Create Neat Presentations Online Without PowerPoint

If you want to create a presentation to illustrate, say, a new idea or project, then you'd probably consider using a presentation package such as PowerPoint first.

But there are actually some great products available on the web which are even more powerful and, for the most part, totally free.

For example, check out Prezi at  It offers loads of free templates that you can use or edit, to create presentations that are truly unique.  The screen shot below isn't particularly impressive, for sure, but I put it together in about 90 seconds.

A free account at Prezi gives you 100 MB of storage space and unlimited presentations, although you'll need to take out a paid membership if you don't want all your work to be publicly viewable.






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by rosaromero on 8. May 2013 - 1:13  (107539)

it was easy making this.

by VivMartin on 12. December 2012 - 1:03  (103523)

Virtual Charlie - a good list on your site but spell check needed.

by Century22 on 14. December 2012 - 4:10  (103518)

Not working...... I'll try again later.
I received the following error message:

Form validation error×
Please correct the following errors on the registration form:

email_alternate: Please do not fill the Alternate E-mail field except if you are not a human being.

** There IS NO alternate email entry form!

Still not working. Will not let me sign up in their entry fields.

It's the auto sign in that I use that is not working with THIS "Prezi" website.
If they keep making me fill out form manually , then I will be signing up for a LOT fewer things!

by VirtualCharlie on 11. December 2012 - 14:29  (103512)

I teach a class on Team Building and Project Management that requires online presentations. Here's a slightly institutional resource list I provide my students (it includes Prezi).

BTW: Students love Prezi at first but tend to others like Weebly and Wix as they gain experience and feedback.

by Panzer on 11. December 2012 - 8:14  (103505)

Also useful: (Slideshows for Facebook, Twitter and blogs) (Lite version)

by pepitito on 11. December 2012 - 2:55  (103499)

Very useful indeed!


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