Documentary Heaven: Food For Your Brain

Need something to watch? Have a look at these free documentaries in 35+ categories.

'Documentary Heaven was set up early July 2009 to provide the public with a vast collection of documentaries spanning across every genre out there. We intend on continuously updating the site on a daily basis to bring you nothing but the very best.'

All the categories on the site have at least 2 and up to 73 documentaries per category. There's a lot of variety in the categories, Biographies, Conspiracy, Evolution (not the email program), Gangs, Health, Movies, the Future and other interesting subjects.
Go have a look, there's something here for everyone.

 Documentary Heaven: Food For Your Brain

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by dynamite00401 on 24. July 2013 - 21:58  (109571)

OMG...I just found my little slice of heaven. Thanks Rhiannon.

by rhiannon on 26. July 2013 - 21:48  (109649)

Happy to help out. :)

by Anonymous on 20. August 2009 - 11:46  (31220)

I'm really not sure about some of this stuff with the prominent ad for scientology, emphasis on space/aliens subject matter and an entry on ''The truth according to Wikipedia' - Google or Wikipedia? Those of us who search online - and who doesn't? - are getting referred more and more to Wikipedia. ..'.
Wikipedia and scientology have differences on the presentation of the truth (particularly about each other).
Proceed with extreme caution....

by Anonymous on 21. August 2009 - 19:44  (31285)

What website were you on? the "prominent ad for scientology"? Where? There are three scientology docs, all critical of the cult. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia written by thousands of contributors. It doesn't have a "truth" in and of itself. It may be time for you to go back on your meds.

by zelda47 (not verified) on 11. February 2011 - 14:42  (66189)

Well done, could not have said it better.We love this site and refer people to it often.Keep up the good work! Thank-you

by Anonymous on 22. August 2009 - 11:23  (31318)

I was on the website 'Documentary Heaven - Food for your Brain'
There was a prominent ad for scientology - just to the right of the screen where it says advertisment.
The ad for scientology is not there now.
Wikipedia and scientologists have had a long running dispute as to what should be in wikipedia re scientology.
Maybe I should have put truth in inverted commas.
I'm not on meds and could have responded to your last comment in a number of ways, but I think the best reponse is not to respond.

by Anonymous on 20. August 2009 - 17:41  (31239)

Agreed. Much of this stuff is very suspect. The "Religion" section is anti-Christian and most of the documentaries on there can be considered left-leaning in nature.

by Anonymous on 21. August 2009 - 19:51  (31287)

Suspect? It's a documentary site for crying out loud. Documentaries are by their nature subject to the views of the people who produce them. Making up your own mind is a sign of intelligence. If it's "left leaning" and you aren't, then ignore it. If you are left leaning, embrace it. Don't tell me how to interpret it or to "beware" of opinions that might differ from mine. Thanks for the info on the site, Gizmo. All paranoids and conspiracy theorists should go to for their information (although that could be a bit disconcerting to those who believe Mickey is a recruiter for the neo-Nazi movement).....

by Anonymous on 22. August 2009 - 1:15  (31298)

True, documentaries are seldom objective (see Michael Moore) but usually you can find a good balance of view points on any given subject matter without looking too hard.

This site, for whatever reason, does not provide that balance. Looking at ANY given category on which a reasonable person can make judgments on political proclivity - News & Politics, Religion, etc. - one cannot but conclude this site is "left-leaning", as the other poster put it.

Does it matter? Of course it does as most of us are not ideologues. It has NOTHING to do with being paranoid or a conspiracy theorist as you put it.

The bottom line: Enjoy some of the documentaries on this site. But it's also good to know the tenor of a website is in spite of its purveyors claiming to have "no hidden agenda."

by Anonymous on 24. August 2009 - 14:05  (31439)

I am the creator of this site and these comments are making me chuckle. I am a 19 year old student studying computing in DCU Ireland, hardly trying to convert people to Scientology or have some underling secret agenda. I simply created a website i thought people would enjoy.

The reason those ads appear is due to google ads i have no control over what ads appear nor do i pick them they just appear if the ad is in some way relevant to the content.

We are 100% neutral in the posting of content. If i post a conspiracy documentary it is because i feel people may enjoy it not because im a mad conspiracy head or anything.

If i post a documentary about the moon landing being faked its not because i believe in such a thing, i dont at all its just i think it make bring some people to laughter at how ridiculous the notion is or some people may just simply just enjoy these type of documentaries.

I am not bias i will post pretty much any documentary whether it be right or left as it is a documentary site so why should i politically censor it?! It is for you to make your own mind up on the issue!

So please stop thinking this is a dangerous site and that the people running it are all a bunch of conspiracy heads trying to mislead you!!
I can assure you this is not the case we are just trying to entertain people!

by rhiannon on 24. August 2009 - 18:56  (31452)

Good to hear from you. =)

by MidnightCowboy on 21. August 2009 - 21:18  (31291)

Do you know, I studied for my PhD in psychology late in life (52) to help me better understand human nature but when I see some of the comments here it makes we wonder why I bothered.
At least though when I see one like yours it still gives me hope as I'm unable to post "reds-under-the-beds" responses myself. Thanks.

by Ritho on 19. August 2009 - 15:59  (31167)

Of course there is always the internet archive for documentaries and more.

by Anonymous on 19. August 2009 - 10:54  (31145)
by Anonymous on 19. August 2009 - 10:13  (31143)

Sure are a lot of conspiracy bendocumentaries there if you're into that.

by Anonymous on 12. August 2009 - 14:08  (26942)

Great suggestions, I thank both, and add another:

by Anonymous on 7. August 2009 - 14:59  (26586)

Haven't found one that is close captioned.... how about a list of close captioned documentaries? oh, right...there aren't any ( /exaggeration /sacrcasm...)

by rhiannon on 7. August 2009 - 22:50  (26604)

You might try here:

Looks like they have similar, if not the same, content.

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