v?

It was originally detected by F-secure at "d:\users\[username]\appdata\local\temp\ixp000.tmp\autohotkey.exe" but I can't seem to find it there. Do you know what legitimate purpose it might have served? After installing the mouse cursors they weren't automatically chosen so I had to go into settings to choose them. Perhaps autohotkey.exe was just for automatically choosing the mouse cursors after their installation? What do you think?

by rhiannon on 6. December 2010 - 17:54  (62110)

Did you run the cursor installation program as administrator? If not, that could account for the cursors not being chosen - usually it asks you if you want to use that set as the default cursors.

Super Anti-Spyware probably didn't tag it as a virus since AutoHotkey is a legitimate program, or, since it was in your temp folder, it may have been used for installation and was deleted after the program was installed.

AutoHotkey is a program that is used to automate tasks in Windows. I haven't used it so I can't go into any detail about what it does, but you can find out more at this article:
Turn Any Action into a Keyboard Shortcut

I'm not sure why it showed up when you installed the cursors - it could be that AutoHotkey was used to create a script that helps automate the installation in some manner.

by frances (not verified) on 11. October 2010 - 12:01  (59381)

can someone please tell me how to get a mouse pointer a rainbow circle?

by rhiannon on 12. October 2010 - 1:37  (59406)

If you're using Windows, you can download Mac cursors that run on Windows. The "working in background" and "busy" cursors both have rainbow circles, and you can set whatever cursor you want to whatever mouse command you like.
I've used the ones here many times:
Mac OS X Mouse Cursors for Windows 7, Vista and XP – Easy Installer

The only other ones I've seen are arrow shaped cursors that have an animated rainbow inside the cursor.

by morrig on 15. October 2010 - 12:28  (59572)

Have been using this Cursor for some time, and for visibility and accuracy and clean design this has to better than any Windows or Cursor Fx ones?

by rhiannon on 15. October 2010 - 17:16  (59592)

I'm glad you like them. I find they are easier to use than the usual cursors.

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on 2. August 2010 - 15:18  (55360)

How do you make that window pop up like in the picture?

by rhiannon on 2. August 2010 - 23:13  (55373)

Start Menu/Control Panel/Mouse
Click on the Pointers tab.

by rik on 3. June 2010 - 3:22  (50924)

Hi Rhiannon, I've been using this pointer set for a while, it's great, so much better than anything else I've tried. Great find.

Rik - Category Editor, Best Free Windows 7 / Vista 64 bit Software

by rhiannon on 3. June 2010 - 19:36  (50987)

Thanks Rik, I'm glad you like them. :)

by Anonymous on 3. June 2010 - 2:16  (50922)

When i first looked at the screen shots of the cursors, they looked to big and horrible. But i decided to give it a try, and i'm glad i did. They are amazing and very functional. Great download and since somebody was complaining about virus\malware i can guarantee its 100% clean.

Thanks for the cursors Rhiannon...cheers from Portugal.

by rhiannon on 3. June 2010 - 3:16  (50923)

I'm glad you like them. I've used them on every computer I've had since I found out about them. On laptops and netbooks especially the cursors are so much easier to see.
I'm not sure what triggered the person's malware who mentioned it, but to the best of my knowledge they are clean and safe.

I have a friend from Portugal, it's one of the places I would love to go. :)

by Anonymous on 3. June 2010 - 12:35  (50948)

You should come and visit Portugal, the weather and the food is great. People are nice and we are a very old country full of history. There's a lot to do and a lot to see.

By the way, i'm loving this cursors.

by rhiannon on 3. June 2010 - 19:37  (50988)

Portugal is on my list of places to go. :)

I'm happy to hear the cursors are working well for you.

by MidnightCowboy on 3. June 2010 - 14:36  (50964)

...and of course brought the delights of European culture to where I now live (Brazil) :) Having lived in parts of Europe all my life until coming here in 2006, it's sad now to see the troubles affecting Greece, Portugal and to a lesser, although escalating extent, Spain. I'm not forgetting too that you produced one of the best Manchester United players of all time!
Anyone reading this with the means to do should visit Portugal for a couple of weeks this summer, enjoy the beaches, food, excellent wines and nightlife, and pump a few much needed Euros into the Portuguese economy. Great nation, great people.

by AZAGTOTH on 3. June 2010 - 19:48  (50989)

Thanks for your kind words regarding Portugal. Many people doesn't even know Portugal and others think it's a third world country. But we are indeed a old country with a great history background and the population in general are very well educated. Our government is taking some bad decisions that are affecting our economy and our jobs. Our criminal rate is very low and we don´t have to many violent crimes. In general it's a good place to live, feel free to visit us any time, i could be the host and provide some guided tours in Lisbon.

by rhiannon on 4. June 2010 - 22:49  (51316)

@AZAGTOTH From what I've learned from my friend via stories and photos, Portugal is far from a Third World country. I get the idea that there is a long and very rich history and heritage in Portugal.

by morrig on 24. March 2010 - 17:04  (46116)
by benhenry on 26. February 2010 - 3:26  (44507)

I never was much for customizing. I have usually noticed that default settings work cleaner and leaner. I never changed a cursor. Ever.
I noticed that in the Mouse properties I could change cursors individually
and save as a new theme. I kept most of the defaults; because I agree with a previous poster that the text select cursor was too fat. Like me! :-)

But using the colored pointers for normal, busy, unavailable, and link select
has been a real improvement.

Thanks, Rhiannon, and Aaron Tiensivu!

by rhiannon on 26. February 2010 - 4:07  (44512)

I'm glad to hear you like the cursors. I too like a very thin vertical text select cursor.

by Anonymous on 25. February 2010 - 14:50  (44467)

Wonderful, thank you

by rhiannon on 26. February 2010 - 4:07  (44513)

Glad you like them. :)

by Anonymous on 25. February 2010 - 9:07  (44454)

Wow, a solution to a problem I didn't realise I had! But using the computer has suddenly become easier! Thanks!

by Anonymous on 24. February 2010 - 18:37  (44396)

is there any way to just drop the individual cursor files somewhere in the Windows or WIN32 folder without having to install stuff?