Dead Space - Free Until May 8th!

This offer is too good to be true. :D Origin has introduced a new service called "On the House." Various Origin games will be available for free as a part of this offer. The best part is that no subscription at all is required, so these games are well and truly free. The first game to be featured on "On the House" is the original Dead Space, which will remain free until May 8th.

Dead Space

Dead Space

Dead Space is a 3rd person surivival horror video game developed by Visceral Games and released in 2011. In game the player controls Isaac Clarke, a ship systems engineer who must fight his way through a mining starship infested with an alien scourge. The crew has been slaughtered, and their corpses are reanimated into creatures known as "Necromorphs".

The game was critically acclaimed scoring 86% at Metacritic. PlayStation World even awarded the game as the world's most scariest game.


1. Go to the download link given below, and hover your mouse on the game image and click Get It Now. 

2. Log into your Origin/EA account if you have one, or click Sign-up for one. 

3. Enter your e-mail address and fill up the form to get your own Origin account. 

4. Verify your e-mail address by logging into your e-mail id and confirm your Order in the next mail by downloading Origin.

5. Once you've installed the Origin client, you can log in using your email address and password.

6.  Navigate to the "My Games" tab in the Origin client, then click the "Ready To Download" button on the game you want to play.


Genre: Survival Horror

Score: 86%

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by George.J on 7. April 2014 - 11:16  (115544)

To the readers:

Just like Valve's digital distribution and gaming platform Steam, Origin is EA's client for the same. Game developers are using these platforms to distribute the games online.

Origin is used by over 60 million gamers and Steam has over 80 million users.

There are over 3000 games available through Steam, am not sure about the same on Origin.

These game clients aren't spyware, they are absolutely clean.

What's better than not having a number of discs which could get lost or scratched that you need to store on your shelf, instead all your games being available digitally which you could download, re-download, update automatically to the latest version, and have your collection list safe online by having just the key you need?

That's why these game clients are really useful.

by StarkmanAlive on 6. April 2014 - 17:56  (115536)

Not sure what the problem is here (in that I'm new to EA but do have and use Steam).

I downloaded the client just fine, just as one does to enable Steam. I wasn't asked for any information other than the usual. And at the moment it's downloading the game. Not sure where the problem is here. Of course, all that could change, once the game is installed...and tons of spyware or soemthing is also installed!

by George.J on 7. April 2014 - 11:19  (115545)

If you downloaded the client from the Order confirmation link in your mail account, the game will download instantly.

If you are simply downloading the client from the site, without placing the order, this wouldn't happen.

There isn't any spyware included, just the game.

by papavonschoen on 6. April 2014 - 15:49  (115535)

Don't want to mess with EA. The installation asks for a number right off the bat, I don't have.
Don't want to have to go to FB.

by George.J on 7. April 2014 - 11:23  (115546)

Am not sure what number you're talking about, and you don't need a Facebook account, just an EA account you can create for free.

Probably it's the order number of the game that you received in your mail to activate the game for free.
Mine was: 1406353417

by beergas on 6. April 2014 - 14:59  (115534)

Same results here. Went through all the steps only to get stopped by something the Origin installation wanted. Online reviews not that great anyway for oldish game. Thanks tho for the post, just hope better ones come along. And thanks for comments. Oh I also don't like headlines that say something like Free Until.... Does that mean it stops working on your installation May 9 or just stops being free to d/l May 9. I gather their website unclear too. Just saying EA.....

by George.J on 7. April 2014 - 11:26  (115547)

Read this post above to understand about what Origin is.

The game doesn't stop working after the date, it's just that this is a commercial (paid) game, and is available to download for free until May 8th.

You can still continue playing the game after that.

by pratomorone on 6. April 2014 - 12:51  (115532)

It may be a great game but if you do not have a FB or EA login, you are locked out.

Not really free...

by Chasl on 6. April 2014 - 12:41  (115531)

By George!!! you have to go through all that? I pass.

by MikeR on 6. April 2014 - 12:39  (115530)

The product on offer doesn't seem to be the one this article is talking about. Far from it being the 2011 version, the package shot on a notably uninformative 'On The House' website is of the EA game issued almost six years ago and which as a PC porting met with widespread derision even though on other platforms it certainly racked up its devotees.

I'm not sure what kind of a mess EA is in these days thanks to its earlier contempt for PC users but I'd hope techsupportalert isn't inadvertently sign-posting its readers down a path into the jaws of EA's appalling DRM.

Thousands of folks walked away from EA because they saw no reason to have their computers becoming part of an Electronic Arts client state. I was one of 'em. But perhaps the version being given away on "On The House" isn't riddled with EA's toxic spyware????

by jmjsquared on 10. May 2014 - 15:49  (115539)

You nailed it: "Toxic".

EA and Orign are botnets, once removed.

EDIT - RETRACTION: I was wrong. Relying on @George.J's comment, I decided to install and try ORIGIN and have had a trouble-free experience: Easy download/install (though, games' installation location is not selectable); no untoward network access; easy on system resources... and fun, inexpensive games. Mea culpa.

by Burlhouse on 6. April 2014 - 12:26  (115529)

Could not download this game until I had first: Created an account, and second: Downloaded the 'Origin'installation.

Passed on it for those reasons.

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