Create Your Own Word Clouds

Create beautiful word clouds using your own text.

Wordle is a browser based java applet that makes word clouds from any text that's entered.
The results are colorful and typographic, and can be used on business cards, t-shirts, brochures, mugs - just about anything you can print on. (see the Creative Commons License at the site)

Word clouds are generated from text you can paste or type in, from any blog, a blog feed, or any other web page that has an Atom or RSS feed, or fed from delcious bookmarks users.

Once a word cloud is created, there lots of ways to alter its appearance. You can edit the color, the language, the font and the layout.
Saving a Wordle word cloud can be done by screenshot or creation of a .pdf. There's also code available to add words clouds to a blog.
There are a good suggestions for PC's and Mac's on making screenshots or .pdf's in the FAQ.
The FAQ and Troubleshooting sections are well done.

The site owner does not edit any word clouds submitted to the gallery. If you visit the gallery you may find material that is objectionable. You don't need to visit the gallery to create a word cloud.
Unless you save a word cloud to the site no information is sent, a good idea for anyone concerned with privacy and confidentiality.

Wordle is great fun, try it out. (Thanks pipso_facto!)


Wordle  (requires a java enabled browser)


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